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Re: Douglas <>
Antwort #15 - 25. März 2012 um 14:29
Feels great to  hear from you sweet one...Well my turn to answer the questions now...I am catholic as you can recall,really doesn't matter what denomination we fellowship with,we all serve the same God as long as they are bible believing churches
Yes i do believe in true love...I am a firm believer of love and that explains why i am talking to you now even though i was hurt badly and heart broken by the ex wife...I wonder why some people would result to cheating in their relationship,that is really bad and against the wish of God...Forgot my wallet this day in the house and i needed to go back to go get it as i wanted to shop and to my surprise...The door was open while i got back,i just walked in and guess what?...I caught the ex making love with my best friend,i was so devastated,i thought my life was going to come to an end cause i loved her so much...I am a type of man that when i am in a relationship,i stick to my woman alone and i love her as much as i can...I do not double date nor flirt,not my type...After the ugly incident i forgave her and thought she would change but i was dead wrong...She was so unfaithful so we opted out for a divorce
Back to believing in true love,you can see that i strongly do with the ugly experience i have been through in the past,others would have 
given up on love but here am i seeking and striving for it...And just like the bible talks about faith,believing and trusting the unforeseen...We couldn't ask for anything more than true love,that's all we need to live in this wicked world of today with nations fighting themselves and destroying souls...True love is like rain,it touches us all...Take way love and the earth is just a tomb
My zodiac sign is Aries,was born April 15th and i must say our signs is a perfect combination(smiles)
My favourite color is Blue,i love Italian food just like you,mexican,sea food etc
I deal with frustration by first commiting it in God hands and then seeking possible solutions...Listen to some christian music to soften my heart so i don't get to think much about what the circumstances is
Just been with kids,you know i love kids a lot...Used to have a son name Tony i adopted 8 yrs ago,i loved him so much and took care of him like he was mine but he had to go back to the biological parents 3 yrs ago...I also i'm extremely happy when i am in a  relationship...You can tell that i am an hopeless romantic man when it comes to love,you would agree with me that love is great
  If i were to celebrate a huge success i probably would pay my tithe first,celebrate with the less privileged kids and then give myself a treat
  Qualities i seek in a woman are God fearing,good morals,trustworthy,honesty,caring,been romantic would be a plus(hehe smiles)
  What a find physically appealing about myself has got to be my eyes,smile and then my chest
   I drink socially and smoke once in a while....Working on stopping smoking and will soon by the grace of God...haven't smoked for a while though
  The wildest thing i ever did would be making love in a moving vehicle,it was really wild(smiles)
Finally i got done with the questions(hehehe smiles)....Ok got a few questions for you

Coke or Pepsi which is it for you?
What has been the best decision you've ever made?
Do you have any scars?if yes Where did they come from
What was your favorite cartoon as a kid?
What is the most daring thing you've ever done?
What is your favorite sport to play?
Do you have any nicknames? What are they? If you fall in love with someone, how would you confess it to them?
What inspires you about life?
What do you think is the biggest mistake that men/women make in their relationships?

I should stop here for now before i go on and on(hehehe smiles)...Do you have internet at home and what time do you close from work
Take care and hope to hear from you soon....God bless you

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Re: Douglas <>
Antwort #16 - 25. März 2012 um 14:31
Mail über Malaysia

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Re: Douglas <>
Antwort #17 - 01. September 2017 um 23:18
Dieses Thema wurde in dieses Forum von Malayische Scammer - Male [move by] Webmaster.
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