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Ekaterina <>
31. Mai 2010 um 23:47
Ekaterina Truhina <>

My name is Ekaterina,  I  am  26 years old, I am single lady and never married.

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Diese nette freundliche "Dame" schreibt mir schon seit geraumer Zeit.
Heute will sie dann doch endlich Kohle sehen. 
Ich werd mal schauen wie weit ich noch gehen kann wegen Ausweiskopie und weiteren Daten.

Wenn man gemerkt hat, dass man nie Antworten bekam - nur Retortenemails - fing es an Spaß zu machen. 
Auf die letzten emails hab ich nur noch mit Gedichten in Orignalsprache geantwortet. Findet man alles im Netz. 
Doch egal ob es auf Deutsch, Französisch, Tschechisch, Spanisch oder Thai war - 
Sie hat mir immer brav geschrieben, wie toll meine emails wären... 

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Re: Ekaterina <>
Antwort #1 - 31. Mai 2010 um 23:57
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Über Spanien  Smiley

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@ Habenixx

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Re: Name: Ekaterina Truhina<>
Antwort #2 - 01. Juni 2010 um 00:01
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Universita' di Roma La Sapienza
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und wer ist das denn eigentlich????

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Re: Ekaterina <>
Antwort #3 - 01. Juni 2010 um 00:12
Hier mal ihre Emails:

Hello there.
I  looked  your  profile on website lavaplace , I looking for man aged
from  30  and  up more. Your profile liked to me and I have decided to
write  you.  My dear, I want to tell you a little about me. My name is
Ekaterina,  I  am  26 years old, I am single lady and never married. I
really  would  like  to  have friendship with you or something more  Smiley 
What  you  think?  If  after my message you have interest then you can
write  to me here on my private e-mail: and
if  you  will  answer please tell me about yourself and in next mail I
will tell you more about me too. I send to you my photo, hope you will
like  me and please send me your photo if you have, ok? I really shall
hope for your answer soon.
Thanks and have a good day, Ekaterina.

Hello my new friend because of border!!!  Smiley   Smiley   Smiley  )))))
Thanks  you  for the answer to me. I am glad to our acquaintance. Hope
we  will  be good friends. I very much would like that this letter was
the  beginning our friendly relations and is possible it is more. I do
not  search  for  the  long and extended electronic correspondence. To
tell  the  truth,  I  do  not know much about computers.... But I have
finished   computer   rates,   and   now   I  can  work  with  e-mail.
Unfortunately,  I have no MSN and YAHOO..... And also other service as
I write you letters not from my computer!!
To  tell  under  the  truth,  I  and  searched earlier for second half
through  the  Internet,  but not who did not answer me. Probably their
scarecrows  that fact, that I am far from them. But I think, that true
the love and friendship does not know borders. That you think of it. I
very much would like to know your opinion.
I  am very serious in my intentions and I wish to find my second half.
It  why  I  have  written to you. I very sincere and fair person and I
hope,  that  you same. I very much regret, if I cannot write and speak
on English well enough. You understand everything, what I write? I the
beautiful and young girl and me would be desirable that I was pleasant
to  you  in the further correspondence. But I speak you at once that a
deceit  and I do not love games. I search for the person which will be
to  me  the  good friend and is possible further loving the husband)).
And  in  the answer I promise that I will be the good interlocutor and
the  attentive friend! Well and it is final further If all at us turns
out that I will be the good wife)). And consequently I wish to tell to
you  at  once-----do  not  play  with me game, With me be fair. I will
understand all. I hope you me you understand. I the person fair, kind,
betrayed, Also I want the same quality from the man which has the same
qualities.  I love children very much, but I never had them. Even if I
would  have many children, I could love all of them equally very much.
I never was out of our country, But I would like to make it sometime!
It is a little about itself. My name Ekaterina, me of 26 years!! I was
never  married  and  I  do  not  have children. In my life there was a
tragical case.... My parents were lost in accident 1998. In a family I
was  one  child.  I not so like to recollect it. I live in the city of
St.-Petersburg,   This  city  is  considered  the  second  capital  of
Russia)).  I  have  finished  the state university------Medical. Now I
work  in hospital (physiotherapist). My work begins at 11:00 and comes
to  an  end  17:00.  I  work  every  day. Sometimes I take the day off
(Saturday,  Sunday)  From  meal  I  most  of all love apples, bananas,
pineapple,  an  orange. And also I very much love the sea a product. I
am  very  tasty  I can to prepare a hen, a turkey and a rabbit. I very
much would like that you have once tried my dishes.  Smiley   Smiley  I write to
you  from  work  and  consequently I cannot write to you every day, in
advance  excuse.  I  have  no  a  lot  of  time  for  the Internet and
consequently  I can understand your letters not up to the end at once,
Therefore  be  not  surprised,  if  I  do  not answer at once all your
questions,  I will make it later. Please write to me much about myself
and  the relatives as, only so we can know each other better. You love
what  music? You have a favourite cinema? What most of all you like to
eat?  I  love  all  directions  in  music.  My  favourite  cinema  the
films?  And  as  I  the sports girl and sometimes I like to run in the
I  love  a  healthy  way of life. Near to my house there is a football
stadium,  there  I and run. And what kind of sports is pleasant to you
more?  I very much love Art gymnastics, figure skating, tennis. I very
much  love  a  dog  and a cat, but I them have no house. On days off I
sometimes  to  go on concerts of ours a platform and the Cinema. At me
it  is  a  lot of girlfriends. Most close my girlfriends call Anna and
Irina.  And  you  have  friends?  Tell  to  me  please more about your
country,  about  your  city, you live in a city or in village??. It is
very  interesting  to me about it the nobility!!! That you make in the
days  off!?  Tell  to  me  more  and more about itself (Forgive that I
repeat.).  I  should  today  on  come  earlier home and consequently I
finish the the letter.
Good-bye. Your new friend Ekaterina........
Send to me of more photo? Please.

Greetings . As you today!? As  there was your day!? I am good)) I am
again glad to see the letter from  you.  You  liked  my letter? Today
there was very intense day on work  and  I  could not answer you
earlier!! And here just now I could accept  from you mail to see your
letter and was very happy to receive it.  I  wish  to  set to you
still some questions if you not against)) Please  write  to  me about
your holidays! What holiday is the best in your  country?  You love
which season more? I very much love spring. I love  when  flowers
start  to  blossom. I love tulips, asters, roses, lilies!  And  you
love what flowers more? You have what trees in your country. You have
birches? This our national tree. (I probably set too many  questions
Smiley!? I only would like to know more about that that is pleasant  to
you or it is not pleasant). I hope that does not frighten you  that
fact,  what  we are far apart? When my parents were lost, I thought,
that my life completely is destroyed also to me it would not be
desirable  to  live.  But during that moment of a life my aunt has
rendered  me the psychological help. To me very sadly to recollect it.
My  mum  was  lost  at  once.  My  daddy  Has died a month later after
accident.  He long time laid without consciousness and has much tested
torture.  But  unfortunately  operation  has not helped the daddy. His
heart  has  not sustained a narcosis, and he has died. When there were
no my parents, I have felt as difficultly to be one in this big world.
I have gone to study at university and was arranged on work. I had new
acquaintances.  My  life  has started to find sense. Now I live in the
the  apartment,  one....  But I have already got used. On work where I
work, my salary makes 320 dollar. I know that it very little... But at
us  in  Russia  Doctors  earn  very  little ((and it is sad!!! I am am
afflicted  very  much with my loneliness. It is very difficult to live
one.  Very much it would be desirable to love and be loved.?? probably
you  wish  to  receive  my number phone? But I wish to afflict you---I
have  no  house  phone.  At  us  in  Russia to have houses phone it is
considered very big The luxury and consequently easier to use a mobile
communication.  If  we  with  you have good relations I a smog to give
later  you number of the mobile phone  Smiley  But only do not ask number of
my  phone  now.... We know each other more few and I yet will not give
you  it, do not take offence!!!! I very much would like that we became
good  friends,  As the friendship is a basis of mutual relations. Tell
more about your family! You amicable!? XOXOXO, by the way you trust in
a horoscope? I on a horoscope fish. My day a birth March, 9th, 1983. I
very  much  like  to read the horoscope every day. I notice, that very
often  wash  a  horoscope  it is similar the description with my daily
life.  Today  at  us very cold weather. The frost and a wind as it has
already  bothered  me,  would  be  desirable spring))!!! From it to me
happens  very  alone in soul. But your letters lift to me my mood!!! I
very  much  would  like  that also you rejoiced to my letters when you
accept  mail  from me. I would like to write to you still, but my time
has ended.

Good-bye. Your friend Ekaterina.

Hi  I like each time your letters)) more and more. Today I have asked
to allow to go my head to me home earlier, the head has very much
ached! Now I will write you the letter and I will go home. My dear I
seem to me I start to get used to you.  Thanks you that you give me
good mood the letters. At me such sensation that I know you for a long
time already.  But it probably occurs to me because of that that I
think of you much. Today me have invited for day a birth the cousin of
mum.  I very much wish to tell to the aunt about you about that that
we have got acquainted with you)). I know that she will be glad for
me, that I have got acquainted with you,  With such remarkable person.
My aunt is also my girlfriend too. I Tell her about all that occurs in
my life.  And you tell about me to the relatives? If yes, that they
speak about our correspondence? Please write to me. I very much would
like to know it.  You have a dream? If is, I would like to know about
her, is final if it not a secret  Smiley   Smiley  Last night I met the
girlfriends.   They very much worry for me because they looked on TV
the program about a crime through the Internet. They have told,  That
there are many people on the Internet which place the profiles in
sites of acquaintances to have acquaintance to girls in the bad
purposes.  They have long correspondence and win trust of girls.
Having told me about it, I have asked the the girlfriend; What for you
tell to me it?  They have answered me, that having looked this
television program they are very strongly concerned about me. I have
told him, that at me with you good relations.  But him infinitely
repeated to me that I was very cautious. I long talked to them about
you. I have told him, that you not as these people. I have told him,
That you very good person, also that I feel it through your letters. I
have told him, that I completely trust you and I know precisely, that
you cannot hurt the person.  I even had a smile on the person when saw
as him worries about me. I have embraced them and have told him: YOU
VERY GOOD GIRLFRIENDS!   I understand, that my girlfriends wish my of
good luck and consequently I did not hold insult on them. I know, that
you are a GOOD PERSON! I TRUST YOU...... I feel strange - I have only
known you for a short while, but I feel comfortable in talking to you.
I only hope that it is as easy when I meet you for real.  To be quite
honest with you, when I first got your message, I really did not know
what to do. I had never spoken with anyone this way before,  and I did
not know what to expect. I did not thing that I would end up talking
with a beautiful.Ñåãîäíÿ I have woken up very much early. I ran at
football stadium,  Then I have accepted cold a bath. Then I had
breakfast. For a breakfast I ate fried eggs with bacon and coffee.
Then I listened to radio and very much it was pleasant to me  The song
which has encouraged me even more than coffee and a cold shower. My
day was well. At me very good mood. When I will write you the letter,
I will go to buy a gift to the aunt. I hope that to me will be
possible to choose a good gift. And still I should go to flower shop
behind colours.  My dear I have to you a question. And what you love
more, to give gifts or to accept gifts? I like to give gifts more.  As
I very much love make to people pleasantly. All I should follow a

I wait the letter from you Ekaterina 

Good  afternoon  mine  dear Micha!!!!!!!! Today I wish to write to you
about  the  private  life.  Today it wanted to me to start up thoughts
downwind  to  that man.... Who somewhere waits for me: Come the mature
age  also  would  not be desirable to be one at all... It would not be
desirable to make breakfasts and dinners only for itself:) It would be
desirable  to feel you, to hear your breath, to look far-far to you in
the  face;  to feel, how you have twisted with strong hands my neck  Zwinkernd 
Where you my companion where you, can absolutely nearby and can and is
far  on  other  end  of  a  planet.... Easy submissively you look in a
distance  and  you  wait. As well as I, you wait... The brightest most
long-awaited  day  when  you can tell looking in the face: Here I also
have  found  you  my  LOVE!!!  It  was  pleasant to you?! These are my
thoughts which I has started up in a height, these are my dreams and I
very  much  hope  that they will come true!! Still I dream to find the
person  for whom it was possible to arrange the day off on the nature.
With  which it would be possible to play the fool, clean apartment, to
look cinema as the house, and in cinemas, to conduct common causes. My
dear  in the year I have dream to embrace dear to me and the favourite
Person.  To  see,  how  he  rejoices, laughs, smiles. I wish to admire
beautiful  lines  his persons. I would like to give all myself decent,
independent,  with  the  sense  of  humour, interesting. Experience of
joint  residing  at  me  is  not  present)),  but  I  have  a dialogue
experience.  Only  my  acquaintances to other people, either money, or
the  help  in  an  employment are necessary to the majority of men. It
would  not  be desirable to see near itself sad and tiresome people. I
am  very  romantic  and  very affectionate to those who is pleasant to
me!!  All lived life - a romantic drama with separate bright meetings,
and people; all the rest - vanity  Zwinkernd  sometimes I enjoy loneliness, but
thus I am afraid and I hate it. It is More than anything especial here
I  can  not  inform - one head, two hands, two foot, and the beautiful
proportionally  combined  body)).  I  do  not  search: (1) - liars and
greedy.  (2)  -  married  men; (3) - men who are not able to trust the
relatives.  (4) - men whom sex interests only, sex and once again sex.
(5)  -  men who search in me for the sponsor or benefit. (6) - men, at
which  on  the first place business and money, but only then relations
with  loved.  (7)  -  the alcoholic or the addict. I think, that never
nothing  late to change. I am ready to any changes, even to leave from
the country. With lovely it is valid ' Love in a cottage ' as speak in
my country! I can receive the visitor or arrive to him. Perhaps, it is
last  chance of search of second half to be a single whole. Whether my
dear  I do not know correctly I make that I write to you about it, but
I  want that you knew about me more. Three years ago I met the guy (it
proceeded  one  year)  he  was more senior me for four years. His name
Danil.  My  parents  and his parents well knew each other. Our parents
were  good  friends.  And  we  with  this  guy  even  studied  at  one
university. He there was a unique man in my life (you understand about
what  I  I  write?)  .  He  was quick-tempered and aggressive. His the
behaviour very strongly irritated me. I could not with him communicate
more  and  we had with him to leave. I have understood that at us with
it  that it will not turn out. But he all time pursues me and does not
allow  to  me  to  live easy to me even now. He I think that and now I
love  him.  Though  I many times said him, that between all of us I am
terminated  also  I  do not love him. To tell under the truth he often
swore  at  me  and  once he even has struck me then my love to him has
come  to  an end. I can understand all, but I do not understand people
who  speak  that love you, but thus often swear and lift a hand, beat.
Most  of  all I do not love a deceit. Our quarrel has occurred because
of  it. When he slept him on a cellular telephone the message from any
girl  has  come.  I was not going to read it, but I have casually seen
that  from whom the message there has been written!!! And there it has
been  written  from:  the  Cat!!! I have been shocked because it me so
when did not name!! Only therefore I have read then the message!!! She
admitted  him  love  and thanked him for a night with her. When I have
woken  him and have asked to explain me it, he have been lost and have
started  to  swear  and  have  struck me. This biggest treachery in my
life.  And  I  any  more when do not wish to recollect about him. I am
very  disappointed  in  Russian  men.  It  is  the reason, to find the
favourite  person abroad. Though I understand that good and bad people
are  everywhere and at you too. But as far as I know, that men in your
country  concern women more validly and more appreciate their love and
feelings.  And also are kinder, diligence and more approach for family
creation. I hope that more in my life there will be no such people. My
dear  I  hope  that you are not such person. Also that you cannot hurt
the  person  which you loves. I very much would like that you were not
similar  on  him.  I  hope for yours understanding. Sincerely your new
friend I wish to have more than your pictures, you will send me them?

Greetings  I am very glad to read your letter. To me very pleasantly
that I can come to the Internet of cafe and feel you near to me.
Because your letters it is a particle you and I feel your thoughts and
liking to me in your letters. I with impatience waited during that
moment when I again can receive your letter! I try to use  Any chance
to go to the cafe Internet to write to you. It so is good, that I can
receive and answer your letters!  I thought of you all the day long, I
cannot make anything, not thinking about you. Also what concerning
you? My aunt transfers you greetings. I told her about you)) It was
good birthday!! We talked much, she speaks that I look very happy when
I speak about you. I hope sometime to meet you personally.  And I
want, that you knew, that I became very adhered to your letters. I
should write to you about it!  As you already know, I never was out of
Russia, but I travelled some times from my country to other cities.
And in what country and cities you were? Every summer I and my
girlfriends we go on the sea.  11 months of wearisome work and only 2
week sea tour. Here so I also live work, the house, girlfriends and
the sea in the summer.  To tell under the truth now my life it is
better. I have found peace of mind. I have a good work, girlfriends,
Which understand me. But there is no favourite person with which I
would like to create family and to give him the love and care.
Recently I think of it much. As the life passes all faster and faster,
and I all one.  To me happens terribly when I think that I and I will
not find second half. I very much am afraid loneliness.  And you are
afraid loneliness?!!! But I wish to tell to you that I had a hope))
Hope of the good person!!!

Kiss for you! Your friend from Russia Ekaterina.

As you , as health!? I'm fine! I am again happy to see your letter, it
is the best gift for me.  Reception of your letters became for me like
air and breath, a basis by a life.  I not when did not think that
character of the person it is possible to feel through his letters.
But now I have understood that earlier I was mistaken. Today I have
thought, that it was very interesting to me to hear your voice.  As in
letters not always it turns out to write everything, that we want.ß
very much I wish to feel your reality. I think to you too it would be
desirable it?.  Write to me precisely as to me to you to call how to
type a code of the country and on what number to call!??? When you to
me all it will tell I will find  Free time also I will go I will try
to call you with in public phone! I very much would like to write
about much to you,  But at me not all it turns out to transfer through
the letter.   My dear I wish to ask you a question. Please answer me
fairly.  What your sights at our correspondence???????????   You think
once we probably we can see each other?????? It is necessary for me to
know it, it is important.  I want that you knew, that I very quickly
get used to you. To me it will be very bad on a shower and heart,  If
in the near future we do not meet. Also that eventually it will
appear, that our correspondence  Only superfluous expenditure of time,
for you and me. Probably I to hurry events. I understand it.  But I
want, that you have tried to understand me, that I write to you
sincerely in all sincerity.  I try to transfer to you the emotions,
through the letter how I can.

I wish to tell to you, that recently I very often think of you. 
It can seem to you strange as we know each other not enough time. 
But I very much would like that you have understood me. I wish to find the person who understood me always and I understood him too.   
As "understanding" is the main thing, in relations men and the woman. Sometimes it is enough to look in eyes of the person, 
And there to find the answer to all questions. You with me agree???????????? I hope you you understand why I write you it!! 
Our correspondence can be infinite. But I it do not want, it is better to see and understand than think and guess. 

You can answer me a question? As though you have arrived also what there were your actions if we have liked each other!? 
I hope that you will not frighten my questions. And you will answer them fairly as for me it is very important.   

Kiss for you!

With impatience I wait from you the letter

Greetings  my  dear  Micha!!!  I  very much waited this letter because
wished to know answers to all my questions. Thanks you for honesty and
sincerity.  Now I can confidently tell to you, that I know you better,
than  two  or three days ago. I could not sleep easy at night, Because
very  strongly  waited  your  letter.  I had a dream of you. I wish to
write  to  you about the dream. It was a holiday "New year" There were
many  people.  We with you walked having joined hands each other. Fell
large  snow flakes. In the street it was beautiful, as in a children's
fairy  tale.  Around  it is a lot of salute, fireworks, very beautiful
and  colourful. People shouted for pleasure and happiness. We with you
were very happy, Because were together. Our pleasure was is boundless.
We  were like small children. During this moment we had no what cares.
We  enjoyed  dialogue  between  us.  Drank  champagne  and  looked  at
fireworks.  Was  very  much,  it is very beautiful. So it is beautiful
that,  cåðäöå  was ready to fly with happiness. And for any short time
we have stood and looked in our eyes. And during this moment at Me and
you there was such feeling, that we know each other all life. You have
gently embraced me and have kissed. I have felt The pleasant dizziness
and "YES, YES" it was the happiest moment in my life about which it is
impossible to forget not when. Even if It would be first and last kiss
in  our life. Then tears slid from my eyes. And you are gentle and Has
tenderly  pressed  me  to  itself and I have felt for the first time a
shiver  on  all  body. I cannot write all that occurred At that moment
with me, but I knew that I very strongly was pleasant to you. You have
told  to  me,  that  I  your  princess  and,  that I very strongly was
pleasant  to  you... After your words I had such sensation, that at me
wings  and  that grow I with happiness will fly now. Here such I had a
dream...!!! You can imagine that now occurs In my heart? Mine honey my
heart  is  filled  by  you and I cannot describe in words, only in the
person.  I hope that come that day when we will be together. Here then
I  will  show  you  this "melancholy". Today I finish the letter, I am
very  tired.  I  would  will go what to sleep and dream of you home. I
hope to you my dream is pleasant  Zwinkernd   Zwinkernd  Kiss for you, yours I.

Greetings my dear Michael !!! You missed on me?  Zwinkernd  I yes, very much!!!
My  aunt  and my girlfriends speak you greetings. I tell him about our
correspondence. So they well know you through my stories)) Today there
was  a  sunny  day.  This  morning  I  have  gone  have  made  jog and
gymnastics.  Then,  when  I  have  come  home,  I  have  taken a bath.
Following  my  desire  was to go and see yours the letter. Your letter
has decorated mine all the day. I can ask a question. On what it would
resemble to hold you close to itself. And to feel your fine hands near
to  my  body and I laying about you in warm embrace, Which would force
us  to  shiver  with  excitement.  Now  I will make these things in my
dreams.  When  we  have started to correspond I felt in the heart that
you  real. It is a lot of people probably think, that it is strange to
grow  fond  of  someone not meeting him in the person. But I so do not
think.  It  can  happen,  and  yes,  it  happens. Honey to tell fairly
sometimes  to me too this all seems a beautiful fantastic dream, But I
ask  the God and I pray that this dream when did not stop!! You cannot
imagine as strongly I have changed inside during dialogue with you!! I
began to feel in myself the romanticism and inspiration those feelings
from  which  intercepts  breath  and it becomes difficult to breathe!!
These  feelings  to me so There was no last time in my daily life!! On
these  feelings  I  have missed and now feel as in the first class, as
the  little  girl To which liked the boy which sits on the next school
desk  at  school!! Very much it would be desirable to write now to you
something  warm  and gentle. That this letter Has a little warmed you,
your  soul. It would be desirable, that from my words to you it became
pleasant,  good,  joyful  in  your  heart. Someone considers, that the
daily Vanity it also is a life, true a reality..... And all the rest -
dreams,  romanticism,  is  unrealistic  illusions.  But  I  so  do not
think....  After  all  the life is, First of all the moments, instants
when  you worry sensations of pleasure, delight, excitement, happiness
and  love. For the sake of such instants also it is necessary to live.
Yes,  it  is  possible  consider something unearthly. But what then in
general  all  experiences,  feelings  which are tested by the person??
Especially, it at all a deceit, Not a phantom, not a Mirage which will
thaw  without a trace. After all it is a reality - my thoughts, words,
the  phrases  addressed to you, my liking.... And as a reality - Those
sensations and feelings which cause my and your letters in ours souls.
I would like to cause the words in you good and warm emotions. To calm
you,  If  something  disturbs,  to  instal  optimism  will  share  the
pleasure.  dear and I have understood mine.... All that happens is not
casual!!! I have understood, that I LOVE YOU!!! I have understood that
all  emotions  in the letter, go from LOVE To YOU!!! Actually the life
is  fine  also it really so!!! Recollect after all in the childhood we
enjoyed  a life and for what did not long. Why, becoming adults, We do
not  become  happier!??  After  all  the  world around has not changed
almost. Probably, all business only in ourselves... In that what we as
we  concern  a  life  and surrounding people. Sometimes so it would be
desirable  to  live one emotions and feelings, not counting something,
Not  to  call  in question, and completely to trust not to reason, and
the  feelings.  Some  people  think  that  it  is  necessary  to  live
reasonably!?  But  I  think  that  it is necessary to live happily.!!!
After  all  the  happiness  without  feelings does not happen, and the
reason  seldom gives us a happiness condition... In the world it is so
much  reasons,  that  all life consider itself unfortunate, and so, It
would  seem to be, a little, happy, now when I write you this letter I
mentally  I represent myself near to you. My honey, I represent as Has
sat  down  near  you  and  silently I look, I try to make out lines of
yours  face  and  I  observe, how you read this letter. I observe, how
yours face, expression and a sight Vary in process of perusal of these
lines.  As  it  would be desirable to guess, whether touch these words
your  heart and if - yes, that you feel and you worry now!? Let not I,
But  my  words and thoughts to touch gently and tenderly you. My love,
feel  it  warmly,  let  it  as is possible longer not leave you. It is
pleasant  to  realise, that Now we with you one, you and I. Reading it
lines, you involuntarily think of me. Let the instant, but now for you
is  not  present anybody, except me. And not only mine Words, but also
my  thoughts which I transfer the letters, gently and tenderly embrace
you.  Whether it is quiet and good to you in these embraces, my love!?
I  ask,  Forget  about the past, be not anxious about the future. That
was and that will be - now completely not important. Live the present,
Live  these instants and be happy my sweet! Mine dear I very much wish
to arrive to you. I thought much and have solved that we need to meet.
Tell to me you it is ready to our meeting? As you look at my offer!? I
wish  to  go  today  to  Travel  agency  and  find  out  is  exact All
information  for  a  start  to you. You already the person taken place
both  I the girl taken place and I think that time make a serious step
to  ours  relations  has come. And differently our correspondence does
not make sense. We should be resolute in the intentions. As I wrote in
the  previous letters I do not search for long correspondence. I write
to  you  not  for  entertainment, at me serious plans to go to you and
will get acquainted more close. I wished find the man with which I can
to  create a family. Now I think, that you completely approach for me.
The  following  step for you. I with not patience wait the answer from
you. I like your letters and I am burnt with not Patience to meet you.
My  feelings to you became big and I even am afraid to admit to myself
it.  My heart is ready to jump out from pleasure!!! But I cannot write
about  it  in  the  letter as I will whisper you it in ear. As I think
that it is all to see and feel better, than to write about it. You all
time  in  my  thoughts and I think, that it already much that means!!!
You  understand  that I wish to tell!? I think that true the beauty of
the  person  arrives from him, And from this, that I know about you, I
think  you the person beautiful. But we in Russia have a wise proverb:
it  is  better  to  see  once, than hundred times to hear. I very much
would  like, that you have understood me. Know, that you to me are not
indifferent.  You resemble an ideal of my man. I hope, that our mutual
relations  will  give Result for all life. I promise not to disappoint
you.  I  will care of you. And I hope, that you will make the same for
me.  I  TRUST you. It is very heavy to me to speak about it, but if we
cannot  meet in the near future, we relations have no sense because to
communicate  through The Internet never to compare to personal meeting
and if at us it is impossible to carry out our dream to be together us
is  better  to stop dialogue what not To cause each other a pain. As I
have to you something more than dialogue, I had chance to find the Key
to my dreams, and I have found it deeply in you. Today you took a star
from  the sky and have placed it in me. Now I light am bright for you.
With  impatience  I wait the answer from you. Kiss for you, I wait the
answer. Forever your Eka

Hi my love !! Now I can tell to you with the big confidence, I love
you, I love you, I love you, and only you . I am it is ready to shout
these words of happiness for the whole world my love. I'm fine, but
only strongly I miss on you!!! My love at me is very good news to you,
I hope that you will be very glad. Excuse that I could not write to
you earlier at me it was not simple possibilities, I went also all did
for a trip to you!! My love today I all the day prosecuted subjects of
a trip to you!! I went to travel agency, and spoke concerning trip to
you, they have told that I can arrive to you, and receive necessary
documents, without special problems as I not when did not leave
Russia, and for people which not when did not go abroad have very big
privileges. Then the manager has suggested to conclude to me the
contract on rendering to me of services in registration travel
documents. My love the travel agency has asked me that I have
concluded with them the contract on granting of their services as now
at them very good discounts, and now they have already started to make
to me the visa and the passport, my love they have told that it will
be ready approximately in 1-2 weeks. My love in travel agency me also
informed how many it will cost, my love my visa and the passport will
cost to me of 560 dollars, when I has heard it I has been upset and
afflicted, as I have no such big money. Before travel agency I went to
shop and bought beautiful clothes for a trip to you, I wished to look
beautifully for sew meetings... And also I bought some gifts and
souvenirs for you. And consequently I have spent a part from the money
from the salary which to me have given out. I has signed the contract
and could pay in travel agency only 140 dollars from the salary. But I
do not know where to take other missing sum. Then I at once have
hastened to my to the grandmother, and spoke with her about this sum
of money, my love my the grandmother has told to me that she has
savings which make only 30 dollars, and she can give it to me, but I
did not begin to take it as it is a shame to me, the grandmother the
pensioner. My love I is now very strongly upset, as I have no
completely all money so to pay my visa and the passport, my travel
agency has told to me that to me will be already necessary to pay all
this on following weeks, my love I very strongly worry, and I do not
know that to me now to do. The grandmother at first long to calm me.
As I to to cry and could not stop myself. I long to sit and think
where to me to take this money but so could nothing. And then the
grandmother to tell to me, That I should ask the help from you as we
love each other also you almost my future husband. The grandmother has
told that you very good person and will help me. . My love it is very
a shame to me to do and ask it you this money, but I very much hope
for you that you will help me and will not leave me in such trouble as
you also very much want that I arrived to you. I need 500 dollars from
you. I very much hope that you will help me withit!! My love I shall
arrive to you under the tourist visa, and I can be at you 45 days all
term of my holiday from work Smiley!!! But when I shall arrive to you that
I I can even prolong it. My love when I talked on work today about it
to the chief it has advised and has told that it is possible to send
money through system monetary translations "Western union". And so he
has told that else there is a good system of remittances "MoneyGram"
through it that it is possible to send money!!! Now you only should go
in Western Union or in "MoneyGram" and send me money. You heard about
Western Union!? The chief as has told that about it there is an
information in the Internet here it He has told
that it is possible to send money not leaving at all from the house...
Through a credit card through this web a site!!! For reception of
money I should have your full name, the address and control number of
moving of money (MTCN) a remittance. It is all that I have learnt,
that is required for transfer of money!! My love you will require only
my information, my information so that you could send this money:
Name: Ekaterina Last name: Truhina Country: Russia a city:
St.-Petersburg. My love I very much hope for you that you will help me
and then I shall arrive to you as soon as possible my love somewhat
quicker. I very much want to be in your hands, I have very big dream,
it when I for the first time shall see you at the airport, I shall
throw all things, I shall run up to you and there will be the longest
kiss in the world, I for a long time shall not release you from the
embraces, it will be the beginning of a modern history of love, we
shall be so happy. My love now I shall wait for your letters with
impatience, and to pray concerning ours with you of a meeting, I very
much hope for you that you will help me and will not leave me in a
trouble Write to me somewhat quicker, I wait for your letters
Sincerely your new friend Marina! I wish to have more than your
pictures, you will send me them?
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Re: Ekaterina <>
Antwort #4 - 01. Juni 2010 um 00:20
Meine ersten 3 emails laß ich mal weg - da war ich ja fast noch verliebt. 
Hier aber was ich sonst nur noch geschickt hatte - dank auch des Forums hier.

Solamente oír tu voz,
ver tu foto en blanco y negro,
recorrer esa ciudad,
yo ya me muero de amor.
Ver la vida sin reloj
y contarte mis secretos
no saber ya si besarte
o esperar que salga el sol
y vivir así, yo quiero vivir asi
ni siquiera si sientes tu lo mismo.

Me desperté soñando
que estaba a tu lado
y me quede pensando
¿Que tienen esas manos?
sé que no es el momento
para que pase algo
quiero volverte a ver
quiero volverte a ver
quiero volverte a ver..

Y me siento como un niño
imaginándome contigo
como si hubiéramos ganado
por habernos conocido
y esa sensacion extraña
que se adueña de mi cara
juega con esta sonrisa
dibujándola a sus anchas
y vivir asi, yo quiero vivir asi
ni siquiera sé si sientes tu lo mismo

Me desperté soñando
que estaba a tu lado
y me quede pensando
¿Que tienen esas manos?
sé que no es el momento
para que pase algo
quiero volverte a ver
quiero volverte a ver
quiero volverte a ver...

besos para ti

Was denkst du über Deutschland????
Warum schreibst du mir nicht auch mal auf deutsch????

ciao Micha

Es ist egal was mit mir los ist,
Solange du nie herausfinden wirst, dass ich dich noch liebe.
Das du einfach das einzige für mich bist,
Auf allen meinem Wegen.

Es fehlt mir einfach viel zu schwer.
Dich vergessen zu müssen,
Ich liebe dich immer noch viel zu sehr.
Ich kann uns nicht vergessen.

Das du mich nie mehr so lieben wirst,
so wie ich es immer noch tue.
Es tut mir viel zu sehr weh,
Ohne dich finde ich keine ruhe.

Das ich wegen dir immer noch umher irr,
Da du doch mein leben bist.
Fällt mir einfach viel zu schwer,
Ich schaff es einfach nicht.

Du fehlst mir einfach viel zu sehr,
Ich wünschte du wärest wieder bei mir.

PS: hast du auch Bikinifotos????


Et quand à l'aube des champs glacés
la nuit s'envole avec tendresse
nos yeux se croisent émerveillés
et se rencontrent et se caressent.

Et quand le chant d'un rossignol
enchante nos âmes et touche nos coeurs
comme une promesse qui prend l'envol
vers un amour de grande ampleur.

XOXO Micha

Tak brzy podzim. Nečas, čina.
Sedřená záda slunečnic.
A podlitiny psího vína
na chatách, v žebrech okenic.

Vodnaté zahrady, ty kysny
s napitou růží v záňadří,
si minutový srpen vysní,
si ještě léto opatří,

ale pak ztěžka, dýchavičně
zabalí stůl do černých plen
a plachta na promoklé pryčně
to všechno tiše odmávne.


Каждый миг, в который я думаю о тебе,
Особен, особен каждый раз.

Кто любил, тот не забудет,
Кто забудет, не любил.
Кто любил, забыв об этом,
Тот забыл, что есть любить.

Если ты меня забудешь,
Ведь могу забыть и я.
О твоём забыть забвенье...
О тебе же - никогда.


And finaly - auf die Geldanfrage hin hab ich das mal so geschrieben

to send the money is no problem.
but when do you think you will come here...
because i would take my holidays at same time too.
so we can spend most time together.
i want to show you so much.

i have only one problem with sending the money.
i can´t send it in 500 US$ - is it ok when it´s 500 €????
for you it should be not a problem i think.
also i need some dates from you before.
a copy of your passport, your complete adress and a phonenumber.
is only because my bank has some questions for transfer of the money.
make a copy in PC and send it me with your next email.
i know it´s easy for you, my big beautiful girl.

with love Micha

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Abgeschlafft und ausgepufft!!

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Re: Ekaterina <>
Antwort #5 - 01. Juni 2010 um 06:33
und wer ist das denn eigentlich????

Natalja Varvina aus der russischen Big Brother Show - vdome -   Smiley
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Re: Ekaterina <>
Antwort #6 - 01. Juni 2010 um 08:43
@ Habenixx

Bitte poste beim nächsten mal jede Mail als eigene Antwort inklusive dem Mailheader und enthaltenem Foto. 
Dadurch wird die "Handschrift" des Scammers deutlich und Mailheader enthalten mehr als nur die Absende-IP.

Jetzt würde das nachträgliche Posten der Header zu unübersichtlich werden.
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Re: Ekaterina <>
Antwort #7 - 02. Juni 2010 um 18:59
Heute gabs wieder Post from Russia.... 
mit Telefonnummer von Onkel Vlad und Passkopie 
(die habt ihr aber schon in der Liste - nur jeweils mit anderem Foto, aber der gleichen Nummer). 
Jetzt gehen mir aber langsam die Ideen aus, was ich noch schreiben kann. 
Ich versuch jetzt mal ein Foto vom Onkel, der Oma und ihr selbst - natürlich zusammen - zu bekommen. 
Mal sehen was passiert. Auch mal schauen, ob sie schon einen Reisepass hat...

Spoiler für Header:
From - Wed Jun 02 18:12:18 2010
X-Account-Key: account4
X-UIDL: 0Lbrzo-1P0QkO2fw4-00jKjo
X-Mozilla-Status: 0011
X-Mozilla-Status2: 10000000
Return-Path: <>
Delivery-Date: Wed, 02 Jun 2010 08:35:29 +0200
Received: from ( [])
     by (node=mxbap3) with ESMTP (Nemesis)
     id 0Lbrzo-1P0QkO2fw4-00jKjo for *; Wed, 02 Jun 2010 08:35:29 +0200
Received: (qmail 48769 invoked from network); 2 Jun 2010 06:35:27 -0000
DomainKey-Signature: a=rsa-sha1; q=dns; c=nofws;
  PqADC+AEuhgLY=  ;
Received: from (tvoysolncaluchic@ with plain)
        by with SMTP; 01 Jun 2010 23:35:21 -0700 PDT
X-Yahoo-SMTP: 8AIvuJ6swBBsNXPQ4Lr5kx3P738Ip.li3HXViQs-
X-YMail-OSG: W.AvIYdWkW4HNbUw37STDYt9K_4-
X-Yahoo-Newman-Property: ymail-3
Date: Wed, 2 Jun 2010 10:35:11 +0400
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.99.25) Professional
X-Priority: 3 (Normal)
Message-ID: <>
To: Michael <*>
Subject: Re: no problem
In-Reply-To: <*
References: *
<> <*<> <*<> <*<> <*<> <*> <> <*<> <> <> <*<> <*
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
Envelope-To: *
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=windows-1251
Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

Micha my sweet. Thanks you that you will make for me it. I am glad the truth very much.)))
My husband I wish you to ask. I will write you a phone number of my uncle. It the serious man. It works in federal security service. ф. With. 
It the major. It is very serious organisation. I will give you its phone number. You in bank can give it.
I do not know for what. It it!!! But nevertheless.
Here. 8-926-848-6550 
Michael still. One thing. I when went to bank. To me the banker has told. The employee. That if suddenly when who that will send me money through their bank. That what it (you!!!) did not put a mark where to me to receive!!! (You understand!!!?? Me. To get money transfer. If you put it that I can receive only in that bank. Which is more close to me.!!! 
And I can to spend all the day long on work and not to get there where to me it is necessary. In that bank. I ask from you. Not that do not put. To write to you the reception place is necessary that. It is the country Russia. Both my name and a surname. 
I know so it is possible for me have told what yes. 
I love you. Only you. The whole I wait. 

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Re: Ekaterina <>
Antwort #8 - 02. Juni 2010 um 19:06
Iam26 years old

Blöd, wenn man das eigene Alter vergißt. Wir haben jetzt Juni, also müßte sie laut Ausweis jetzt 27 sein.
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Re: Ekaterina <>
Antwort #9 - 02. Juni 2010 um 19:32
@ vierauge 

war mir auch gleich ins Auge gesprungen. 
Aber da es den Pass hier schon 4 mal in der Liste gibt - anderes Bild, selbe Nummer - warum sollte man sich da noch Mühe geben.
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Re: Ekaterina <>
Antwort #10 - 02. Juni 2010 um 19:36
Jetzt hab ich erst mal geantwortet. 
Sie soll doch mal ein Foto mit Ihr selbst, ihrem Onkel und der Großmutter zusammen auf einem schicken. mal sehen was passiert. 
Außerdem hab ich geschrieben, dass ich doch ne Kopie vom Reisepass brauch und net vom normalen Ausweis. 
Ich warte und freu mich schon auf die nächste email. 
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Ich tu nix. Ich will nur

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Re: Ekaterina <>
Antwort #11 - 02. Juni 2010 um 20:24
Sie soll doch mal ein Foto mit Ihr selbst, ihrem Onkel und der Großmutter zusammen auf einem schicken

Das würde nicht viel aussagen. 
Man nehme sich theoretisch ein Rentnerpaar von der Strasse, drückt ihnen ein paar Rubel in die Hand und schwupps, hast du das schönste Familienfoto. 
Alles schon mal da gewesen. Zwinkernd
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Re: Ekaterina <>
Antwort #12 - 02. Juni 2010 um 21:03
@ Habenixx

zum Pass:
Passnummer passt nicht zum Ausstellungsdatum
Geburtsdatum andere Schrift
Geburtsort falsch
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Re: Ekaterina <>
Antwort #13 - 02. Juni 2010 um 21:53
Alles auswählen

inetnum: -
netname:    KABELBW-08
descr:    Kabel Baden-Wuerttemburg GmbH & Co. KG
country:    DE
admin-c:    KIPE-RIPE
tech-c:   KIPE-RIPE
status:   ASSIGNED PA
mnt-by:   KABELBW-MNT
mnt-lower:  KABELBW-MNT
mnt-routes:   KABELBW-MNT
mnt-domains:  KABELBW-MNT
mnt-by:   KABELBW-MNT

role:     KabelBW IP Engineering
address:    Kabel Badenwuerttemberg GmbH & Co. KG
address:    Im Breitspiel 2-4
address:    D-69126 Heidelberg
address:    Germany
phone:    +49 62213333988
admin-c:    TT2326-RIPE
tech-c:   TT2326-RIPE
nic-hdl:    KIPE-RIPE
mnt-by:   KabelBW-MNT

descr:    KabelBW
origin:   AS29562
mnt-by:   KabelBW-MNT
mnt-lower:  KabelBW-MNT
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Zum Pass 79 55 338159 von Ekaterina Aleksandrovna Truhina:
Der 79er Pass kommt nicht aus Sankt Petersburg, sondern aus Adigeja!

Ansonsten hat deutschmann ja schon die Fehler beschrieben. 
Als Geburtsort hätte Leningrad angegeben sein müssen, da die Stadt zu ihrer Geburt noch so hieß!
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Re: Ekaterina <>
Antwort #14 - 03. Juni 2010 um 01:21
vierauge schrieb on 02. Juni 2010 um 20:24:
Sie soll doch mal ein Foto mit Ihr selbst, ihrem Onkel und der Großmutter zusammen auf einem schicken

Das würde nicht viel aussagen. 
Man nehme sich theoretisch ein Rentnerpaar von der Strasse, drückt ihnen ein paar Rubel in die Hand und schwupps, hast du das schönste Familienfoto. 
Alles schon mal da gewesen. Zwinkernd

Doch selbst das ist meiner ach so lieben Freundin schon zu viel - ich bin jetzt der Böse der unsere große Liebe zerstört hat.
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