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Irina <>
27. Mai 2010 um 17:41
Habe heute wieder mal Post von einer Unbekannten bekommen.Bitte Herkunft der Mail und Fotos checken.Sieht wieder wie ein Fotomodel aus.

Pornsternchen Sunny Leone

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Hi, my new friend! How are you??? my name is Irina, my grandfather
asked my parents give me this name in the honor of my grandmother, his
wife, he loved her very much, and is missing her now after her death!
I remember a little bit my granny Irina, she was a wonderful woman!
I’m 26 years old, and I was born on the 20th of February, the most
beautiful month of winter in Ukraine it is all over very frosty and
covered with white-white snow!!! Very beautiful, so I was born like in
a fairy-tale… By profession, I’m actress, I graduated from the College
of Arts and Culture and now I’m working in small municipal theatre, I
like it very much, I’m a creative person, and now, when I haven’t my
own family, children, husband, now the theatre occupies all my life!!!
By the way, I’m from town Volovets, it’s Zakarpatskaya region, did you
hear about this town, dear? I live with my family, mother and father.
But I want very much create my own family, with my beloved man, who I
hope to find here, in Internet. I’m a very family oriented person, I
want to have the children, to care about them, support them, in future
it will be reality, I’m sure!!! What else can I tell you about
myself…I have a lot of friends, we go together to the loan of nature,
to the cinema, sometimes disco…so, usual life of young people…I like
to listen to music, for making my mood better, it should be something
energetic and active, especially during the dull seasons of the year,
when the days become shorter and we don’t get almost any sun rays…of
course I like to watch the good movies, in childhood I dreamed to be a
actress for to play in the movies and my dream became the reality only
for part, I’m actress, but I play in the small theatre…I can’t tell
that I’m unhappy because of that, I haven’t ambitions in this sense,
especially when I see the eyes of happy people, who like our
performances…I like cooking very much, my family and friends like when
I prepare the different cakes and sweets, maybe and you will have
opportunity to taste it in future!!! I hope you will like it!!! Smiley)
Frankly speaking, it’s a little bit difficult for me now to write you
a lot about myself…you are almost unknown person for me, so, I finish
now my letter, but if you want to know something more about me, I will
be happy to answer you, I will be waiting for your reply letter, dear
…Kisses, from your new friend Irina.
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Re: Irina <>
Antwort #1 - 27. Mai 2010 um 18:13
Eingeliefert über Dmitriy Ukraine

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IP Address
Location 	UA UA, Ukraine
City 	Dmitriy, 17 -
Organization 	Bystrov Dmitriy Sergeevich
ISP 	Bystrov Dmitriy Sergeevich
AS Number 	AS34047 Bystrov Dmitriy Sergeevich 

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Re: Irina <>
Antwort #2 - 27. Mai 2010 um 18:27
Schöne Bildchen findet man unter dem Namen Sunny Leone  Durchgedreht Durchgedreht Durchgedreht

Sunny Leone (* 13. Mai 1981 in Sarnia, Ontario, Kanada) ist ein indo-kanadisches Model und eine Pornodarstellerin. Sie wurde durch den Titel Penthouse Pet of the Year im Jahre 2003 bekannt.

wikipedia Smiley
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Re: Irina <>
Antwort #3 - 19. Dezember 2010 um 14:53
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