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Jaleel <>
14. Februar 2011 um 18:16
Hello Dear
Good day,how are you doing and how is work?..Am happy to write you this weight 130 Ibs.(60 kg),..height 5"7 (1.7 m),..bust 34 (86 cm),..waist 26 (66 cm),..hips 37 (94 cm)..with an athletic shape.I like to keep fit as that helps to maintain my healthy status and also keeps me in constant shape.

Now I am Through in Education and also trained as nurse  too but for now am not working due to bad working and salary conditions,am at home helping my mum and also one of the church elders , is my pleasure written to you now.I think I am well Educated ,so I thought its time to get the man of my life that i will spend the rest of my days with . I'm fit, healthy, active, happy, good sense of humor, faithful, honest, kind ,caring,sincere,respectful compassionate,like reading bible stories,novels,poems,news papers ,romantic, sensuous and very passionate. i like fun,old fashioned ,sentimental, tolerant and supportive....
I am open minded person , I like  reading novels ,reading Magazine books,especially reading all books that common to future habit,I like fun and talking a lots with my families and friends since i have no one beside me to share fun and happiness, am from a very strict christian home but all the same we love talking about Love and we do encourage our self , we do talk about life to understand the way of life and the way a woman should communicate with  her husband happily when they've  married...
About the Man I want.
The man should be trusted ,honest,kind,hard working,Love to be around people but rather be with that important lady dancing even though i can not dance Ha!Ha! having fun and a good time all the time even while working.I love a man with a strong sense of self and  independence. I am an outdoor person that flourishes in nature. I grew up going camping, hiking, boating,You can ask me again if i can Boat,well i can boat . I'm generally quiet, but very perceptive and respectful.You could say I'm a little nerdy too. I love deep conversation like wise you as well,I am a well full of "good  knowledge". Warm weather is my favorite. This is because I'm reserved in some ways and very outgoing in others. For example: I can be shy (very) and quiet, but I love doing crazy things like talking to my Man that i wanted just to make him happy all the time and spare tears away from Him. I'm young at heart and an old wise lady in mind. I think I'm a pretty fun person, and I'm looking for the same.....
I like to be with someone older  than me because being with a older man will make me experience a lots in life and also a lots about Marriage.I want a Man ,I mean a real man that want to love and be loved back.Did you want to be the Man for me? I want to stay Calm with my Man and only my Man , I want a man from my heart that will lead to successful marriage.Please tell me your mind and don't be shy.. tell me more about your self and what you really want in a woman life .. I am new in looking for a real soul mates,when have you being looking for a mate and how far is it like being with the right person?..
To talk a bit about my social life.Life is how one makes of it.I am hoping and praying that we will get to know ourselves better as each new day comes and this will help us to know our compatible we are.To develop a great friendship we need to be open minded to ourselves,be faithful to ourselves and with this we will definitely achieve our heart desires and be happy all our days together.
This is my first time having a date on the internet it was a friend called Anita who introduced me in to this dating site and she told me to try my best and see whether I can find my soul mate and interesting many people wrote to me but you are the one who have really touch my heart but you are the first person to write  me and I believe we will be happy getting to know ourselves better and building a great and lively relationship that will see us happy and add blessings to our union.With these traits we will find happiness,love and joy in our bosoms and never regret to meet.
This is what I am looking for and I know we will find happiness with our friendship and young relationship.I hope we will be happy together all our days together.
I will end here and wait to read from you soon..Have a blessed day darling and hope to here from you once again take good care of yourself for me.
Yours New pal

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Re: <>
Antwort #1 - 14. Februar 2011 um 18:19
Eingeliefert über GH [Ghana] - Accra

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Country fraud profile:          High
City (per outside source):      Accra, Greater Accra
Country (per outside source):   GH [Ghana]
Private (internal) IP?          No
IP address registrar: 
Known Proxy?                    No
Link for WHOIS:        

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Re: <>
Antwort #2 - 14. Februar 2011 um 18:30
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Re: <>
Antwort #3 - 15. Februar 2011 um 17:01
Dann mal ab nach Ghana mit ihr!!!  Laut lachend Laut lachend Laut lachend
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Re: Jaleel <>
Antwort #4 - 17. Februar 2011 um 17:45
Hello Dear
Good are you doing and how was your dream last night?..Am really happy to read from you and it's my great pleasure reading your kind reply..Anyway am doing fine by the grace of almighty God and hope you are doing well too.I just finished having my lunch and I feel tired but decided to send you a mail before doing anything else because I promised my self to email you before anything else..
Well thank you very much for the nice pictures and after reading your long mail, Am ready to meet all your needs and requirements in a sincere relationship.
So what kind of work do you do?
What is your real full name?

Well it's very true ,having our own opinion makes us really who we are and so we don't have to live by someones opinion sometimes because from what I read in your lines.We need to learn how to identify our identity in order to develop our personality. Most of the times some people really finds it so hard to identity what they are so they tend to develop a fake identity. people live in two worlds sometimes, where one world is of your home life and the other world is of your public life in society and it will be very hard to balance your life in both worlds because it makes it difficult to choose which world represents you more you know that. I used to believe that life had no point. It was a daily routine where people do many things at the same time. What is the point of life, if you don’t have the chance of doing different things from everyone? We are like cars produce in the same assembly line. 

Eventually I lost my interest in every thing and held an indifferent attitude instead. When I graduated from high school I did not know what life had to offer me. Instead of achieving like other students, I decided to work with my mother as a full time worker because she has a mother care babes wear shop. Work was pretty hectic and it got to the point where I had to distinguished reality with unreality. Working six days a week was not the live I was waiting for. It was either work and be like my mother or continue to pursue a degree in the University  or Institute of Professional Studies  ,that is after I have graduated from the university of science and technology with my certificate in nursing, So I enrolled in the Institute of Professional Studies and took a degree cause in Management in Business studies.

well this had helped me unlock my self awareness ,I have learned to communicate with different people and this has influenced my character,I learned some extremely valuable aspects of life.In high school it was very stressful giving speeches and presentations to large group of people, especially courses dealing with communication. Many times had to present presentation proving the point I was trying to get. I even remember the time I screw up LOL it was such a long story. I quite remember of my past from the time I was in primary school , I thank you so much for all this and making me so happy last night, how can I thank you.I will continue the story,being in front of a large number of students was very hard for me. I felt like as if I was at the North Pole, my whole body was stiff that my  consciousness was not in tact.well in the long run I won the battle completely adjusting to the different kinds of learning, meeting different kind of people and with different intelligence and so on and I understand that there is much more for us to know and learn.
You are very intelligent my dear , really you are and very wise as well,you are completely different from other men, why did I say this,some men seem to think that their opinions are somehow sacred and deserving of automatic respect, even when  unsupported by facts or evidence or logical argument. When argue with such people, they do not stop to consider if they might be wrong. They take offense. They claim their minds are made up, and that no amount of reasoning or facts will dislodge them from their opinion, which they feel perfectly entitled to no mater how ignorant or illogical. Opinions are open to challenge and I do like your encouragement.   

A good discussion is challenging other peoples opinions and comparing them with ones own you know that and if all our opinions were the same then it would not be worth having a brain. By reading two books of the same genre will show that each authors opinion differs and the more we read the different opinions we encounter so I will say that,people who take offense should not take part in discussions and in fact, keep their opinions to themselves because education is about listening as well as communicating and infact you have educated me on some issues concerning love,respect,appreciating that I have never in my life discussed with anyone.when we open our eyes and our ears and close our mouths for ten minutes and we may find that other peoples opinions are just as interesting as our own.,one will never know true happiness until you have truly loved, and you will never understand what pain really is until you have lost it,..
Take care and hear more from you soon,
Have a wonderful day and blessed one,
Yours sincerely,Jaleel

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Re: Jaleel <>
Antwort #5 - 17. Februar 2011 um 17:47

Eingeliefert über GH [Ghana]

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Location 	GH GH, Ghana
City 	Accra, 01 -
Organization 	Ghana Telecom
ISP 	Ghana Telecom
Latitude 	5°55'00" North
Longitude 	0°21'67" West
Distance 	4734.02 km (2941.59 miles) 

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Re: Jaleel <>
Antwort #6 - 22. August 2011 um 01:29
Marietta Cusimano, Model aus Edinburgh

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