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Elena <>
04. November 2011 um 20:23
Good Day to you from sunny Ukraine
I was born in Russia but several years ago we moved to Ukraine hope it's not a problem for you
I thank you for your letter, it was nice to hear from you.
Your letter touched me and I decided to reply you.
As for me I'm a simple lady with slim figure
big eyes, with a long hair, with nice and soft smile to tel you the thruth I don’t
like to tell such things about myself, I like that other people tell
this. I'm a  correspondent student of West  University. I study to be a
teacher of  language and literature.But I study at home 
and go to Universty to pass exams and get tasks.
Also I go to the classes
of English and French language because I want to have good learning
in it.
   I have graduated a school of foreigh languages
and I speak and write in English and French ,
it's not a problem for me. I know English on advanced
level and a little bit French.
My hobbies are  gymnastics and yoga.
I like to read very much I know that a lot of people are not serious 
but I joined dating site to find serious relations in future
I think that dating site is good idea,
Let me tell you what I think is important in a succesful relationship:
Kindness - We should always be kind to each other.
Passion - This ofcourse is always easy in the beginning, 
but when a couple have been together 
a while, it can become routine. 
I think the answer is to never take your beloved for granted. 
Respect - It is very important to avoid having to many fights. 
Once you start fighting a lot, 
it usually ends up with negativ name-calling.
I have seen this happen in others as well as my 
own relationship. After a while you end up loosing respect for each other.
Honesty - This does not mean you have to tell each other everything,
but a relationship can 
never survive if it is based on lies.
Romance - I think this is about the little things we do for each other,
like sending flowers.
Loyalty - A couple should always try to stay faithful to to each other.
In front of  others 
you should always support your partner. Even if you are not sure you agree.
I like animals very
much, especially dogs. I think that the dogs are the best friends for
men. I had a dog which was calling Snoopy. It was a dog. I am missing
her very much. I haven’t any bad habits such as drinking, smoking,
drugs. I think it’s awfully. I’m sure that there are many beautiful
and useful things in the world unless to waste time and health in
vain.  Please tell me about you imagine of ideal
man and woman. Who are you loking for?
What is your most important  thing in the life?
  I'll be waiting your reply.

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Re: Elena <>
Antwort #1 - 04. November 2011 um 20:28
Die Mail wurde über die Czech Republic eingeliefert.

Sie aus dem sonnigen Ukraine
Ich wurde in Russland geboren, aber vor einigen Jahren zogen wir in die Ukraine hoffe, es ist nicht ein Problem für Sie

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From: Elena <>

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