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Olga <>
06. Mai 2013 um 11:33
Hey xxx! I am happy to get your reply) how are you doing today? it
is me little blondy(not actually little, lol but 166 cm) is writing
you) Thanks for the photo!! i love them)

I love to smile)I hope you have a good sense of humor?) and like our
proverb say-in the life of every man has to be something light)for
example a blond girl))))me)))well i am kidding) as i can not be in the
life of every man) i just need my one and only and i want to give all
the warmth of sun to him)

So, i think it is time to tell you more about me) i will not write
right now book of my life, just want you to know the main points and
principles of it and if some point will need a discussion i will
gladly make it)

So, i will start from my name) you can call me Olya or Olga it is the
same) I am 30 years old living in a little town Roven'ki (Luhansk
region) it is not big as it is the place of coal miners, but don't be
afraid i am not a coal miner)))

I would like to start my story with my family. You know, the man can't
be considered to be a real man if he has no family or doesn't care of
history of his family, can't be responsible and respectful. Well, my
family is rather's me and my daughter.My mother is an
accountant and my father works as a driver but they live in Russia. I
consider their marriage as an ideal one and I want to build such
strong and reliable relations in my future too. Unfortunately, I was
unlucky with it in my past 'cause I met the wrong man (my
ex-husband).At the beginning everything was great and seemed to be a
story with a happy end but later it turned in a wrong direction: I
suffered from offences, insults and disappointment that led to the
divorce. I am not suffering any more and after leaving my ex-husband I
am happy woman because of my daughter Masha.she is only 4 years old
but rather clever and cute lady.She is my real treasure and sense of
my life. I want to have a wonderful family in the nearest future too,
because I truly believe that women live for creating families, loving
their husbands and bringing up their children and that is a real God
bless. Do you agree with me, dear? Tell me more about your family. Can
you describe what an ideal family for you is? What kind of women do
you want to see with you? What qualities do you appreciate in her most
of all? do you like kids?

I have my work that I love and which brings me pleasure and content. I
work in the kindergarten) i am a teacher there) After graduation from
school I went to Gorlovka, where I studied in a Pedagogical
University. That is why I work as a kindergarten's teacher now. I
enjoy my work, cause like kids very much)) I'm very emotional, active,
optimistic, like music and can't stay quite if hear music full of
serious rhythms. That is why aerobics is up to me. Aerobics is a part
of my daily activity. besides I start my day with morning exercise.
This makes me feel and look strong, heathy and fit. Do you like my

Honesty, sincerity and trust is the main for me in relations. I'm not
the person who will play with the feelings. And I don't want a
special, rich man from a special country, but looking for kind,
attentive, responsible and reliable man. Do you feel that you have
such characters? Is it about you? Yes, my life is almost complete, but
Masha and me feel ourselves lonely without strong man's
shoulder...(can you fill this gap?)

I am sending you my pictures and if you are interested in me I am
awaiting to get your soon letter with pictures of you and please feel
free to ask me anything I will answer honestly and would expect the
same from you) i think the dialogue should be honest in everything)

Take care, my dear new friend!

Have a nice day, let only best comes into your life(I too hope to be
the best for you one day)) hope you value my sense of humor too))Olga.

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Re: Olga <>
Antwort #1 - 06. Mai 2013 um 11:59
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