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Galina <>
22. August 2012 um 15:48
Hallo, Ich denke das ist ein Scammer !!!!
Seite Russian City of Bridges

Hello my darling XXXXX!
How are you today? Hope everything is good with you and in your life too:) My dear man, I really hope everything is good with you and with your close. You know sweetheart, autumn  is coming, and today I felt it more strictly and hardly, then all the days before... I know autumn has its own beauty and charm, but as you know I like calm and warm weather most of all. As for my English, i studied it form school!)))
From the previous week it began to be colder and colder with each morning, but I did not mention it. Also, the sun become to hide by the clouds more often and sometimes it rains... Saturday when I was going to my home it was a heavy rain and I had only blouse, skirt and sandals, and got wet. It was pretty cold outside, so I came to home completely wet and sneezing. I hoped it will be just sneezing, but it turned into the hard flue, and today I was to the hospital. I will need some expensive medicines because it could turn to the pneumonia, but it is the end of the month and I have no funds, and my salary will be spend on further medicine =\ No one could help me, and I have nothing to do but to ask for help you only as far as you are my man and I have no one in this world to go to... Could you help me, please? If it is everything between us real, be who you actually are - my man with kind heart and loving soul, whom I choose between others and who choose me... I really have only you, because I believe in you as in only man who can protect me and whom I can ask for anything...
Hope I will get your reply as soon as possible. It's  a bit hard to work with a high temperature I have now=\ Anyway, I miss you a lot and send you my hot kisses. Wish they will bring you not my condition, but my feelings and my hope in you...
Your Galina. 

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General Counsel

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Re: Galina <>
Antwort #1 - 22. August 2012 um 16:03
Mail über die Ukraine

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Re: Galina <>
Antwort #2 - 23. August 2012 um 09:33
Wie blöd ist der Scammer denn? Direkt mit einem Bettelbrief starten!
Statt teurer Medizin würde ich zu einer Kamille/Salbei-Inhalation raten und zu wärmerer Kleidung!

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