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Katya <>
17. September 2011 um 18:10
Hello! Thank you very much for your letter.
I hope that this knowledge will be pleasant for both of us and who know the result...
I would like to know more about you.
I think my picture will tell you more detailed about my appearance.
I live in Russia , but I have got an interest to talk to people who live abroad.
I do not have experience in communicating online and I am a little nervous.
This is not a common for me to speak with someone without looking into his eyes,
and I would very much like you to send me your photos so that I felt not so bound.
I have not found a serious relationship here in Russia, and so I decided to try dating through the internet.
I learned about dating sites and decided to post my profile on one of these sites.
So what about you? Tell me why you started the search for love online?
And what kind of relation are you looking for? Do you need serious relationships at all?
Or just a flirtation or only friendship?
If I’m interested in talking to person I would like to learn as much as possible.
So could you please send me your photos and tell me about yourself?
Tell me more about your town, you like to live there?
And what about your family? Is it big or not? Do you have any brothers or sisters? And how are relationships close or not really?
I have one appeal to  you. Well, I do not know English very well and you might not understand everything I write/ please,
feel free to ask me if you find something illogical or inadequate.
And I will ask you if I don’t understand everything you write. Ok?
You also can ask me any questions and I will answer you!
I am finishing my first letter to you and I will be waiting for you to answer.

Thank you, Katya.

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From: Katya <>
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Re: Katya <>
Antwort #1 - 17. September 2011 um 18:18

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IP Address
Location 	RU RU, Russian Federation
City 	        Yoshkar-ola, 45 -
Organization 	CJSC Company ER-Telecom Yoshkar-Ola
ISP 	        CJSC ER-Telecom Holding
AS Number 	AS41786 CJSC "ER-Telecom Holding" 

Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2011 14:52:40 +0400
From: Katya <>

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Re: Katya <>
Antwort #2 - 17. September 2011 um 19:17
info from yahoo

Female - Brandon, Florida
Member since: 09/16/2011
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Re: Katya <>
Antwort #3 - 10. Dezember 2011 um 16:59
Identische Mail wie im Startposting. Zeitlich vom gleichen Tag, doch andere IP. Ist aber auch aus Yoshkar-Ola.

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Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2011 13:31:12 +0400
From: Katya <>
Reply-To: Katya <>
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Re: Katya <>
Antwort #4 - 10. Dezember 2011 um 17:03
Hello, xxx!
To tell the truth I am glad to see the letter from you in my mailbox. 
I am glad that you are interested in me, and it is mutual. 
I hope we can keep writing each other.

Thanks for you photo I liked it very much especially your eyes. They are gorgeous. 
In Russia people say that eyes of a person is the mirror of his soul. 
Your eyes tell me that you are a kind and caring person. Is it so?

I also want to thank you for answering my questions and the story of your family. 
It was very interesting for me to know about it. This helps me to
better recognize you as a person.

Now I want to tell you about my family. 
So ... I have a normal family, Mom, Dad and me. My mom 56 years and
father 61 years. they are both retired,  
However, my dad was still working. He's the driver of the bus. 
Regarding the mother, she has homework and watching the many serials on TV 
I live in a small town called Gubaha, it is very quiet and peaceful
city, where not so many people.   

Do you mind if I ask you a few more questions? 
What is your job and do you like it or you have it just for making
money and do not like at all.  
How much do you work? what do you like to do when you have free time from work? 
Do you have any or favorite hobby?

I can say that I like my job. I am a the waiter in cafe,
which is located not far from my house. This is not a difficult job
and I like to communicate with people who come to our cafe.   
They are mostly elderly people. 
People my age are not so much because in a small town is difficult to
find good jobs and a lot of people migrating to big cities.   
But I do not understand these people, if you strongly to try, you can
find a job that you like and in your city. Of course, it would not be
highly paid, but you get the pleasure of working.   

I hope that you are not tired of my questions? 
However, I want to ask you another question. 
What is your character? What do you consider your greatest strengths
and what are your weaknesses?  

I am really glad that we met and I want to lear more and evrything
about you!  
If you have any questions fill free to ask.

Bye Bye. Katya

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From: Katya <>
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I live in a small town called Gubaha, it is very quiet and peaceful city, where not so many people.

Gubaha liegt in der Region Perm. Etwas weit weg von Yoshkar-Ola! Hat knapp 27.000 Einwohner.
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Re: Katya <>
Antwort #5 - 10. Dezember 2011 um 17:11
Hello xxx, God time of the day!Smiley
It is very pleasant to know that someone who live so far away wants to
know about me and about my life. I mean internet does incredible things
like we would never get a chance even to start talking if there were no
internet. It seem s that due to internet the whole world unites and
gradually becomes one huge country. I don’t know if it is good or bad
for us people who live in this world but what I know for sure it is good
for me personally because you and me began to write to each other:)
xxx I think that if we decided to continue our friendship,
I want to conclude an agreement with you.
Let's agree that we will not hide anything from each other.
And will speak only the truth!!  How do you look at it?
Only through this we can know each other.
    I think that you will not mind if I ask you a few questions.
Do you do some sport?
I always loved skating. In our city there is a small ice rink.
I try to go there at least 2 times a week. These classes keep me in shape!
When the weather is good, then I can arrange an evening jog.
Because my city is surrounded by woods, and near my house is an alley,
which as time passes along the forest. Run on this avenue a great pleasure.
Fresh air and beautiful view of the forest!
By the way, you must be wondering why I'm still alone?
There's no catch. Quite simply, our city is too small!
And I could not find a man with whom I wanted to start a family.
Of course, I had a relationship and I dated for two years with one guy.
But it was the children's love rather than something serious.
In the end we realized that we did not turn out and we have different ideas about life.
We have decided to remain friends. He is now married and we no longer communicate.
What about you? You want to tell me your story?
I think I asked you quite a  lot of questions already:) that’s probably
enough for one letter. I hope you’ll answer them all:) and may be tell
something more about yourself! I would be glad to know more of
I look forward to your prompt reply.

Your Katya.

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Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2011 18:44:45 +0400
From: Katya <>

Neuer Rechner im Einsatz!

Führt uns aber auch nach Yoshkar-Ola!

Alles auswählen
Ländercode der IP: 	RU
Land der IP: 	ip address Russian Federation
Bundesland der IP: 	n/a
Stadt der IP: 	n/a
Breitengrad der IP: 	60.0000
Längengrad der IP: 	100.0000
Provider der IP: 	OJSC Rostelecom
Organisation: 	xDSL dynamic pools
Host der IP: 

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Re: Katya <>
Antwort #6 - 10. Dezember 2011 um 17:13
Good time of the day to you xxx!
How was your day? Mine was good.
My morning started very calmly.
I had a glass of hot tea and a  wonderful omelet with tomatoes and cheese .
I enjoyed not only eating it but cooking it as well
by the way do you cook your breakfast yourself from time to time?
Or do you prefer to  have just a cup of coffee or a glass of juice and then you eat at lunch only? 
As for me it sometimes so happens that I drink only a glass of juice but then I feel starving at far before lunch
and I have some snacks before lunch and then during the lunch I do not really eat anything…
I know that it is not good at all, so more often I try to cook good breakfast at home and eat it all only that way I feel like
I have enough energy to work till the lunch and then at lunch eat a salad  and a piece of chicken or beef
with rice or potatoes..
it’s interesting what do you usually have for you lunch and then dinner?
Do you have some kind of favorite food that you eat very  often? as for me I  do!
I just love chicken with rice and boiled vegetables for lunch.
Of course I don’t eat that every single day but it happens often
Well, I better stop talking about food as right now that it is difficult to talk about food when you are
I would like to know about you, how you spend your weekends?
Well, today I have the day off and today I will meet with my girlfriends.
I have a few close friends to me with whom I spend off work days.
Usually, we're going to the park and go for a walk!
Then we go to our favorite cafe, and discuss all the news that there have been with us for some time until we saw each other.
We love to talk like all the girls.
Today I want to tell my girlfriends about you! The fact that we met and write letters to each other.
I think that my girlfriend will be happy for me. You do not mind?
I have no secrets from my friends. perhaps later, if you would be interested, I'll tell you about my friend.
I am glad that with each new letter we know each other better and develop our relations.
You are a very good man, and I want to learn more new things about you and your life.
By the way, you have many friends? How long have you know them?
With the majority of my friends I have known each other since early childhood, we are in place at school.
you have a favorite place where you are going with your friends?
Tell me a little about it!
I also very much want to see a photo of your city.
I have never been in another country and very interesting to me looks like your city.
Unfortunately, I do not travel as often as I would like, and rarely traveled outside of my city.
I was in Moscow several years ago, and even in some cities that are not so far away from where I live.
You love to travel? Have you ever been in other countries?
When I was a little girl, I dreamed about traveling around the world!
but it was only a dream of a little girl.
Course in my heart I was still a child, and these dreams are deep in me
I wonder who you wanted to be when you were a little kid?
Perhaps you dreamed to be a super hero or an astronaut? 
With these thoughts I shall finish this letter. I should have to go and meet with their friends.
But I will wait with great impatience for your letter.
And do not forget to answer all my questions!

With best wishes.

Your Katya.

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Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2011 13:58:20 +0400
From: Katya <>
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Re: Katya <>
Antwort #7 - 10. Dezember 2011 um 17:15
Hello xxx, with each letter I realize that I like your personality more and more.
And I feel that I want to tell you about myself and I want to know more
and more about you.
When I wrote my first letter, I do not think that our correspondence will continue to develop so quickly.
By telling you ordinary thing about myself I understood that I can tell you everything about my life,
my feelings and my soul. And I’m ready to talk not about ordinary things only.
And what is more important I want to learn your soul and your deep feelings.
But then I caught myself on one question. Wouldn’t it be more than a friendship?
What do you think? Have you ever had a question like that?
This weekend I’m going to visit my grandmother.
I haven’t mentioned her while telling about my family.
It doesn’t mean that I don’t like her or something.
My grandmother’s name is Anna. And she is 82 years old.
She is my mum’s mother and she lives in the countryside about 60 kilometers from Gubaha.
So I love my grandmother and she is a good person as she wants me to be happy .
but I often get tired of listening to her talking about what I should do.
She thinks and she will always think that I’m her little granddaughter who needs her help.
I think I should say that when I was a child I just loved to come to my grandmother house and spend the
whole summer over there. It was the happiest period of the school year.
I had 3 months vacation in the summer. I spend the whole summer with my friends swimming in the river,
walking in the forest gathering mushrooms and berries,
building our own house from branches and of course playing different games starting
from hide and seeks and many many others.
I can say that I had happy childhood. How was yours?
Tell me the brightest moments and memories that you had.
All of mine are connected with school summer vacations that I spent at my grandmother’s house.
And even now I try to visit my grandmother often.
I appreciate everything that she has done for me when I was young
and now I try to do everything that is possible for her.
I help her around the house and with her garden, and do a lot f other things.
Also I can’t stop enjoying  the nature.  
The place where my grandmother lives has just gorgeous nature around.
I like it in every season in the winter, spring, summer and in autumn.
I relax watching beautiful trees and bushes covered with snow in the winter,
or flowers and leaves growing in spring and summer, and leaves of yellow, red and
orange colors falling from the trees on the ground in autumn.
If I start describing all the beauty of that place nature it would take me several hours…
don’t want you to get bored by my letter.
I close for now. And as usual hope to see a letter from you soon!

Bye-Bye Katya

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Received: from [] (ekaterinasauk@ with plain)
        by with SMTP; 21 Sep 2011 07:08:10 -0700 PDT
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2011 15:01:41 +0400
From: Katya <>
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Re: Katya <>
Antwort #8 - 10. Dezember 2011 um 17:19
I certainly nice that you want right now to meet me. but you do not think that we are not familiar with each other.

I will be pleased if you come to me. when can you come? you would be better if you come to the City of Perm, the closest big city to be near me. 

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Received: from [] (ekaterinasauk@ with plain)
        by with SMTP; 22 Sep 2011 06:48:26 -0700 PDT
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 2011 16:27:36 +0400
From: Katya <>
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Re: Katya <>
Antwort #9 - 10. Dezember 2011 um 17:21
Hello xxx,how was your day, dear?
I’ve thought of what I wrote you in my last letter..
And I realized that the huge part of it was about my past,
the history of my relationship with my grandmother and my childhood.
Of course our past influences us but present time is much more important.
I hope you would agree to that
So talking about present I need to say that I told about you about to my
good friends and they were very happy for me I have 4 very good friends.
They are Olesya, Irina, Anna. Olesya and Irina live in Gubaha right now.
Anna lives in Perm. I can say that we are friends form the very childhood.
We met when we started to go to the elementary school and we made friends since then.
I think that we are lucky to be still friends.
Some people say that there is no true friendship between women but I know form my own experience that there is.
Of course we sometimes argue but then we always find a way out of any difficult situation.
Olesya are married and she have kids and they are very happy with their  husbands.
As for us  I  mean Irina, Anna and me we are still looking for  our men, for people who we will be deeply in love with.
We were never jealous of our  married friend. We were just happy that  she found her happiness.
And now we are looking for ours so when I told my friends that I seem to find a
man who I like more than just a friend and who seems  to be the kind that I am looking for,
my friends were extremely happy for me.
Yes, come over to me, I'll be glad to meet you. I can show you my city.
would be better if you come to the city of Perm
By the way my mom knows that I’m talking to  a man in the internet.
before meeting you I preferred not to tell her about the men that surrounded me.
It doesn’t mean that I dated every one who was around me…
but I was looking at them and searching for right one for me..
but my heart was silent to all of them. And after a while since we started talking I realized
that you are the man that I can tell  my mom about because I want her to be glad for me as I met you.
so that what I did. And it’s interesting for me if you anyone of your friends or relatives knows anything about me..
what they think about it if they do.. Would you share?
Has anything changed for you since we started talking?
Or have you ever had a thought that something changed? I am asking because I have.
Mine attitude towards men in general changed… it is a weird feeling.
As before started talking to you I was looking at men trying to find my love in each of them…
I thought that the right man for me is somewhere around and that I just do  not see or  notice him.
And I have never had a thought that the person who I feel have deep feelings to can live not in my city and not even in my country.
But now I accept this thought and I think that distance is not that of a big deal.
If there is some kind of deep feelings between people they might to solve any problems or difficulties that will appear.
So after I talked to you I stopped practically completely looking at men that surround me like at ones who
can possibly have true love feelings for. They suddenly stopped interesting me.
I think that it is all because I met you and you got interested me much more than  the others.
You know at the same time I don’t want to hurry the events and I have only one dream.
It is to know every part of you, to understand you well as possible.

Yours Katya!

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Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2011 19:01:56 +0400
From: Katya <>

Identische Fotos wie bei letzter Mail!
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Re: Katya <>
Antwort #10 - 10. Dezember 2011 um 17:24
Dear xxx, you just can�t imagine HOW I�ve waited for this letter of yours!
I think this time was passing so slowly that I just did not know what to do!
I had customers at work but I couldn�t give my all to them because I was thinking
about your answer and I tried to guess what it will be like�
I�m glad that you have the thought that we can be more than friends.
It means that our relationship has a chance to develop and to grow in something bigger.
To start form the beginning the way we met was not ordinary...
for me at least� it was totally new experience for me and I�m glad that it turned out that way
Is meeting new people through the internet usual for you?
for me, totally not� Though I am happy that due to this global net I found such man like you.
I like you a lot! and I enjoy every minute communicating with you.
Don�t you think that from our first letter when we didn�t know
anything about each other w came to be rather close?
Sometimes it even scares me because I begin to think about our future I begin to imagine us living together.
Our talking makes my life brighter, it lights my life up.
I need someone by my side. I need a man who will care about me,
who will support me and who of course will love me.
It is very important for a woman to have a man in real life who will be a loving father for their kids.
I want to have kids form the person who I will love and who love me.
I think every woman in the world does want that even those who care of their careers
more than of their family lives.
Remember that I told you that I was not jealous of those of  my friends
who were married and who had happy families.
Well, I was not lying. I�m frankly happy for them.
But I do not understand why I haven�t met a person like that yet?
Why I don�t have a caring husband and nice kids?
I know that it is all because I have never met a man who would have had true feelings for me..
and I do not want to marry a man who I do not love.
it is not right to create a family with the person who you  have no deep feelings for and to ruin each other�slives.
Do you agree?
and what do you want from your life in this period?
What do you want form the relationships? Do you think you are ready to create a family?
As for me I think I am!
I think children are the purpose of our lives.
I think people usually come to a though that they want to have children when
they realize that they have something to give to small persons.
I know that I have and frankly speaking I think that you do either. 
From time to time I�m looking at Olesya�s family
(she lives with her husband and a wonderful child in Kuyar) and imagine myself at her place.
I mean of course I do not want to replace her in her family but I can imagine myself having my own,
I imagine how I will cook for my husband and my children and how well I will take care of them
and to create comfort in our home.
Anyways to do all that I dream of I need to have a man who will think the way I do.
Just being curious tell me what you think of family life? what is ideal family life for you?
How does it look like?
Today I�ve talked so much about my dreams�
The distance between us seems to so big.
And I wish that we lived in one and the same city so we could meet in the evenings and go to cafe;
or movies and to talk about everything in the world!
I think if we met on the street we would definitely notice each other and would become as good friends as we are now
This way we would have a feeling that we are next to each other
unfortunately, that is just a dream and hardly ever it would come true.
and I want to ask you if you have the same feeling like I do..
I mean the feeling that you miss something very important while not talking to each other�
miss a person who matters to you lot even more than  a true friend?...
I do�

Yoour Katya!

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From: Katya <>

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Re: Katya <>
Antwort #11 - 10. Dezember 2011 um 17:25
Dear xxx, i think about you every single day and
I can’t wait till the moment when i will read your letter.
Our letters to each other is  the part of my real life and I  should say that it is a huge part of it.
I feel that you are a really good person and I can’t imagine you betray someone  or do any bad things to anyone who surrounds you.
I respect this in people and I am so glad that I have got to meet you!
i want to  be totally honest and say that lately I have understood that you are the
kind of man that I want to have by my side.
I feel that you are honest with me in your letters and I feel a lot of sincerity in them.
I am always trying to be honest and open with you. and when I tell that I’m
almost sure that you are  the man that I want to be with.
I mean it. I usually don’t say such things when I am less than 99 sure of it…
You are handsome and nice ,it is interesting to talk to you and we have some common topics to discuss..
these all things I can analyze but there is something more , something that I can not describe..
and also something that I can ..
I want to have  a family with you and I believe that we would have a good family and I even can imagine how our day would go.
Maybe it’s too much but it shows that I do thin that is possible and do you?
would you like to have such a woman like I am by your side?
Would you for sure?
Tell me what do you think about my character and about me so far?
It’s exciting to know what the person who I like so much thinks about me.
I know how I am but my opinion can’t always be right that I really want to which people see me?
wouldn’t it be difficult for you to describe me? I hope not
You know when I walked today morning to work I imagined that we were walking together and how wonderful that walk would be.
We  would be talking not only about such ordinary things like weather,
we  would  discuss our plans for the day and how wonderful it would be to meet after work and to have dinner together.
I think if even didn’t talking during that walk we would be feeling wonderful just holding our hands..
oh  well   that just a dream , one of several that connected with you and what about you?
have you ever imagined us being together in real life?
I do all the time.
I feel wonderful talking to you by letters.
After  read your letter my mood gets  better if it was bad and I am ready to change the world.
So you influence me in a good way… what kind of influence do my letters have on you?
Do they have any?
Can you imagine that not only my friends who know that I’m talking to you told me that I changed in a good way.
I try to smile often as I know that it will people’s mood who are around me better but now I have some kind of a smile that
goes from me lightening. I have not only my lips and eyes smile but it seems that my soul smiles every time I think of  you.
I think  I  still  can’t  believe till the end that I finally met the person who is so close to me,
And form time to time I’m afraid that you are not real.
I do not mean that I doubt what you say, I want to say that I’m afraid that
everything that is going on in my life just a dream and
I  am  afraid that one moment I will wake up and there will be neither you nor ouletters to each other…
so every time I hear your voice or letter form you in my mail box I feel a sight of relief that everything is real and
that I am really talking to such a wonderful   man like you!
So please keep writing your wonderful letters and keep me believe that
there is possibility for you and me in this life. in our real life…
Toady I plan to watch a romantic movie because I have lyrical  mood.
But you should be sure that all my thoughts will be only about you this evening and I guess all evenings to come.

My tender kiss for you, Katya.

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From: Katya <>
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Re: Katya <>
Antwort #12 - 10. Dezember 2011 um 17:29
Good day to you , my sweet xxx, your letters bring to me a lot of happiness every day!
Only the fact that you wrote it already have done that.
but when I’ve read it I thought that I was the happiest woman in the world.
Because I think no many women in the world no matter how beautiful and rich they are have such a true
and loving man to talk to like you are. And I do have and that makes my soul sing.
All my life I thought that it is impossible that is a fairy –tail that people tell to each other
because they dream about feeling like I do  have now but they never felt it.
and now I believe that that’s true I believe in it as I feel it myself!
I wake up in the morning and give myself a huge smile no matter the weather good or bad because my first
thought in the morning is about you. I smile to you my sweet .
Than I cook breakfast and hurry to work still smiling at work
nothing in the world can spoil my mood.
Even if I got bad-tempered customers I smile to them and they have no other way that to smile back to me.
and it works the customers become much nicer…
I think I share a good energy that I get form your letters with people around  me and everybody seem to have good mood.
Only one thought bothers me form time to time…
I love talking to you by letters and you know that.
But wouldn’t it be great to meet and see each other. I think we would be charmed by each other.
Do you think? Have you ever thought of seeing each other?
As it is nice to talk in the internet but nothing can replace real communication when people
have possibility to express their feelings and emotions not only by words but also by look and touch…
so I just would love to  meet you so you can feel the depth of my emotions.
Bur frankly speaking I have no idea how to do organize it? and do you? Tell me where do you think we should meet?
And how is it going to happen? That would be such an important step for us and for our relationship.
That would be a huge step forward. We are not teenagers so we can talk about everything very open and do not get shy.
The romantic part of any relationship between man and women are very important too.
And right now I think we lack the part of it.
not everything can be expressed by words especially the chemistry when a man and a woman meet
and when they waited that moment for a period of time…
I think if we eventually meet that would be the most fabulous day in our lives and hopefully
that day will make our lives flow together!
You know the major dream for me right now is meeting you!
You have the same thoughts that I do , tell me when and where you would like to meet.
And how to make our meeting come true?
and what is the most important what should I do to make it happen as soon as possible???
I’ll do everything that in my power and everything possible and even impossible! And I am serious right now!
Darling, no matter when we meet and kiss each other not by words in letters I ant you to be sure
that my feelings to you are so deep and so strong,
I’ve never had such feelings for any man in the world beside you.
You are a very special person for me and I thank god that I found you.
It really seems to that I was lost without you.
And I hope that my every and my every dream that I have about you ( but have not told you all of them yet somehow ) will become reality.
I do say with all of my heart that you brought the sunlight  that completed my whole life!
And I am thank God every minute of my life for meeting you because I
know that is something that was supposed to happen!!
Closing this letter with tender kisses and hugs and hoping that some time soon
I will be able to this I mean kissing and hugging for real.

Your Katya!

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