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Leysan <> <> <>
18. Oktober 2017 um 19:18
Hey there my great pen-friend. My name is Leysan, and I’m happy, that I have a chance write you this mail. The lonely young woman, I am from in country Georgia,city Gavazi. I assume, that you have heard some details about this country. How old are you? To me 33 years old. I write you with idea, that you seek a soul mate. I had earlier a few unsuccessful situations to find the guy through the Internet, but they always ended up the same way: boys all have tried to cheat and well to spend time online. But I did not seek it, I have completely serious intentions to meet an honest and sincere guy. I think, that you did not wait to find the message from me in general. If you’re interested, contact me. Leysanoka!

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Subject: Greetings my dear mate
From: Leysanulya Smile <xxx>
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Re: Leysan <> <> <>
Antwort #1 - 18. Oktober 2017 um 19:47
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From: Leysanulya Smile <>
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Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2017 20:42:40 +0000
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Re: Leysan <> <> <>
Antwort #2 - 19. Oktober 2017 um 17:43
Hello-Hello xxx. your answer was so nice to get. I'm sorry that
you've been waiting my letter. your answer is already a lot to me, and
as I got it in the folder "SPAM" and I watched all the settings. You
have asked me what I think of your age. Age it not a problem for
me!Thus I advised to create another e-mail. So you can always write to
me and I I could see your message right in the "incoming". I will try
Now use the computer frequently. I was in an Internet cafe and found
your profile on one of the many dating sites, there was a your e-mail,
I did it for a long time and did not dare to write to you before, but
now it's time, and I still decided and wrote to you, I Hard to name a
site that was long ago. But this is not important for me only to
inform you. The main thing that I can not answer you now tell me more.
I need someone who can be responsible for their words and deeds. We
both need to understand that we are not children, and there is no
space games, you have to clearly understand that, and out of my head
all games if these were in your head. It is important for me to give
the care and I love my man and to dedicate his life. But it must be
serious man who knows what he wants in life. I understand and how
difficult to understand in this world and to find their right path.
But we We have to do it with the right purpose and mind. to find the
one who can trust their feelings and try everything in life together.
I turn on the TV and see only the horror that occurs in world. Only
war everywhere and people can not look for common solutions and even
live together. I think then people will realize that you need to stay
together. Constant struggle for the lead to no good or will and only
the loss of life. Always I wanted to understand it and read a lot of
books stories. If you have served in the armed forces? it's not quite
for me it is important, but I'm just trying to understand what war can
teach people there. I probably do not understand anything in this.
Although I graduated from the Institute in Gavazi. I think that the
important thing for human life and the need to share all the pleasures
with your partner. And if you are already in, we will never lose. I
want to say a little about yourself. I can write to you in English
language always. So once I know their language of Georgia, I tried
learn Spanish and 4 months is also a little Italian. I could b learn
to talk more. Another time will tell. I'm Leysan. I am 33 years old
and I live in country Georgia, in city Gavazi. I never have been
married and have no children. The fact is that After my father's death
I had to become an adult and most decide their problems in life, on
the day I was engaged in its own affair with things. And opened a
small business. Most part of time I was doing these things, and had no
time to build a personal life. Now I am engaged in more than a last
year I try go to the pool at least 2 times a week. I also attended
classes yoga. And I like to be inspired by it, listen to quiet
oriental music. Trying to imagine when inhaling only the best, I want
to take myself in life. And when you exhale let all the bad inside
themselves. Thus, after these sessions I feel better and I am trying
to reach all the goals that I have outlined. I have a cheerful mood
and I feel it in my life as a holiday. I would now like to learn more
about you, in more detail to have an idea about you. Than do you like
doing and what are you listening to? I see that among us there long
distance. But why should we interfere at this time? I a realist and
understand that we live in the real world. I do not know if you
interesting all this, but I would like to get an answer. And I will
wait and even if it will take time to answer. I send you my heat

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Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2017 16:43:45 -0400
From: Leysan <>
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Re: Leysan <> <> <>
Antwort #3 - 19. Oktober 2017 um 17:54
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Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2017 16:43:45 -0400
From: Leysan <>
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Re: Leysan <> <> <>
Antwort #4 - 19. Oktober 2017 um 18:00
Die Bilder wurden bei Anastasiya Krupina / Anastasija Krupina / Анастасия Крупина aus Yoshkar Ola geklaut.

Weitere Outings:

Mariya <> 
Gunay <>
Gunay <>
Gunay <> 
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Re: Leysan <> <> <>
Antwort #5 - 22. Oktober 2017 um 12:17
Hi again xxx! Today a great day, and I have a good mood, in my
head a bunch of good ideas. Now I see your letter and on my face
fabulous smile. I want to tell you that for me the age doesn't matter.
for me the main thing that you were honest and the real man.thank you
tell about yourself and your life. I'm interested to know you more.
We have a cold today, but the weather does not usually interfere me to
spend a day at work or engaged in your favorite business. Also, it did
not stop me and now when I can once again turn to you. I'll be glad to
receive your letters always and always answer you. we we can talk
about anything. Tell me how are you today? hopefully we We can talk
more, and also of course I do not want to rush. But in this life is
possible and I hope that one day meet you and we can talk more. Who
knows what will happen and everything is possible in this world. If I
ask Statement goal, then I will definitely achieve this. We just need
to We will choose the right time to approach this issue from all
sides. And if we can achieve something together and when we know each
other better at the right time. We can only discuss it and then We
decide what we want. I would gladly have talked with you more in the
real setting. So we can at least see each other and have a
conversation. But I think that first we need to know each other, the
last time I I do not trust men. But I think that there is even the
pros, we Now the letter says. So we will be able to understand us
better, and then if we see each other. And no matter how old, age
should not be make a difference for us, no matter where we live and
what we do. On Actually, I came back here to use the computer. I do
not using social media I do not have time for this. And often ride to
work and communicate with customers in my country, Georgia. I I can
use the phone, but you need information on how to use international
communication. since I have close friends who often travels vacation
abroad. I tried to call back and tell me that my the operator is not
set and you can not make a call. When I try to calls in another
country then it is always available, but it is cheaper for my calls
within the city. I never went to the operator in this regard. If need
be then I'll do it better to go to another city, our capital Tbilisi to
decide where the question in the main office. I have previously
traveled to neighboring countries for work, item and brings huge sets
of items and various souvenirs, to sell it. Brought from Turkey,
Azerbaijan, or Israel, but also I did not go further. So it all started
in my business and took away a lot of time. This is not the time to
make such a trip and especially those countries. And even had to
change the schedule and make certain changes in operation. Then time
passed and I remain all still here in my country. It is a certain
period of employment, and I which brings me to return. I do think that
we put ourselves in this world. So we always feel. If we do not want
to go down and up only. And look forward to the future and develop. we
We will certainly succeed. And I think that if you agree with me in
this. Also, I think that you know it all. I have in you interest in
each person there is an interest. And we only have to be interesting.
I have an open heart and feel it. So I actually I live and hope only
for themselves and hope that everything will be fine. we We will
definitely happy and remain alone. as I said, I believe to change and
only the best. I would be better to choose another location for travel
and more romantic place. And where we could relax and enjoy with your
loved one. But there is no danger, and I do not need especially. I
told you that now meditate and attend yoga classes. I do not even
smoke cigarettes and never treat Alcohol is also a caution I do not
use any drugs, it ban me. I also wonder, and your way of life? What
did you want and to change only for the better? I think what you like
all men love sports. But what's in your heart? I think that you do not
you have no bad thoughts. But everyone wants to change something. We
just should not be afraid of these thoughts or any changes must to set
specific targets and that can be achieved and We can only aspire to
it. Everything must be just positive attitude and manner. I want to
during your day you have always been collected, and thought only of
the beautiful. And anyway, I try to repel all bad thoughts from myself
and also not to think that the there are impossible things. We just
need to make some effort to come to this. Tell me your thoughts about
all this? I want that you also pushed all the bad away. When I go
yesterday home, then I remembered about you and think that we are
interested in each other. And I think that we can talk more today. I
think you Now you know a little more about me. I shall examine the
computer anymore to understand everything here, and all of the
programs. I only hope that my Letters come to you properly. you can
answer me when thou shalt have time. I'll wait for your answer with
excitement. and again I want to send to you my photos and all the heat
here Leysan

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From: Leysan <>
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To: xxx <xxx>
Subject: Thanks for your letter!
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Re: Leysan <> <> <>
Antwort #6 - 23. Oktober 2017 um 18:24
Hi my dear xxx. I thank you for your answer, and very happy with
this new life moments. When I know you and I find that my mail is not
empty and it puts me in the mood. Forgive that I do not write every
day, I will try to do it. Simply I write to you from the Internet of
cafe and it not always works.
Thanks for compliments, to me are very pleasant. thank you tell about
yourself and your life. I'm interested to know you more. Many times
men deceived me, therefore I do not trust them. it is not difficult
for me to pick a time and share thoughts are always with you. What are
you going to do, or maybe Only you have plans? I'm trying to see
something that is interesting to you and understand you better. so we
should get a clear understanding between the us. I think that every
person should not only be given to work. Everything you need to know
how to find the time, in fact I'm doing. Recently work is
time-consuming forces. But when I go home, I do not have a special
situation and the care and love that I also want to mutually give each
day. It is of course always difficult to convey their wishes in words,
their thoughts. I used to communicate with people in the comfortable
living environment. I usually like to drink green tea somewhere in a
cafe and talk, or my friends come to me home and we can arrange a
conversational evening. And this is exactly what fellowship which is
enough for me. We can also share events and mutual aid in all. But
communication with you even more interesting for me. And since now you
know that I will always wait for your answer. AND I will always be
interested to see your thoughts or to learn something new during the
day. I would like to say a little more about my country. Want so you
know, and this is a developing country. Our president is trying to
rebuild the country and to all of all production processes and
transactions It took place in our country. The country with the
Islamic religion. In actually it has never been the most important in
my life. All my relatives were believers, and I was raised and I
believe also in higher education. But Here in our country, everyone
can choose for myself, and what effect religion, and also the state
will have. But many women forget Here, they first of all - women. And
when married, then the situation becomes different. usually it happens
in our country, so that they no longer look after themselves and often
wear only dark clothing and cover their faces. And since I've never
been married, I lead an active life and wear what I want. I can stand
on high heels and a nice dress to wear on an evening or a holiday. it
It will depend on my mood, but never because of religion. AND Nothing
in my life occurs associated with it. I do not usually dressed in
too-inducing things look. Rather, I often dressed in a business style
to look more severe. I also listened to to your man about the clothes,
if we went somewhere together. Tell me that you love to dress
themselves? If this is a business style? Do you often go to different
places with friends or family? AT our country are all kinds of men and
women of different nationalities and views. Men usually want to have a
complete superiority, and I do not like it. I do not want to share the
different stories and bad that I I learned a few years. And also from
various conversations or sources. I do not want something bad was
associated in my life. I I hate when a man can raise his hand on a
woman. And for me it very low and do not you think? I hate it and I
think that you're a man - who knows how to put himself. I do not want
to insult anyone, but I still live alone. HERE, I can not find
happiness. Necessary to be able to live and adapt to everything, and
we are all different people. And we do not We can be ideally suited to
each other. But we and the people for this to learn to understand each
other, to care, to think, to forgive, to rejoice or upset. And a lot
of human feelings that we do not even know and scientists around the
world are studying it. I have many friends who are already living
long-married and have a happy family, there is also the opposite.
Generally it's all so diverse conversation. In general, I chose what
no state or religion will never have any impact on me and my life.
Also, the fact that in a relationship, you should be able to evaluate
all the traits. I would never have said those things about where
people do not want to talk. So I think that if you want, and Share
with me something, it will be only on your desire. I I will be glad to
hear from you and support. When I get home the I do not want to feel
lonely again. I do not even have a home animal. And tell me if you
have any? I would love to have small dog, but these species are so
many that do not even know what to choose. I want someone to help me
in any choice of all. I have Only the flowers home and is normally
flowering and even tried to grow roses. And I got ... Since it's my
favorite flower. And generally speaking red, and pink is the color of
love. Love and feeling strong character - that's what I believe. I'll
be glad to see your reply and attached photo files. I will not forget
again to send to you my. want send to you my warm and caring. Leysan


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Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2017 10:02:53 -0400
From: Leysan <>
Reply-To: Leysan <>
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To: xxx <xxx>
Subject: Is again glad to see from you the letter!
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Re: Leysan <> <> <>
Antwort #7 - 25. Oktober 2017 um 18:16
Hi my dear xxx! I can only be happy again, and when I came back
here. In the morning I It was full of energy and attended the morning
session of the swimming pool. Thanks for such gentle and interesting
letter. It was pleasant to me that you write about eyes. I'm glad to
know more about you, and also you can always talk to me. I would like
to build a plan !!! For then we can agree and when we can personally
seen. Yet discuss this a little later, and since there working period.
I will try to free up more time or do I You have to give up for the
time away from everything. I will decide and also ask your opinion.
All the same, I just hope always for the better and believe in the
best - and this is important for me. I would like to discuss and there
are different good and bad situations in life. But I will never turn
back to you, or betray you. For me, it is low and still leave one
person. And yet, when in a relationship, I behave respectively.
Sometimes you just need to be able to be silent and to allow any
dispute. Sometimes you need to have their say, to improve partner in
the right direction. I'd rather help people than to hurt. I I brought
up in a family of one, and I have no brothers or sisters. Therefore,
all my opinions and conclusions, I do myself, and for a long time. I
always try helping to also feel back, and it's so nice. I also never
walk away empty-handed and take gifts. So human Quality should always
be valued and it is always interesting for me. In our country the word
"relationship" - can mean different things to people. For me this is
important and that's why I did not dare. I want to meet a man with
whom I would be good. Who I'd like to give care with great desire.
That man, who will look at me and have a gleam in his eyes. I'll see
this light and never fade. I can only promise that I will support
always warm in the relationship. I want the man who will never say
goodbye. But still in life you need to go through everything together.
I think sometimes I can be very emotional day and night. I can not
sleep and only read the book overnight. If it is very interested in me
and to 300 pages per day but this is not a limit. I think you could
also beat this so-called record? If you have any achievements? So what
can you tell me? Perhaps many years ago and I will only interesting. I
had only the protection of degree work a few years ago excellently.
And little can be proud because education for me It meant a lot. And
yet it was necessary and it is necessary to live a century and a
century study. I can and I want to smile often. For me, a smile like a
business card and always helps me. I like people with good sense
humor. I usually understand jokes and generally, it is talking about a
person !! I sometimes even I can not say anything but make a definite
conclusion. I very fond of children, although I do not have my
children! But very much, and even not their children. Many of my
friends have children. I often try to make gifts and visit. I forgot
to tell you what else I should I will visit my mother. And also need
to meet at the train station but I I get home. And then I will answer
you immediately. My mom lives 40 kilometers from me, and I usually try
to go to one every 2-3 weeks. that learn always and health and also
make purchases of products. And also to my mother once again I did not
go to the store and spend money. In fact, I love my mother and stores
often choose goods. And always I was interested in discounts and all
that I get, mainly from discount. And then or remain with, or sell.
This is just enterprise, or as it is called in your country? I wanted
to live with a man that every day was like a holiday. But only the
breath of a loved one, warmth and joy every day. Still I hope to come.
Tell me what you're trying to notice me? I I told you at the beginning
of the letter that we can then make any plan. AND I think that you
also expect from our relationship? I hope to see you tell me and I'll
always be waiting. I will answer then immediately once and will be
able to ask you to save me. What kind of woman do you want meet? if
you are a dreamer and you have an ideal? here with open arms. Leysan

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Date: Tue, 24 Oct 2017 09:38:48 -0400
From: Leysan <>
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To: xxx <xxx>
Subject: Have good day
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Re: Leysan <> <> <>
Antwort #8 - 26. Oktober 2017 um 11:38
I sincerely hope that everything is good with you,xxx.
Very much to be pleasant to me our mutual sympathy. Also I know that
both of us purposeful people. That, we have to be such and I won't
change it. Tell me as there was your day and that useful you could
make also for and also for health?? My zodiac sign of Sagittarius and I
always to watch for. I would even tell that health for me one of
important. I not I can always be quiet also. I really could decorate
your day and even if you tired after work. And we could descend
somewhere and both would look beautifully. I also work but I can find
forces for evening. And still as well in the relation I want to aspire
always it is better to make something or to keep all heat. Never I
will be be given and even in hard time. Usually I seek to spend day
better than previous. So I read your words and I see you very polite.
I I see in you some kindness and care as men. Also I want to see it
and also other qualities and me to be pleasant. I very much hope that
we will be able not disappoint each other. And it is obligatory to go
such way further and we let's see, what will be farther. I only want
to add growth by ours to the relations. And not to look back and to go
only forward. To me it seems we are similar and we can enjoy life. My
man always will enjoy life and also enjoy all moments with me. I never
I will allow to lose courage. Here we write as friends the friend to
the friend but the business it is more. I would open for you my
careful feelings and also some stories. What can we discuss here? I I
feel which communication and even when I write you. My heart begins
fight often. I don't want to be mistaken here when I tell about
myself. Also I don't fly in clouds and I only want to understand
everything in real time. I really derive pleasure that I recognize you
it is better. When I come here and then I forget that outside. To me
it is interesting to know more about you either to ask something, or
to tell. What thoughts you would like to share with me. But to tell
the main thing with you and it is better to ask how are you... Also I
like to think much or argue and never disturbs in life. My desires it
just that it is connected with private life and desire to adjust it.
But I feel loneliness and when I leave from the computer. But so far I
here and not for a long time would like to place you in other place.
And where you would like to be? So we could visit it. I would like to
be there with the man where we could find time for us. And not for a
long time to reject all events in life. And only to enjoy the moment.
so I think it and there is life. So all the rest is also important
also everything that is connected with us and we have to also to pay
attention to it. Also nevertheless it is important for me the
nobility. and if you meet that woman of whom want. You would like
completely plunge into these feelings and these moments? and also to
learn to enjoy it and to reject all unnecessary for a while. We
shouldn't hesitate of ours thoughts. Only I try to ask something that
it is interesting to me. I then I will go home to make other tea that
I bought today.That try and it is also green tea. if you love coffee
in the morning?? some think that it helps to feel cheerfulness. To me
it will be interesting to see that you will tell and next time I will
be here. always I smile. Leysan

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Date: Wed, 25 Oct 2017 15:28:11 -0400
From: Leysan <>
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To: xxx <xxx>
Subject: Hi, dear!!!
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Re: Leysan <> <> <>
Antwort #9 - 27. Oktober 2017 um 11:23
Hello,my sweet and lonely xxx! I see again you tried and to thank
you very much. Very much it to be pleasant to me that we exchange all
these positive emotions.
I also want only to add it and also to bring certain paints. Tell me
as there was your day? I see and I hope that you are ok. I could
yesterday to lie only at home in the evening and to watch TV. actually
at me remained then not enough time for cleaning of the apartment. But
I found time and forces and also what was watched by you? I could see
the movie and enough old, but also foreign "Bunker" is called. I think
that directors and others were in Spain and also it was interesting to
look and also is plot. I also observed other movie, also it is called
"frozen" was more terrible. Actually I like to relax and when I I
observe the movie. Tell me if you sometimes to eat at the TV? I can
sometimes to afford it though I know that especially it isn't ethic
but I am able to afford very seldom. Usually when I eat, I to use for
second course also knife and fork. and then there will be no
difficulties, sometimes these rules are also violated. I really want
to learn about you have more and it's true. as I have a lot of
interest, but to me it is important and another. If my letters aren't
boring for you? That I can to tell you it is even more than in the
letter? I only hope that you can to derive some pleasure. actually I
don't write much and as you noticed. Sometimes I have more thoughts,
but when I come here then I forget everything and I write absolutely
another. Sometimes I delete my words from the letter also I write
again. So that on another to formulate a thought. if you you do also?
or you begin to write me and finish also not one breath? Last time
when I saw my mother. I couldn't that to miss the moment and to share
news. also she says that if all this is real? I told that it is
already other century and here everything is real and possible. I to
send you hi from mother. I could go yesterday home and notice again as
to me alone. I would like to have an opportunity to present you
nearby. That we could go together and I could lay down my head on your
shoulder. And to forget about everything and only to see you before
itself. To see yours smile and also when you tell me different
stories. I will be it is better to listen carefully and understand
you. I will be glad to add much romantics to us. And also all these
evenings by candlelight and if to you to be pleasant? I think that you
have other desires and you will be able to tell to me. I would like to
gather a bathroom full of foam and sea salt. That to lie but it has to
be then the big bathroom, I smile. I am very much it is rare to go to
a sauna as I don't like to steam out my skin. If you it is interesting
to go there often to me? And if so then only with friends? I I don't
know if I can ask all this. And also various questions about relation
of the man and woman. What is important for you and also all yours
thoughts. I think that you kind and sympathetic and the main thing
responsible and you know what do you want in life. I would like to
know your secret desires. Perhaps if some things that you can't tell
in life. But here you will be able to share with me in the letter. I
will think of you more often and also you in my thoughts. I always
remember that I speak and also I think about future. So this future
won't be connected with the present and past in any way. It will be
the new future and that we want in our head. I don't think that
already I young, but I feel so. And I would like that you felt? No age
difference and time frightens me, I don't turn on this attention. And
the main thing that in the person. This life will teach us in total
big and new. if I can ask, you that man who want always to save the
relation and doesn't go against?? I think that I precisely has asked
and still you can pass some questions. I have asked only because it
has been connected with a thought. I will be glad to learn even more
and of what you think. we can always share so. kiss you Leysan

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Date: Thu, 26 Oct 2017 09:43:20 -0400
From: Leysan <>
Reply-To: Leysan <>
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To: xxx <xxx>
Subject: Hi, sweetness
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Re: Leysan <> <> <>
Antwort #10 - 28. Oktober 2017 um 13:43
Hi my dear xxx! I want to thank you for your answers again. And very
much I hope that we let's continue to write. And this improbable
feeling that I test these days. I want to write even more often, but I
don't want that you lost me and if I suddenly I won't answer. So we
will always be in touch and even if here. The darling, very much to
like me your dreams of us together. I am assured, that is fast they
all become real. All depends on us with you. I see that you aren't
afraid of me and also I try to trust you. And always I feel bad from
far away, but here I feel only everything positive. And only regular
thoughts it is and still interesting to me. Never would think when I
open mail and it changes mood on whole day. Tell me as you and if
everything is good? Today I went much and also to the neighboring city
to receive some the goods. And it was necessary to bring back to the
place of our warehouse, and was very tired. But it won't disturb me,
and now I only smiled. I want to send to you only the most cheerful
mood and that you were loaded positive. It seems to me that here I can
reveal before you. And you you will be able to understand me and as I
see that also serious. Ours letters really do us closer. I want to
notice all qualities and what I want to see in the partner. I think
that in the relation people show only high qualities. And still then
there passes time and they change, and don't notice it. Thus problems
begin. But that to support family heat and the center. It is necessary
to bring some always a variety in the relations. Various walks or
trips, campaigns on the nature or on the beach. It is together
possible to play sports or morning gymnastics. You will come in the
evening and I will give you only positive energy. And still when the
person feels was tired for the whole day, then it is necessary to
remove it. To do various massage and to give pleasure of each other.
And to iron all various caress the friend friend. I would like to open
all these feelings. I very serious between us also I think that you
will be able to understand me. I need the man nearby, who could
respect me and always protect. That I could be quiet and my heart was
engaged in soul. I would also like to respect the the man always and
to carry by it through for many years. I only know that it isn't
necessary to try to change the person. It is necessary that the man
behaved on another. And each woman needs attention and to us also, it
is necessary to give the female attention to you. We can receive
various also flowers also to rejoice the moments. That we live and we
love each other.We we are pleasant each other and we only speak about
the future and it is necessary to understand the friend friend. Any
person doesn't need to be changed and I will never try. For me main
thing honesty and never insults. I think that all problems in a
relationship can be avoided and only to be always in harmony with each
other. I think that under any circumstances we have to be able to
solve a problem and to be reconciled, also to keep nearby and if we
want to keep a relationship. I want to see always in the man positive
spirit and we shouldn't release our purposes. And to be only sincere
with each other and trust basis. Would like to be now where always
care and caress. That all fires were lit and candles also there passed
this strip of lonely life. There is a wish to trust in something the
best and to be already close to it. And I don't want to trust only,
and it is necessary to do. I understand that we know each other only
from the Internet, but it doesn't stir it. If we place our part of our
life or heart here in letters. Then it are not just letters. And also
as whole the page from a love story from the book. Where there is
always a good final and I so think. I will always tell the truth
better and also what I feel. I not I will harbor in myself malice and
this basis of all diseases. So I now I understand that when people
store in themselves many bad thoughts and try to forget it and not to
talk to anybody. Then it remains inside as the deposit and then passes
into serious diseases. And we not have to suffer or that ours was
ruined by something from within. It isn't necessary to give each other
mental anguishes, and therefore that these wounds very long heal. I
think you understand it? And therefore everything that we do has to be
it is realized. I will try to open to you even more. And still I will
be to see what you will tell me? I would like to have feeling again
love. And we are women such that we won't open at once. I only I smile
here and to send to you kisses. I would like to write often, but I
have no house computer. Tell me what you will do in the evening? You
can sleep peacefully at night? or there is an alarm and you you think,
what was for day. Sometimes I think I can't to sleep to the 4th
morning. And then to sleep only two - three hours and again to get up.
I think that we deserve peace of mind and care about each other. Very
much would like to keep all this warmly here. also I don't want to
release it or to lose. here always Leysan

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From: Leysan <>
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Subject: Hello, charming!
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Re: Leysan <> <> <>
Antwort #11 - 29. Oktober 2017 um 13:30
Hello my xxx. I am so glad that I see again and I can even feel you.
And also sometimes I doubt if I can entrust completely people? But
something me stops and I take a step. I go on life and I think that it
correctly. So I don't want to be such woman that doesn't trust
everything in lives. I know now that I can trust you as you have won
my heart. I want to have full confidence, and also full understanding
and also as any man. So I think that sometimes you aren't afraid to
trust to me and then my thoughts change. I send you my video that you
could hear my voice. For me it is very difficult to send you video as
the Internet here very bad and to load video, I needed to wait 1 hour.
But for the sake of you I have made it. I notice also all your
thoughts at me to the head. So there is a wish to tell you more and
also I don't want to be lost. I try to tell more about my feelings,
about my character, mine situations and my desires, all my sympathy.
But I think that we not we try to seem better in letters. It is
necessary to be such what you are on business. And only I will
appreciate it. And also it isn't necessary to do any actions that you
wouldn't like. I will always understand it and to try to understand
your position. I also want that you tried always to understand my
position. I have only some ideas from future life. Also I present it
absolutely to others. And all moments and when I after a dream, when
this lunch time or a dinner. I think that the atmosphere will be
another. Or all culture perhaps another. I can to present my life only
with the real man. And still with which I will live always and
eternally and not only "the house of death". If you want I I will be
and can present it with you. The last night yesterday to me was
especially boringly. Also thought that if I was not one now. And still
not to live in loneliness but only in continuous care and love, also
to have a strong shoulder nearby. We could enjoy and day and night our
stories. And still what we would like to share the friend with friend.
And to lie on a sofa and I could go to shop.And to buy that that it is
necessary for us for evening. To try always for us. And life not such
long that we not to try. I want to have only aspiration to to
something big. To make joy in life and even if not to me. Then it is
obligatory for other people. To be pleasant to stay at home and enjoy
cozy situation. It would be and still better with you. I can only to
present... I want to see in eyes only joy and never pain. The main
thing when come home, and only to feel addition of forces. That it was
possible to make different affairs the next day. Better, that we
together to try to the best. I want to feel all these pleasant words
and to hear it. That I was caressed and I couldn't have barriers for
this purpose. Only to trust the person in everything and to be quiet.
So that we could converse in an open and frank manner. And all words
from heart and it so important. Also I know that you are a real and
strong man. I wouldn't like to meet the weak man. The main thing it
not to lose hope and not to know, what will be farther. But only to
reach it by own forces with help of love. We can always care about
each other and the word "care" is shown in all that we do. Main thing
that we not lost this touch between us. Also important for me your
vital views. And that you like to observe also what occurs in the
world. Or also what occurs in the real world and in our life. We
shouldn't to compare it and different people live differently. Main
thing that we understood it and only chose the way. Also made for
themselves the restrictions and what we have to refuse. Or the fact
that we have to to add to the life. Everything depends on us first of
all and as you you think??? I have always many thoughts and when I
write you the letter. And the main thing for me that it was pleasant
to you. So I want to be a woman, and it want to be pleasant always.
But also for me the man important. Never I want to be interested only
in my person. Very much I aspire that not to be lonely and only to
feel some care and heat. I will be I am glad if your thoughts coincide
in some plan. here mine kisses. Yours Leysan

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Date: Sat, 28 Oct 2017 11:11:24 -0400
From: Leysan <>
Reply-To: Leysan <>
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To: xxx <xxx>
Subject: Hi, sunshine
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Re: Leysan <> <> <>
Antwort #12 - 30. Oktober 2017 um 16:51
I have not understood, your letter. Why you and my family offend me?

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From: Leysan <>
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Hello my love xxx. my sweet and very much I want to answer my
darling to you immediately. Tell me as your state? And what you are
going to do today? very much I hope that it will be sunny day for you
and you will have a lot of joy. There are no in our country we do not
celebrate Halloween. I have understood now, that it was the joke. I
also I think that usual thoughts in our head can change our day and to
change our life. And still what we solve today will be to come true
already tomorrow. I think that our ideas coincide and we send each
other and very much I appreciate such important words and thoughts. As
earlier I didn't receive such words and letters and therefore for me
all this unusual. I don't feel any tension and when I speak with you
and very much to be pleasant to me it. I would also not want to give
you any tension and if you feel? I would like to present now more and
also if we are nearby. I said to you that I don't want to be mistaken
in my choice. And if we choose each other and it is necessary to
change relation to life. Yes it is valid when we speak about it and
when we love each other these are absolutely different things. And
still here we only we can share great impressions, send heat and
embraces, love and kisses. To tell us it is necessary to feel always
concern more precisely. All of us are people and we want understanding
and trust. Also what is especially important and that it was in life
and to feel all this. I would like to help with everything to you. And
also even during the difficult periods to remain a row and we will
never freeze. And never to lower hands, never. so our heat will always
heat us. Last night I presented everything it. And that for a moment
we together also sit we can say about everything. In the morning I
want to get up and be engaged in all affairs and I don't want to sit
on place. so I don't want that both of us sat and so far we can. We
have to to work and do everything for us and for our future. If
something not it turns out then I will help in every way. Not to leave
the main thing each other never. So of course we can and have to say
more in lives. What will you tell me?I could release time in any day
and to move to our capital of Tbilisi. There I could learn more
information as in our city I never even received documents. so there
are no serious organizations and usually I to go in To tank.
Nevertheless it really was the pleasant moment. And that you you will
tell? This meeting at the airport or also night of the house or in
hotel. That we could have a rest at first. I tell the truth and even
several days couldn't think of it back. But that now and I also to be
interested it is more. Only it is a little taken time period for my
work. And as I made purchase of many things and it in shops. If it not
will be on sale then it will be necessary to return. I have small
plans and also a little time to understand is necessary. We it is
obligatory let's find the solution together. Also it is necessary to
learn more information and it is a responsible step. I want that we
completely trusted each other. And also were always attentive to
everything. I would like to get acquainted with you it is better in
case of a meeting. Here we write and we discuss as any the distance
can be overcome. I even want to eat now and when I write to you these
thoughts. As it concerns me and also as you think. I I will eat my
favourite salad - cesar with fish a salmon. and it is fish with red
meat very much it to be pleasant to me. And in general I love various
salads and where there are a lot of greens. I think that even green
onions very useful. tell me what products very useful at you? perhaps
I don't know some herbs and that can be added for taste as very much
interests. Of course if you don't forget about it. I would like once
to see your beautiful places and together to watch all most remarkable
nature corners. I watch TV and I think that each country attracts on
the. I want to have new feelings in life and I can't here one. Still I
trust in the best and this. We shall make ours life is better together
and everything can be performed. I will look forward your answer. all
my kisses here Leysan

P.S. Specially for you, my kisses!

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Date: Mon, 30 Oct 2017 10:43:45 -0400
From: Leysan <>
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To: xxx <xxx>
Subject: My love!
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I Love Anti-Scam!

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Re: Leysan <> <> <>
Antwort #13 - 31. Oktober 2017 um 19:53
Oh, dear xxx!wow this is a great feeling when my heart beat often.
And when I I see and what we say and also have some plans. Yes, if I
can so to speak and express the idea? Yet we both turned positive. In
my country do not celebrate Halloween. I promise to support you, and
as I see that you do respect also. And as I notice now what's going on
between us. I just I want that we did not lose the thought yet. I do
not want to pay attention sometimes mistakes. Yes, I am writing you
letters relaxed, but sometimes I worried. I am very happy to do that
we meet and even as if I have this age, but I feel completely young. I
confident that by your side I will feel on top happiness. And also I
think that we will be proud of each other. I think to go through life
like this: to always please my man. I also read a lot of books, and
even if you are familiar with. Louisa hai and also everything that
describes this woman. And how to properly treat a man and examined it
long. I could read even at night for many days, and also I was
interesting. I am always interested in the relationship. I think that
we have It will be all right. But I am a decent woman and I do not
want us to write vulgar speech on the Internet. So I think that if we
are meeting have a conversation about it. It is of course always takes
place between people but at the meeting? I know that some people can
even afford very much, to send to the Internet vulgar. I'm not one of
those people and I also see that you are well. And it is also
important that people make love for love and we have to treat this
seriously. So nothing accident occurs in life and only rarely, and if
all these meetings. So I would like to introduce you again next in a
romantic setting. AND still I have the pleasure to indulge in it. And
if we to be in a warm cozy setting or in a cafe or at home, and spoke
to us under a warm blanket. I always wanted to give you my warm ...
What do you say to me? I would only be happy and often I light candles
at home. Also special scented sticks, which emit a pleasant smell. I
can take a hot bath and wait you. I think you'd be very excited and
just the thought of that we are close. And we will have to wait. I'm
starting to get bored and when I think of you. I think that you are
very much into me and I think that is also a one? What we like each
other, and only write letters. We see each other distance, but
honestly I always enjoy. And this feeling Fun very strongly was
pleasant to me. I think that I'm fascinated with you. I do not make
too big illusion. Is not for me. And also I do not want you to build
more illusions and I we people. I think so: that man is created in
such a way that he is a man. Since there are drawbacks. And if there
were no drawbacks - while it was to the robot. What do you think? I
would like to feel your breathing next. my dear, please give me your
phone number, so I tried to call you. I would like to feel your breath
beside. By the way when it comes to the phone, I would have to buy a
phone map. Under a different name, and I think carbona or something
like that. I was told that when I call the other party, then you will
not display my number. so know my dear, if you would call an
indefinite number, it means I am. I'm going to try and choose the
time. we really known each other for good? What do you do usually in
the evening? or will you do today? What are you thinking last night?
Please Do not Say that you have always thought in my head about the
work? So I think that Many men think about it. And our job as women to
support. And never let down the spirit. I think you tell me what you
think. I will look forward to and enjoy again. I'll be thinking about
us a lot and we can do better for us. All my kisses here. your Leysan

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Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2017 10:47:46 -0400
From: Leysan <>
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To: xxx <xxx>
Subject: Are you ok?
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Re: Leysan <> <> <>
Antwort #14 - 02. November 2017 um 11:11
Hello my sweet dream xxx! How are you today sweet ?? I have the
desire more and more to see you now. Yes I would like to hear about
your history. And I have only pleasure from the thought that we do not
We speak more through these letters. I see that our letters will only
be There is growing interest in us. So what do we do now? I I smile
and see only your words. But we have different lives and live on this
distance. And we can only do so to combine our life in a single unit.
And we call it together - our house and our happiness. You I should
know that every woman, and perhaps even a man - wants to live a life
with only one partner only. Give all the heat inside and love, all the
care and all the highlights of all the attention and respect. I can
speak for myself and also represent all the vital and a situation that
may occur. But we just have to adapt. AND learn how to handle it well
together. It should be as small as possible create situations that can
cause doubt. And if you You agree? We can build together what we want.
I will talk about all my plans and purposes in real life. For me not
It will be important to any small details in life, and all this can be
experienced together. No need to pay attention also to other people or
other people advice. We must have your head on your shoulders, and we
are their own masters and all of our actions. I promise to never
compare you to other men, and it will just be the last thing I'm going
to do. All people very different in this world, and one finds a
partner for themselves. And therefore I will never listen to other
people or advice. If I choose you - Then it is only for my personal
reasons. Yet if a second imagine our life together. Then every
circumstance I'm ready would be to discuss with you. And as any plan
for the evening or cancellation this. If you want to choose something
to himself and did not ask me. it It will be allowed only to you as my
man. And yet, most importantly, to intentions were only for the
better. Actually, I would love any surprises receive from you. Or
maybe one day you'll come home and will invite me. It does not matter
whether it is a trip to the theater or cinema, or we just drink tea
I'll always appreciate it. In general, your every the word that you're
telling me, I'll remember and cherish. And as if we be together, I
will definitely prepare gifts. I do not want to leave our meeting in
the distant future. I do not want to write letters forever and
although it's nice. I told you, it's a nice feeling. Yet when I go
home, I again appeal only to itself. I go into my apartment and miss
again. I remember your words and also try to think about you. I would
like to hug you so much and never let go. But the main thing is the
time between us and we will take it. I wanted to feel your warmth in
my body. I know that you will be hot and also waiting for all my love
and kisses. Our bed is a place for our imaginations and thoughts. To
do with each other what we want and if we are a couple. If this is
correct? should not be any limitation it. I think that our evenings
and nights are just amazing. And we We do what we want and we give all
the pleasure. I do not want you to know it is through the letter and
I'm ready. I'm ready for love, and for a lot I want you to know. Only
if you support me? We will move on to meet each other. I told you that
I strong woman, but I want to show weakness to his only man her
husband during his lifetime. To can sometimes be home and relax, and
wait for some care from you. And tell me if I'm I wait for it? Still
feel all your kisses and love. I thought about it, and also represent
your lips are sweet. And also we all have weaknesses, and all of us is
bad, I want to love. We have to to give our love only to us and never
on the side. I would like to to meet you and to touch. Feel all your
gentle touch. This is what I can say a lot. But I know the main thing
that you can understand me at the other end of the computer. If you
can already imagine our meeting. And where would you like to meet me?
I think that my country is not very suitable for us to meet. We need
to decide where we can meet? There are only my thoughts and a lot of
interest. Or I could find out how I can reach you. AND and it will be
interesting for me. I think that we are serious. I wish you only all
the positive today. always yours Leysan

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Date: Wed, 1 Nov 2017 12:41:58 -0400
From: Leysan <>
Reply-To: Leysan <>
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To: xxx <xxx>
Subject: It is me my dear
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