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Yuliya <>
20. April 2015 um 23:22
Hello my friend XXX!!!!
I am very glad to be back here and see your letter. I am infinitely
glad that you were able to answer me. XXX Know I want to tell you
honestly. That is very much afraid that you did not answer me. I just have never had the experience of
in such acquaintances. I myself could never imagine that I could behold
And so for a man. To be honest I was a bit worried. And do not
know where to start. Hope you can help me.
XXX I should probably talk a little bit about yourself, so that you can
understand that the person I am. My name is Yuliya. XXX I know on the Internet a new man, and many more do not know.
But I try to understand this. And I have signs of progress!
I am writing to you from the Internet cafe, so I do not have internet at home. XXX I live a very beautiful city
under the name of St. Petersburg. Have you ever heard of it ??? it is very
clean and beautiful city. It is very kind and helpful people. would see
you our nature? I very much love my city and I am proud that I
live in it. I work in a hospital, a nurse. It is very good staff and
I like to work with them. Now I'm 30 years old. And I have already started
think about the future life. I'm just tired of living alone. How would I
wanted to close has always been a favorite person who is always able to
offer advice and support in difficult times. We have in these men
very little. So I came to dating. I'm just so many times
heard that you can get acquainted with a wonderful man. And I am very
glad that we met with you! I hope that our acquaintance in this
do not stop! I look forward to wait for tomorrow from you letters. My
each XXX today I want to send you my photo and video from the beach. Do you like ???
If you like I can send you more! I am also looking
I will wait for your photos! Write to me do not forget me !!!!
Your Yuliya.

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Re: Yuliya <>
Antwort #1 - 06. Januar 2020 um 17:10
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