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Karina <>
23. März 2012 um 11:59
And it seems we have another one...this is I am almost 100% sure it's a scammer or scammers....I received three e-mails from this "girl"  and the first two seemed ok, the third one was written in a totally different font...and the writing was very different from the previous two, then the girl logged in onto the (which seems to be a feeding ground for scammers) and I sent her a mail within the site just saying "Hi" nothing my surprise she replied to me on the site as if it was the first time we talked!!! giving me all that crap about how she's fed up with Ukrainian men and bla bla bla.... it is....

Hello dear xxxx!!! Thank you for your letter and attention! I am glad
that you are interesting in me and want to know me better! For me is
very important to find my beloved man. And for you may be interesting
why I am alone and have not children and husband! I am disappointed in
Ukrainian men, of course I had relations but all they were not serious
and did not last long, because usually the men are interesting only in
my appearance. And I so want to find man who will value my inner
world, with who I can talk about everything. I have big heart and my
love will be unlimited!!! I want to tell you about myself. I am from
Enakievo city Donetsk region it is in Ukraine. I was burn 22 April I
am 27 years old. I am a teacher of Russian Language in school. I like
my job because I communicate with children. I live with my friend her
name is Olga. My parents live in Lugansk. So we meet only on weekends
or holidays. I so miss them. I like listening music or watching TV
when I have free time. I like meeting with my friends, usually we go
to caf=E9 or cinema and I like spend time on a fresh air. Many times I
spend with my pupils; we go to the museums, theater or circus. How do
you like to spend your free time? I want to find hones man with kind
heart, who want to build serious relations, man with who I will be how
the wall! I want to know about you more! Write me about your family?
Why you looking for woman in the Internet? How do you like to spend
your free time? I will be waiting your letter!

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Re: Karina <>
Antwort #1 - 23. März 2012 um 12:03
Eingeliefert über die Ukraine

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Re: Karina <>
Antwort #2 - 23. März 2012 um 12:14
And it seems we have another one..

@ Oceanborn
You are right, she is already known here.... but the text is different
Katya <>
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Re: Karina <>
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Dieses Thema wurde in dieses Forum von Scammer using Pictures by Irina Zastenchik [move by] Webmaster.
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