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Tetiana <>
27. Oktober 2010 um 19:29
Mail 1:
The hottest greetings to you, my dear!

I am very excited to write this first letter for you, who knows may be
it  is  the  beginning  of  something new and serious??Smiley) I am pretty
nervous  now  but hope everything will be ok Smiley I am nervous because I
don't know how will you react on my letter, I hope you will be as much
excited  as I am now because I like your profile and would like to get
to know you better!!

It  is a great pleasure to write you this first shy letter:) I am here
to  find  my  soul  mate!!!  And what about you?? So if you have not a
woman  you want to spend the rest of your life with you NEED to answer
this letter because we have a good chances to be a match!!!

May  I tell you more about myself now? My name is Tetiana, I work as a
laboratory assistant at the local hospital laboratory. I have a higher
education. I don't drink or smoke. I am 28 years old now, I believe it
is  a  wonderful  age for a woman because you are already not so young
and  naive as before and still there is a lot of time before they will
call  you  a  pretty  old woman:) I am a very simple girl, with my man
tet-a-tet  I  am  very  naughty...  But  in  public  I am serious, yes
sometimes  serious  sometimes  funny,  they say I have a good sense of
humor:))  I am very attentive to my man's needs and desires, I am more
a giver than a taker, I am the woman who makes her best to satisfy her
man  in every possible way, surely I expect the same attitude from him
to  me  too.  He will be my King and I will be his Princess:)) What do
you  think???  If  you  have the same vision of relationships write me

I am a very open person and I appreciate sincerity in people. I always
say the truth, what ever it could be, I like honesty in relationships,
so I will not keep silence and be shy in relationships I will tell you
everything  honestly. I had a bad love experience in the past (but who
hadn't?? I will not be surprised if you were hurt badly too before but
hope  you  are  ready for new relationships) so I was hurt but I don't
keep  negative  emotions in my heart, if you wish I can tell you about
it in my next letter. May be you wonder why am I searching in Internet
for  a husband but the mentality of local men is that they principally
don't want to get married, they are mostly bad fathers, they prefer to
have  sex with a lot of women without any responsibility. I don't like
when  they  look  at me just as on a sexual object, I need a family, I
need  a  husband  and not just a toy for one night!! So I lose hope to
find  my  dream man here in my country and I have a great expectations
on  the  Internet.  They  say  it is a perfect place to find a serious
reliable  man as foreign men are more family oriented, is it true??? I
believe I am worth to find my happiness  here!   I will be honest with 
you, I corresponded  with a man before you but he was not serious so I 
am a little bit disappointed:( But hope you are different???

I hope after reading this letter you are still interested in me? If so
please  write  me  a  litter,  ok?? I will be waiting for your answer!
Please write me on this address:

Tetiana... may be yours in future:))

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Re: Tetiana <>
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Re: Tetiana <>
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