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Re: Olga <>
Antwort #10 - 17. August 2011 um 17:52
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Der Rechner steht immer noch in Mitteleuropa............. Angeblich!
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Re: Olga <>
Antwort #11 - 22. August 2011 um 19:49
Neue Post von Olga.  Smiley

Hello, dear xxx!
so again I))). I hope you are glad my letter and you have the desire
to continue further communication with me! I like you very interesting and I want to
continue with you acquaintance!))) I love your letters!
xxx, I'm trying to understand fully your letters, and learn how you
xxx thanks you for your photos they are very interesting, I liked it
your last photo, but you do not have enough on him smile))!
In this letter, I do not want to tell you a lot about your city!
My city is located on the left bank of the Volga. there is also a river which
feeds into the Volga River and called Kazanka.
Our city is very big and has about 1,196,738 people! we have
a lot of monuments and interesting places you can visit! many
sports complexes, churches and mosques! as we have a large
station from which you can go abroad and the airport from which you can
get on a plane and fly anywhere in the world))! including to yourself),
but I have a meeting, I think it is too early to say, you need to know each other
Kazan is situated in 818 kilometers from Moscow!
I live almost in the center of Kazan, not far from the port!
my address;
Street Building 1 Zhukova apartment 4
Index 420 030
We have a very beautiful Kremlin, you can see the photo where I am
Kremlin, this is the first and the last photo! as you can see photo
albeit very small, where Kazan was photographed from a helicopter, and
see almost the entire city. shown in 4 photos, I still show
finger where I am))!
certainly very small part of the interesting places you can visit, but
It would be better if you saw it for yourself)))!
You probably heard about the tragedy which happened not long ago in the port
our city, was drowned when the boat people and killing a lot of
people (! the whole city was just horrified by this incident, I am very
went to the port to put a wreath in memory of the dead (!

I would also love to visit your town, and I think that your
city ​​not less beautiful)))! I generally have never been abroad!
went a couple of times to work in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and all (((! as well
want to see the world, see how people live in other countries! in
Russia is very difficult to live, but I'm used to, everything is very expensive, but
small salary! so I have myself sometimes what it
I've finished so far on this my letter and I will wait for your very quick
answer! I hope that you will answer me soon and tell me more about
with respect Olga!

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Re: Olga <>
Antwort #12 - 22. August 2011 um 21:28
Mail over Netherlands verschleiert

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Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2011 11:39:56 -0700

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Re: Olga <>
Antwort #13 - 07. September 2018 um 06:20
Dieses Thema wurde in dieses Forum von Scammer using Pictures by Elena Tretyakova [move by] Webmaster.
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