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Viktoriya <>
25. Oktober 2013 um 13:49
Kontaktaufnahme via UkraineDate nach üblicher Masche, "sie" wollte nur meine Email-Adresse.
Die Jungs werden langsam faul, nicht mal eine persönliche Anrede:

Hello  my  Dear  Friend!

How are you doing? I sat down and started to
write  my  first letter to you. That's really hard to do! There are so
many  thoughts are coming to mind and flying away at once! What should
I  say  to  attract  only  HIS  attention, my the only one and let the
others go? What should I write here to present myself from all my best
sides,  not  making  myself a perfect non-existent personality? And at
the  same  time show myself as a real tender woman who has – of course
why  I'm  here  at least?! - a strongest wish to find her second half?
Let's  try.  I promise to do my best.) My name is Viktoriya. I am 35. I live in
Ukraine  in  town  Lugansk.  Really  I was born in a s mall village in
Lugansk  region but after finishing University I stayed in Lugansk where
I  studied  and  found  a job. I am an English teacher and I work in a
school  now. I like my job very much in spite of that it is not a very
popular  and  well-paid  job  in  my country. I like communicating with
people  very  much, I can describe myself as easy-going, hard-working,
interesting person with a lot of hobbies and interests. It is easy for
me  to  spend  one  weekend in the kitchen cooking something tasty and
cleaning  my  house  and next weekend I can spend  somewhere
outside  my  town.  I  like  camping a lot, for example. As for sport,
sometimes  (usually  it  is  twice a week) I go to the gym or swimming
pool, it is really healthy and interesting. Also I like reading a lot,
I   even   have   my  own  small  library  at home.
As  for my family, my parents still live in a village where I was born
and I  live with my  daughter,  her  name  is  Helen and she is 11 now.She is a
schoolgirl. We live in a town and we rent a flat there.
I am searching for a long-term relationship-marriage and I believe that
we don't know for sure where our second half ( beloved ) lives..
I  really  belive  in  destiny  and  I couldn't find my man here in my
country, so I decided to start my searching abroad..
As for me I like to have warm, friendly atmosphere at home,
I have a lot of love to give my future husband and children. What is more,
I want my man to be supportive, attentive, kind-hearted and with good attitude
to children and animals. I’m a sensible person and think that pain in heart
is much worse than physical pain.
My  Dear,  I hope that you understood my thoughts a little bit, if you
want  to know more- you are always welcome to ask. And I would be very
happy to get to know you better too.Please write me about yourself.

I wish you a nice day and wait for your letter soon.


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Re: Viktoriya <>
Antwort #1 - 25. Oktober 2013 um 13:55
Mail über Lugansk Ukraine

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Decimal:	3583444734
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Organization:	Digital Service Ltd.
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Country:	Ukraine
State/Region:	Zaporiz'ka Oblast'
City:	        Lugansk 

Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2013 12:07:08 +0300

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Re: Viktoriya <>
Antwort #2 - 25. Oktober 2013 um 14:12
Ist mir erst jetzt aufgefallen: Die Absender-IP-Adresse ist die gleiche wie bei "meinem" Fall von gestern:
Alena <>
Ist beide Male Ich scheine dort sehr beliebt zu sein  Laut lachend
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Re: Viktoriya <>
Antwort #3 - 25. Oktober 2013 um 18:05
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