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Anna <>
01. März 2011 um 11:25
My Dearest Tom,
How are you over there in your country,i believe you had a nice time and that the arthmosphere over there in your country is very nice today? Mine was a little bit warm over here in Dakar Senegal I thank you for your reply to my mail despite your busy schedules.A good personality and great conversation tends to keep one straight in a young relationship like ours.I would appreciate if you could give me an elaborate introduction of yourself My name is Miss.Anna Johnson, 23 years old but age doesn't matter in a real relationship as you can remember that (LOVE IS BLIND) i am comfortable with your age.I'm originally from Republic of Liberia but due to my family plight and predicament, I am currently living in a country called Senegal in Africa.I'm 5 fit 9 inches tall (178 cm) single (never married)Both Republic of Liberia and Senegal are in African continent
My Dad was our Village local gold mining Inspector and Gold and Diamond dealer but he was killed in cold blood together with my mother in a gun short by un-identified family enemies along Roberts international Airport road in Monrovia.I am their only daughter so i don't have any other person again.I don't want to be remembering all these stories again because is making me to think too much anytime it came to my mind. This incident happened on one early morning the rebels attacked my family on their way to airport to board a flight to Gambia where we are living after a short trip to my country Liberia killing my parent on a cold blood.I supposed to be part of that trip but as God may have it the school was on vacation then so they left me behind in my country where i will be joining them on later date in Gambia when the school resumed.
Immediately after their burial,things became so hard to me, coupled with the troubles and suffering I was passing through at the hands of my late father’s junior brother’s they are trying to take everything away from me even working hand to hand with my family enemies the people who killed my parent.To avoid them killing me, i have to escaped and found myself here in Senegal, with the help of Catholic Missionary Sisters under Red Cross although she have gone for missionary work.
I guess everyone needs and hopes to find true friendship.Sometimes both are in the same person, and sometimes we find good relationships outside our city,country or even continent.I think these relationships are different and can be very meaningful.I would like to establish a good friendship with you first and see where this will led us to.
You may argue rightly that we are too far away from each other,but I would want to say that the distance can not pose any problems in building a good relationship through regular correspondence if the interest is there.
Don't forget i am in Dakar Senegal where i am staying now as a refugee under a Revrend father's care and i am using his computer to send these messages to you since the other day. I  was due to take my entrance to university in nursing before this incident occoured.With regards to my interests,My interests are varied.I am a very outgoing girl.I'm athletic and I love sports especially running,basketball,tennis and expanding my horizons in any way i can.I vent my burdens on reading. I love listening to music and dance.I also love staying at a beach site kissing and hugging my soul mate. I don't drink or smoke.I hate insincerity.I am very understanding and I just love meeting people. I would like to know more about you.Your likes and dislikes,your hobbied what you are doing presently.Infact Enclosed in the attachment is my picture.I think you may like to see it.I'm running out of self description subject, if you notice I'm missing something just let me know
and I'll tell you about whatever I have missed.Ok, I have to go now,thanks for your e-mail and please keep in send your me
Your in love Anna

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Re: Anna <>
Antwort #1 - 01. März 2011 um 11:28
Eingeliefert über Senegal

Alles auswählen - Geo Information
IP Address
Location 	SN SN, Senegal
City 	Dakar, 01 -
Organization 	SONATEL
AS Number 	AS8346 Autonomous System 

und schon wieder liegt einer im kalten Blut

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