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27. Februar 2012 um 12:56
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Russisches Modell Oksana Malachowa


Hi dear friend! 
I write to you the message. And very much I hope to receive the answer from you.
Because it is very important for me. Also I hope that in the future my letter will make you happy.
I ask to write to me. It is important for me. I hope that you will write to me.
My name is Svetlana. Me 31 years old. I was born in RU. And now I live here.
I the beautiful woman. But still not met present love in Russian Federation.
But now I would like to tell more about my letter to you.
The purpose in that that I shall soon have holiday from my work and I wish to visit the Europe.
I wish to visit Belgium, Netherlands or Austria. I can travel in any of these countries.
I shall receive my visa. And we could have a meeting.
Any the country in the to the Europe. 
I always dreamed to visit the EU. 
But I to not have friends or relatives in the to the EU.
I think that in these countries there live strong men who can take care of me. 
And consequently I have decided to write to you the letter.
For this purpose I have addressed in agency of acquaintances in my city. I live in city Zvenigovo.
And this agency to give me yours mail.
I do not know you are lonely? And search you the woman for itself.
But I ask.
I ask you to write to me the letter.
Because I very much would like to find the man which searches for love.
I think that it very romantically.
I when did not write the letter through the Internet earlier. But I am search my Happy!
Also I hope that you will write to me even 1 letter.
Also you can answer my questions.
- In what country you live now? In what city?
- You wish to meet the woman from Rus?
- Your heart is lonely now?
I hope that my letter will not complicate you and you to answer and send me the photo.
I send you my foto.. I hope you like see my foto?
I think that you will love my photo.
Please, answer only my personal e-mail:
The best regards,
Yours Svetlana.
P.S If you live in Belgium, Netherlands or Austria. Please write me.
I am wait.

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Mail über Polen

I was born in RU. And now I live here.

I live in city Zvenigovo

You wish to meet the woman from Rus?


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