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Jeniffer <>
03. November 2011 um 11:22
hi xxx,
      so nice to hear from you again,i quite appreciate the concern shown towards me,very well then i would like to brief you little about myself and also tell you about my background and my life story,
Very well I'm a lady from a loving family and the only child and my profession which is sculptural art and antiques....
i lost my father 9years ago after a brief illness and lost my mother last 3years and ever since then I've being caring the responsibility of my parents ..
so i work more and try to make my art works one of the best in the arts market,
.my mother was originally from manvel in Texas and my father from houston Texas so i grew up in houston,
I'm having serious problems with members of my father's family i really can't say why they're so hostile to me,but i felt there's score's to settle between them and my parents,
so when my parents death occurred everything was passed unto me and none of them care about me nor want to know about me,
so i spoke to myself i have to quit these environment for my safety because staying with those that don't love me could endanger my life one day,but i know God knows the reason why everything happened this way to me and loosing my parents so soon.....
there after i spoke to myself that i need to relocate from houston and start a better life ,and be far from those that never liked me.....
so i moved to Helena a city in Alabama and there i picked myself together and moved on with life,
It's there i took my profession real serious and with God on my side i was able to break into the art market and my sculptures are recommended to be one of the best in Texas,
So far that how i got myself into the art market and my story all the way...i supply historical arts when the need arise and that is if i need to supply any museum or gallery so this makes me travel around the globe in respect of my profession to get art works,
and with time and as I'm growing i spoke to myself i need to have a man by me to make me feel loved and also give me his support all the way in my career,
I'm highly emotional and very loving as i said in my profile and would be happy to have the right man by my side at all time,someone to rely on and call mine at all times.......
i cherish when the man I'm in love with makes me feel like a woman and surprises me at all times with unexpected things...listen peter age is not important to me but your sincere love and care matters,i prefer older men because they're matured minds,
anyway i guess with this short biography of myself you must have known my kind of person and again...i don't like to get hurt nor toiled with by any man....thats why I'm trying to be as careful as i can with any man not to get me hurt,
so i want to believe with the way you sound,you will practice what you for me I'm making it a promise i will be as good as you could ever imagine and also make you proud at all times,i'm the type that is ready to go extra miles for a man in as much as i get the sincere and true love from him,i'm all his and promise to always make him proud at all times and do the same to me in returnthanks for the pictures...
...I'll be leaving for england in 2 days from now in respect of my father's claims in care of an insurance firm,but I'll be going with my laptop so that i can always get back to you whenever i see your mail,i don't intend to stay beyond a week in england .....
i hope to hear from you soon ok bye for now...

with care

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Re: Jeniffer <>
Antwort #1 - 03. November 2011 um 11:25
Mail over NG [Nigeria]

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Re: Jeniffer <>
Antwort #2 - 03. November 2011 um 11:50
Model Valentina von FH

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Re: Jeniffer <>
Antwort #3 - 08. September 2018 um 18:30
Dieses Thema wurde in dieses Forum von Scammer using Pictures by Valentina von FH [move by] Webmaster.
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