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Kristina <>
12. April 2013 um 20:53
This is me again.
This is my main email, write here.
As I promised I am going to tell you more about myself now.
My name is Kristina.
I am 28 years old.=20
I have never been married and I have no children.=20
My height is 5.4(166cm) and my weigh is 110(51kg). You can have an
impression about it from my picture.
I am a very affectionate person. I believe in a life full of
physical, emotional and spiritual happiness. And I want to share
such a life with a person who wants the same.
I love the outdoors, spending time at home with a beloved person.
I love nature, water, picnics.
But I don=92t do this as often as I would like it to be as I don=92t
have the one who could share it with me.=20
I am honestly ready to open my heart to a person who could
really appreciate this.=20
I work as a shop-assistant and do sell clothes for women (skirts,
trousers, blouses ). I really like my job. It is great when you
can help someone to look more beautiful and I like to be around
I live in Russia. The city is called Novosibirsk. If you look at the
map, you will find it close to the center, in the beginning of
Sibiria. but somewhere I am going to get a student
visa and I am going to come to your country.
I thought a lot about it and had come to such decision.
I love Russia but I do really want to move to a more stable
country. The life is very complicated here. I know it will not
be easy in a foreign country. But I am sure I can do much more
in your country. I am a hard-working person and I am not afraid
of difficulties, so with the opportunities that your country
gives I can do more than I do here.=20
I already have some experience living and working in a foreign
country. Some years ago I worked in Australia and I should say
I liked it very much. So I know what is waiting for me and I
don=92t want to waste time. And I decided to try and find a
person I could rely on, the one who will be with me in joy
and sorrows. We all work a lot now and it takes so much time
that we miss the most important in this life =96 love relations
and family.=20
Living in Australia I had relations with a man. But I had to
go back to my country as my visa was over. He didn=92t want to
wait for me any longer. It was too difficult for him. It was
a very hard period for me but I could handle it. And now I
am ready to fall in love and to have new relations. I tried
to have correspondence with foreigners. But as soon as they
get to know I was from Russia they disappeared. They thought
I was a scammer. I hope that you are not scared that I am
from Russia.
I want you to understand, I am not a scammer. I don=92t need
money from you. I heard much about it and I really feel sorry
for women who are true and want to find their happiness.=20
All this is so wrong as there are so many people who really
want to find their second halves. And internet is a very good
opportunity for this.=20
I hope that you like my pictures. I am not a model, of course.
I am just an average Russian girl who is truly seeking her love...
I hope that you are interested in me and I will hear back from
you. And perhaps, in the future we will have an opportunity to
meet. I go to the internet cafe 3 times a week. That is why
I am going to write to you in a day.
Well, I hope that now you understand me better and I will be
waiting impatiently for your reply.

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From: Kristina <>
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Re: Kristina <>
Antwort #1 - 12. April 2013 um 21:07
das ist ja die 


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Re: Kristina <>
Antwort #2 - 12. April 2013 um 21:11
Die Bilder sind schon mal bei Scam benutzt worden
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Re: Kristina <>
Antwort #3 - 12. April 2013 um 21:30
Die Bilder sind schon mal bei Scam benutzt worden

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Re: Kristina <>
Antwort #4 - 13. April 2013 um 16:22
Ich weiß ja nicht, was sie in dem Internetcafe will, wo sie doch einen Rechner zu Hause stehen hat! Aber vielleicht ist es ja Vlad' Hinterhofinternetscamcafe!
Der Text ist in Teilen auch bereits bekannt von Anastasiya <> aus September 2012 Smiley

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Re: Kristina <>
Antwort #5 - 14. April 2013 um 14:51
From Ksenya

Ekaterina Berkovskaya

First name:      Ekaterina
Last name:      Berkovskaya
Aka:      Kisa, Ksenia Tagiltseva
Age:      28
Location(s):      Tomsk (Russia)
Address(es):      Russia, 634009, Tomsk, Ostrovskaya st., apt. 5
Phone number(s):      795215xxxx
E-mail address(es):

Nada Bennani

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Re: Kristina <>
Antwort #6 - 15. April 2013 um 08:02
Diese Dame ist Елена Зефнер / Elena Zefner


Zefner Elena, a professional entertainer, presenter, TV host.
- Senior Program "On vacation" TC "Amusement Park" is now (a genre of the interview).

- Host of "Moscow autograph" in TC "Capital" ("Trust") is now (the genre of the interview).

- Author - host of "Shire district," TC "capital" (Live. Dialogue with the stars of show business.)

- Author and columnist "Love without Borders", "News of Tomorrow" radio "Russia."

- Love - Radio, the leading broadcast.

- Channel TBC.

- Leading corporate events and shows - programs, concerts, presentations, exhibitions, rallies, parties from 1997 to the present.
Among the clients (Siemens mobile, Siemens Bosch-equipped, Bausparkasse, magazine «Millionaire International», magazine «Mary Man», Yves Rosher, Kyivstar GSM, UMS, BLS, private clients from the political and business elite of Russia and Ukraine, and etc.)

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Re: Kristina <>
Antwort #7 - 07. September 2018 um 06:33
Dieses Thema wurde in dieses Forum von Scammer using Pictures by Elena Zefner [move by] Webmaster.
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