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Tanya <>
18. September 2011 um 23:00
Erstkontakt über Parship, dann normales Email

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Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2011 16:54:22 -0500
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Brief von Tanya:

Bringt etwas Zeit mit  Zwinkernd. Im Brief sind meiner Ansicht nach einige Hinweise auf einen potenziellen Scammer.

Dear Dirk,
                        It is a great pleasure to read out on here that you actually got my address,this caught me in a suprise of mind,but i would not be carried away,but let 

me find a point where I could simply begin to tell you about my personal and outside life,First of all,i would like to thank you so much for taking the time to read my 

profile and the first message i sent to  you even though it does not contain alot but its makes me so happy that you still took the time to read it,

i know you will be suprised when you first saw my mail on that site, to be honest  am new on there, also very new to this online date thing,i just feel i could try

something new? Well To start with, My name is Tanya ,I was born in Sint Franciscus Gasthuis, Rotterdam in the Netherlands about 32 years ago,i was 4 yrs old

when i was taken out out to guyana and later moved to colombia where i started my education.

Haven't got there, i later travelled to the United State of America (U.S.A) for a short period from there i learnt so many things,about fashion and modelling 

this was a very great moment of my life back then ,but i came back and spent most of my time in the south America  for this reason 

i could not talk much or communicate in either Dutch,German or flemish but i am open now to someone who would like to teach me because in life there is no waste of 

knowledge.i could only try this languages using the help of the online translator which is not very accurate,most recently the economy of the south america and 

the life people are living there became miserable for a lady like me and business is not stable because of the corruption and bad leadership so for this reason i decided

to move to europe,from Colombia (bucaramanga)Santander to a city best know of cheese situated in the southern part of the Netherlands not too far from rotterdam the

place is called Gouda its a very nice acient city which is very nice and living there are nice and responsivble people ,when i got here i found it so difficult

to find accommodation but suprisingly i found a place with the help of my only friend Yaira and whome i known from school back in colombia,she stays here with her

fiancee who both gave me the chance to stay with them for a short period of time until i will be able to get things setup 

and get a house and some other neccessary things ,have only spent only two months here in Netherlands,

i will tell you a lot more about me if we are opportuned to meet in real life , so for now  i am only telling you all this so that you can have in mind and also 

picture the kind of person i am in and out .

                Further more,People always tell me i am an easy going person but not until a loved one tell me this to my ears or to my face then i would belive,though

my ex-boyfriend always tell me this but i think about it sometimes does he really mean i am easygoing? because i am very outgoing and a lively person why a high sense of humor

though i just got out of a very serious relationship due to some miserable live and dishonesty in which i experienced with my ex-boyfriend during the time of our relationship

when i fell in love with him i was not aware of the fact that i fell in love with  a man covered up in  a devilish character hidden  in human skin,but thats was a thing of

of the past now that i have made up my mind since 2and half years ago that we were split up.lets talk about something better for now because i do not like to thing about it

anymore.let me tell you a little about my parents,Firt of all my father was half Colombian/dutch and my mother half asian/european(Hongkong/Greece) .hope this is not going to be 

a problem if yes i shall continue my letter anyway.year 2000 was the year when my father passed out after a great illness,after this my mother lost focus and remarried 

to a man from peru who turned her to a drug and alchoholic adict,this was a very sad thing for me but i cannot help talking about it because it hurts alot ,this made me lost

contact with her and only mail her sometimes to say hi and send her something on her birthday.that is about that and back to myself,i hope you are not too bored about my

story,well i think i need to tell you all of this once so that you will not some little things about me and my life if not all.

             the reason why i contacted you on the site is because i am  single and searching and i came accross many profiles on the site but my instict tells me to

get in touch with you as i visit your page,your profile seems intresting despite the fact that i had not much time to read and also due to the breakage of the internet

service i decided to try my luck by sending you an email maybe you would correspond,First we can start by knowing each other on here with the help of mail services 

exchanging mails and chatting on maybe MSN or Yahoo could do the magic all you have to do is signup and download the messenger software and use your account on the software

this is so easy mode of correspondence,As for my work i deal in artifact,antiques and gemstone buying,sales and exploration,i deal also in some special antiques depending

on the demand for it but for now i need time to setup the business first and other things follow.

   i attended my secondary education at Colegio, El-Saleciano, in Bucaramanga Colombia, a municipality of about 1,100,000 

plus don't know exactly at the moment,I then proceed to the Industrial University of Santander where i learnt and have a more knowledge in my current field of work

though i am new to this business and need more time to get fully into it.i love to travel alot for fun and businesses on how to make my business recongnised in all

europe starting from Netherlands i have attended some trade fare and exhibition accross europe and i have been to so many places around the 

world.Like i could remember almost around Europe,Australia,Asia,NewZealand,Africa and Canada,as am sending you this email i am in Malaysia (Miri) on a small business trip 

gathering and buying my stuffs so.

                      Need of better chances for us to talk online because my hotel is about a little bit far from the public cyber cafe 

where i normally access the internet service.I hope you can understand,because i want someone that keeps to time (puncutual) well  that's me i shall tell u more when

we chat online.Let me take some time to tell you about my physical posture ,my natural hair color is brown but i love to change the color of my hair and change to 

all such of style that fits me the best,i am 170 cm tall,brown eyes,70kg and i would also appreciate it if you can tell me about your physique,am just a simple lady who

wants to find a simple, gentle, kind, loving,trustworthy, honest, faithful, and supportive  man to start serious relationship with . I am not into playing games or using
someone to get what I want I think am much more too mature for this stuffs. I hope you will be totally honest with me , because I will be totally honest with you on

everything about myself. I want a man who will love me for me and not for what I have or can get.mind you i am always submissive in some certain condition,Business Oriented

fellow who wants to find someone very interesting,Romantic,Sexually Active,also I consider myself a very casual and laidback person, but I am also very hard working and focused

on reaching my goals.I believe in taking some chances in life. I am not a 9 to 5 person, I don't follow society's antiquated rules, I think outside the box. I will never be 

bored, my life is always exciting,there is never a dull moment.I have done so many crazy things,trips and adventures in life that i could write a couple of books about it.

                  I see myself as attractive, sensual and sexy, faithful and honest, intelligent and well-educated, serious, caring person. I have never been married 

and have no children, but have a strong desire to have them with the right man. I am in a search of my second half,because i always dream about a happy marriage and 

family.what i am looking for in the right man for me,is not tribe or culture but  better from from anywhere around the globe, whom I would love to marry one day.Someone

intelligent, optimistic, romantic,Hardworking,Caring and loving, who would like to travel around the world for vacation and Fun.But will be someone i really get to know

and we must be the same match with the same chemistry,I search for a true,serious, honest, intelligent, loving, sexy, non attractive and hard working man , who is tired 

of loneliness and wishes to have a happy and a real family too.

I would like to settle down reasonably soon and have a family so I guess I would like someone who has that goal as well (or at least an idea that that's what they want).

I love to travel and see things that inspires me and places and cultures so would be great if that someone had a sense of adventure lurking inside them as well.

As for my hobbies I like to paint as i sell some of my paintings and also exhibit them,i dance, write poems, songs,read and many other things like going to theaters but

most importantly i do ice skiing and snow boarding, i hope to read the same from you as i am closing my detailed letter,I hope to hear from u soonest i wont be able to

write this long email again because i am using a public internet service which is not so good because of the location where i am at the moment i don't know if u ever 

know anything about Malaysia in general as i am writing to you i am writing from Malaysia and will soon be back to Europe as soon as i am done with what am here to do

as i hope this trip is successful and stress free so we can get time to chat and correspond, please feel free to answer my questions if i ask u one and i shall find time

to come and write to you or if u have a good schedule we can chat but let me ask,Do you believe in love at first sight? if yes tell me why

I hope to talk with you soonest and i want to hear from your what you feel about me



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Re: Tanya <>
Antwort #1 - 18. September 2011 um 23:04
Dirk1970 schrieb on 18. September 2011 um 23:00:
I was born in Sint Franciscus Gasthuis, Rotterdam in the Netherlands

Laut lachend Laut lachend Laut lachend Laut lachend Laut lachend me to
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Re: Tanya <>
Antwort #2 - 18. September 2011 um 23:07
email over the UK

Alles auswählen - Geo Information
IP Address
Location 	GB GB, United Kingdom
City 	London, H9 -
Organization 	IT Services
ISP 	Redstation Limited
AS Number 	AS35662 Redstation AS 

Date: Sat, 10 Sep 2011 16:54:22 -0500

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Re: Tanya <>
Antwort #3 - 18. September 2011 um 23:11
Dirk1970 schrieb on 18. September 2011 um 23:00:
am sending you this email i am in Malaysia (Miri) on a small business trip

lemansue schrieb on 18. September 2011 um 23:07:
email over the UK
Smiley Smiley Smiley
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Re: Tanya <>
Antwort #4 - 18. September 2011 um 23:46
Dirk1970 schrieb on 18. September 2011 um 23:00:
Bringt etwas Zeit mit

Smiley Smiley Smiley

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Re: Tanya <>
Antwort #5 - 01. September 2017 um 23:03
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