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Sadia <>
29. August 2011 um 00:21
Hello Dear Beloved,
How is your day and I hoped this message finds you in great spirits and in very good health towards a better future and Thank you for taking the time to respond with your interest towards me and I hope the communication between us can continue into a lasting friendship and we can come to a common relationship with each other.

Please read this message very carefully and understand what I'm trying to say and do in my life, I feel this will be a lasting friendship if you agree.
I'm a very serious young lady with a good heart so please be serious with me and do not break it. I do realize that most of these sites aren't always 100% correct on their match choices not to mention as we live miles away from each other and our age difference.

However, if I passed up the chance to contact such a very sincere person as you, if you truly feel we can do this, then lets not waste time on getting to know each other towards a meaningful relationship. There is so much I wish to share with you about myself if I had the chance to know you better.
I am Miss Sadia Bacchus G Mathew. female, 26 years old from Liberia I am tall, Average body, fair in complexion. I am caring, easygoing, cheerful, kind, sincere etc. I am daughter of Late Dr .  Gabriel. Mathews the former Director General of the Foreign Service Institute (FSI), Ministry of Foreign Affairs My father died on 07 September, 2007, in Robert sport, Grand Cape Mount County, Since the Death of my father, my stepmother has been maltreating me because she planned to take away all my late father's treasury and properties from me. I wanted to travel overseas, but, she hides away my international passport and other valuable documents. Luckily she did not discover where I kept my father’s File which contains important Document.
So I manage escaped to Senegal where I am presently staying in United World Mission Camp (U.W.M.C). My father of blessed memory deposited the sum of ($5.7M) in finance Firm, which he deposited as Family Treasure and My father put my name as the next of kin, I have contacted the Finance Firm but the Operational Manager confirmed that my status as for still been single not married according to the local law and my father will does not permit me to carry out the operation successfully.

He advised me to provide a trustee, who will stand on my behalf and complete the transaction for me,
Right now, I will like you to stand as my trustee while I give you the necessary direction and documents so that you will contact the Finance Firm and claim this Fund back for me to your position while I join you soon after you receive the fund into your position. I will also like to complete my academic studies in your Country or any other country that is reliable for studying which you will help me and recommend a nice Higher Institution there. I was studying Marketing before the death of my father and I was a 2nd year student in the University. Because of how my stepmother is threatening to kill me I left the country with no choice for my future,
Let Mother Nature points a new friendship in the right direction. Thank you once again for taking the time to respond, Keep in mind this letter was written from the heart with serious intention, I don't wish for any disappointment concerning this issue, so please I truly hope you will be serious if you reply and Kindly go through these matters above alone and don’t let any person know our discussion and let me know your stand so that I can send you further details, take care and have a great wonderful day, I’m Looking Forward to Hear from You.
Yours Sincerely


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Re: Sadia <>
Antwort #1 - 29. August 2011 um 00:36
Auweh...diese Dame ist mit Vorsicht zu geniessen.  Laut lachend Laut lachend Laut lachend

Das ist die US-amerikanische Boxerin Laila Amaria Ali, mehrfache Weltmeisterin  im Halbschwergewicht.
Sie ist die Tochter der weltberühmten Boxlegende Muhammad Ali.


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Re: Sadia <>
Antwort #2 - 04. September 2011 um 10:47
Hello my dearest,

Thank you very much for your  reply I read and understand you message very well and appreciate your honestly and understanding. Please my beloved i believe that in today's world ,age ,religion, race or distance has noting to do with relationship all matter is true love which i want us to share without minding age or all these things i stated above.
Honey i really want you to help me and i want you to start seeing me as your own blood, Remember my condition here is unbearable there is no food ,no good water and people are dying here everyday and my inheritance money are right there in the bank while i am in the camp languishing because of my statues as a refugee here in Dakar-Senegal, if not the death of my parents ,I don't think  of see people in this side of the world talk less of be in this hell called camp. I know very soon you will know and believe that you are doing with the most honest and humble lady on earth when the money will be transfer to your account.  I wish to assure you that this proposal is real and well planned and logistics have been put in the right places to execute it without hitches. So I enjoin you not to approach it with any bias mind or doubts. Your cooperation to actualize the transfer is indeed needed. As we progress, you will confirm that you are dealing with a sincere and an honorable lady and that any of your contributions to actualize this goal shall not be in vain.

I want you to know that this money is the only thing left for me to manage my life after the death of my parents. I don’t need to toy or gamble with it that is why I contacted somebody like you whom my spirit tells me that you are kind and honest. I have delayed this claim because I want to ensure that I get into the hands of a nice man who will invest and manage profitably with the money. I wish and pray that you shall make my dreams to come true. I believe that knowing you is not by chance but the will of God because ever before i contacted you i pray and did three days dry fasting without testing any food asking God to direct me to the right person like you who will not hesitate to help me out of this hell. I thank God for answering my prayer.

Therefore i want to bring to your notice that ever before i contacted you for this assistance that i personally wrote to the bank requesting them to release the money to me to enable me starts a new life. It is then that they told me that my late father signed a special fixed deposit contract agreement with them with some clauses and that is why the money cannot be released directly to me. When i questioned further, they sent to me a copy of the agreement. My father stated that in case of his death, the bank should release the money to me directly only on conditions.
1. That i must be up to 30 years of age
2. That i must be married.
But if i so need this money before i meet these two conditions, i should appoint a foreign partner as a trustee to receive and invest the money on my behalf in a good business.
The bank management promise to transfer the fund to any person that i may nominated as my foreign partner. The bank management said that I should also tell person to write official application letter of nomination in my favor which will stated the person interest to stand as my foreign partner, Then I should send to them a letter of nomination in the favor of the person i may i appoint which must signed by me,
On receipt of my partner application and my nomination letter, they will then inform the person the procedures for the release of the money to his/her account on my behalf.
Based on this,I solicit for your assistance to transfer this fund into your Account, all i need is your contact in formations such as your

Phone No.........................

I will give you the contact in-formations of the bank for you to contact them to enable the bank management to give you the transfer schedule in my next message when i have received all the information to prepare a nomination letter in your favor,
I will start to prepare the letter of nomination on your behalf and also give you the full contact of the bank and how to contact them once i finish sending the nomination letter to the bank with your details.

Despite the money I really want a man who will be caring and loving to me, I need a man who will always tell me the truth from his heart, I need a man who will be my brother my best friends and if the nature permit it my husband, But if marriage is out of it, I will not mind but as long we got along together with real love I will definitely be satisfied. I will want you to think very well and understand in your heart if you really want to help me, If yes I will live the rest of my live to appreciate it, But if no I suggest you make it open to me before you will brake my heart, Because I don't want to under go torture any more.

Note. This is Reverend Pastor’s telephone number: +221 773778128 his name is Rev Lucas Uba. When you call tell him that you want to speak with Miss. Sadia. The Liberian girl, Tell the Reverend Pastor that you will like to speak with me. i have no access of income here to make call,
I am pleading that you should assist me to develop constant E-mail because they don't allow us to make foreign calls in camp and I want to be rest assure that you’re serious if only you will show your seriousness and a kind of sincerity to me by giving me your full contact as its listed and  my address is as follow,

Ms  Sadia Gabriel B. Mathews
RUE 401  Cambary Ngou
PHONE : +221 773778128
Age June 2 1986  / 26Yrs
Occupation  Student

I hereby enclosed my photo for your view,hoping to see yours in your reply.
I will be waiting to read from you soon with your own details listed as well as mine for us to know each other more better,

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