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Re: Katya <> <>
Antwort #15 - 13. Dezember 2011 um 21:19
und ein neues Mail Smiley

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Subject: Privet!
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Privet privet!!! how was your day xxxxxxx?? hope that fine and hope that my name in your e-mail box make you smile!! i with stopping heart watch on new post. to see your name there - the best surprise of the day)) i'm very happy that we found each other, that i had such thought to try to find man in the Internet, who knows what wait for us, but i will not regret that we meet, you already gave me many pleasant minutes))) believe me! Oh, i send you photo, which has to make you smile - with hair rollers))
Of course my dear you are welcome to come!!!I will be very very happy to see you)))) it's so great - me and you together)))When do you plan to come to me? and i think i need to find flat for us yes?)))
i feel so exiting when answer you, when think of you that you could think i'm a little crazy - but ... but I'm not! i like you and i want that you know about it. when i was on site i saw many women and men there. if only 2 percent will find love - So, Internet is wonderful thing. Really great that people created it and it helps to communicate, have relation, friendship, to watch movies, listen music and of course to work. One of my friend makes little movies and sell. I don't know for what, but it's really work. And for what you usual use Internet? I dream to have computer, even small, like netbook. For me will be more pleasant to speak with you at home, not in hurry)) 
Tell me what do you plan for today? will you go somewhere? or stay at home, watch TV. Today i will cook my fave dish: rise with vegetables and chicken, also will make few sauces, hot and tender, i like to make souses and it's my hobby to create something new. Have i send you a little to try))? If you want i will. What can you cook for me?  I'm joking.. but who knows))
So, i have to end, kiss you in your check, wait for letter!!! Katya
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Re: Katya <> <>
Antwort #16 - 13. Dezember 2011 um 21:24
Mail über Ungarn verschleiert, IP wie # 11

Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2011 16:42:01 +0300
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Re: Katya <> <>
Antwort #17 - 06. Februar 2012 um 12:49
Haben noch weiter Infos in unserer Mailbox:

Hello my love xxx!!!!I'm very happy to read your message on my phone, hope that you got mine???
Oh, yes, i hoped that tomorrow we will be together))) My love yes, i have some problem, and i hope that you can send me today or tomorrow even 400$ and i will pay half of the sum before my flight and then have check about it with me with me. Dear, yes, i have visa, but if on custom will ask about travel checks? I bought travel check for 2000 cause i think it's not very smart to have so many cash and this checks we easy will change in your country and you will get all back to you. I can't give you all back till my coming, it's looks like i lost it or don't have .. I don't want to make a risk!! tomorrow i will bring you) Of course they can not control it, but if they will be? 
and please, my love, we not paid for credit, I'm worry, but any way i now go to Kiev and will be there on morning to fly to you)))But my dear if you can please help - cause inthat moment i will be totally calm.
So so happy!!!! love you, Katya   

my address for you:
Ekaterina Denisenko
urban village Isvarine 94445
street Frunse, 15    
+38 099 47427 53. 
wait:) Better to call me. we can't pay for my university. So, i have loan for study for my name. it was for 7 years.and this year we had to pay last part. But we not paid on spring time, cause my granny have problem with roof and we had to change it totally. So... now i have to pay this 6000 griven(880 dollars) to close the credit, or they will go to court... For me it's a problem, of course my parent will safe for the credit next months... But I'm afraid if i will not pay, as they wrote till 21(tomorrow) - i can't go from country... I took part of my salary - but it's only 50 dollars and paid today.  i am worry about other 830((( i'm afraid, of course i hope for best.. but can you help me??  i dont want to spent any coin from my pockets, cause it's for me to come to you, to show in the custom in your country.
Dear xxx my parent will return to you this money when they will safe in February, ok? Hope that we will decide this problem yes? I kiss you and send you million kisses
By the way - my bag is able and stays in the corner!!!Wait for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i love you so much!!!!!!your Katya

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Re: Katya <> <>
Antwort #18 - 27. Juli 2014 um 11:13
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