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Larysa <>
24. Juli 2011 um 12:24
Hello the my dear friend!!!

Joerg, how today your day? What mood at you, state of health? All is good there with you? Personally my mood today good and it not only that at me began less works. I would tell, that my mood has more risen that I at last again could see and read your long-awaited letter. If fairly to admit, I with the big impatience waited for your letter. I know, that we are very poorly familiar with you, but when I see your letter, I at once have a smile on the person. I to not lie to you now and it is valid so. Itself I do not understand why to me such occurs, but there can be it of what we become closer each other? To you there is nothing similar? You do not have a smile on the person when you receive my letter? If fairly to admit, I would like, that you as were pleased to my answer and I hope, that my letters will always cheer you up. 

Joerg in my letters I already wrote to you about my search and as how I am serious to concern to it. But I did not write to you why I to search for the man from other country, instead of from Russia. It is sure to you the answer to this question is interesting, therefore I would like to write in this letter a little about it. Now we became much more close with you and consequently I today have dared to admit the last relation with the man. My former the man called Dima. It as from Moscow and we with it have got acquainted in the street. In the first day of our meeting it has liked me and I at once have given it my phone number. It started to call to me in the evenings and we till many hours spoke by with it to phone. Itself has not noticed, how I have got used to it and when at him it was impossible to call to me in the evenings, I madly missed on it. Sometimes in the evenings I held phone in a hand and prayed, that it only has called me. I missed on it, I have got used to it through these telephone conversations and in me the love to it has flashed. It worked in police here in Moscow. It was the inspector of the central department in a rank of the captain. In due course we began to meet it even more often and at last have dared to live together. It has moved to me to an apartment and all at us was good. Whether I was happy? Probably yes. At least the first year I was happy with it, but then all has exchanged. It began to drink even more often vodka, to walk with other women, and I as a silly woman forgave all to it. But to one day to my patience there has come the end and I have told to it, that between us all is over. I have told to it, that for me is not necessary such the man which in anything does not put me. I have told to it, that I not a toy and that I have heart. It has told to me in the answer, that I still itself shall come to it and have left from me. It was hurt me on heart, but I have told to myself, that with it all all over and did not go to it. At that time I very much was afraid to meet casually it somewhere in the street. I did not want to see it because was afraid of these memoirs. I did not go any more on that street where once we with it have met for the first time, but then I have learned news about it. Somehow in the street I have met ours with it the common familiar woman. We have got into conversation with it also she informed me that it has left for ever from city. Appeared, that it have fired for drunkenness and after that it has left from Moscow. Certainly it was a pity to me of it, in fact it was clever, decent the man. But vodka has spoiled it and all his life has gone head over heels. After these relations I have told to myself, that I shall not connect more myself with Russian the man and the more so I shall never allow number of my phone while I shall not be confident the partner. In fact these relations have begun because of these constant phone conversations and therefore I now have a principle to not give a phone number at once to anybody. I simply am afraid to get used at once again and the more so I do not want to repeat former mistakes. Because of it I now to not allow to you my phone number and I hope, that you understand me. Know, that time when we shall freely communicate with you by phone or even in a chat will come. It is necessary to suffer and give a little only to me time to be confident you. I actually am very pleased with that we have correspondence with you and certainly I would not like to lose contact to you. You already became little bit expensive for me, but for telephone conversations between us still early. I ask you be patient and I am very fast to leave from the principles. Simply I am not yet ready to this, but I hope, that soon I shall take off from myself these shackles of my principle. I hope you can understand me.

Well, it has turned out sincerely the letter and to me even has calmed down. I hope you estimate mine sincerity and as will write to me about last relations in more detail. 

On it I to finish the letter and I shall look forward to hearing from you now. I shall pending yours soon the answer. 

Millions kisses for you from me. 

Sincerely yours Larysa...

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Re: Larysa <>
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Re: Larysa <>
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Außerdem können wir den Rechner auch in diesen Themen als Absender finden:

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Re: Larysa <>
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