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Natasha <>
29. Oktober 2011 um 07:20
It's me)) You gave me your address on the site, remember?! My
nickname was Kalinka:) I am writing you this letter because I
want us to become closer. Well, this is Internet, I realize, but
there is nothing impossible in this life, and two people from far
away can become closer than they ever imagined. Intrigued..? I
will explain, just read it.

My decision to apply for this way of communication was
spontaneous. It happened after I watched the movie "50 First
Dates". A bit silly, yes? You have right to say it, but this is a
true fact. I was very impressed how a man made his beloved fall
in love with him every day again & again, day by day. Yeah, I
know, it's only a movie, but in everything there is a part of
truth.. in every fairy-tale. So, maybe it is not so impossible to
meet a prince or princes..?! Or maybe life this is Our fairy-tale
and we're the heros in it?!

Ok, I won't torture you with this movie stuff any more. I am
sorry, if I made you bored and tired with this. But since early
childhood I have been dreaming about publishing my own book and
becoming a writer. The dream hasn't come true, but the wish
remain Smiley Oh, the main.. Nice to meet you, dear friend Smiley Now
you have new friend in Ukraine, and my name is Natasha. I am not
usual woman.. no-no, I am unusual because I contain two main
things in me - my beauty is not only outside, but also inside.
Yes, my inner world is very nice and light.

And another thing which makes me special is my GREAT wish to find
my LOVE, and this is why I am here. I don't know English, but
this is not a barrier, I think. For now I use translation
company, these people View translation my letters from Russian into
English, and will View translation all your mails for me into Russian.
It's not some electronic or Internet translator, this is alive
person who does job and makes translation. Hope it's ok. Some day
in future I will surely study English.

I am 27 now, but on January, 11 I'll turn 28. Next year Smiley As
usually this holiday I will celebrate with my mother and
stepfather. My biological father was a soldier. He was living for
two months in the village where my mother lived that time.
Promised her to marry, said that they would have wonderful life
together with her... bla-bla-bla and many other things. Being
young and naive mummy believed each word. In two months my father
was sent to another city and left... and mom found out that she
was pregnant... and, as you may understand, in nine months I was
born. He-he. Such a surprise I was. Smiley My stepfather loves me a
lot, and I also love him and consider to be my dad. Father is not
who gave birth, but who raise. My mother married my stepfather
Victor when I was six, and he took us from the village to the
city. By the way, he also was a soldier in the past. Now he is

We live in a small town Lubny which is in Poltava region. Here is
nothing special but I like it. I work as a decorator and really
enjoy what I do. It's not a profession of writer of course, but
it is connected with art anyway, and that's why it brings me not
much money (unfortunately), but very much pleasure. Do you know
many people who enjoy their work? Who not just bring themselves
from work and back home, but do this with pleasure and joy?! I
don't know. So, now you see, that I am really unusual and
extraordinary like I said before?Smiley

My friends say about me that I am not like everyone, I have
something very special in me, like a special white aura because I
am kind and tender. Well, I prefer to believe them :=)

And how can you describe yourself in three words? Do you have
weak and strong sides of your personality? What are they? What's
your life motto?

As for me, I would say that it's "Don't worry, be happy", like in
a song of Bobby McFerrin Smiley By the way, what about your music
tastes? I like pop music and also like lots of old songs, like
"Shout" by "Tears For Fears", like "I Saw You Dancing" by the
group "Yaki-Da". I adore Elton John, he is a genius. Agree with

OK, I start to think that my letter turned to be too long, so I
need to cut it shorter now, otherwise next time I will be
wordless because will tell you everything today :=)

Hope we will have many discussions in future. Don't forget to
tell me about you!

Should I start missing you already...? Smiley)))


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Re: Natasha <>
Antwort #1 - 29. Oktober 2011 um 07:30
Eingeliefert über die Ukraine.

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Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2011 03:16:43 +0300
From: Natashenka <>


We live in a small town Lubny which is in Poltava region.

Über Luhans'ka Oblast' einliefern aber in Lubny, Oblast Poltava wohnen wollen.
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