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Cynthia Roberts <>
28. April 2010 um 19:30
Über habe ich eine "Scammerin" kennen gelernt, die nach 12maligem Hin- und Hermailen mit zunächst glaubwürdigen Inhalten schließlich mit einer heftigen Geschichte aufwartete, um 915 Euro abzuzocken. Dummerweise kann ich keine Mail-Header liefern, weil das verwendete Mail-Interface dies leider nicht her gibt. Aber ich kann mit etlichen Mailtexten und einigen Bilden dienen.


Its nice to get your email,I`m so glad you could pick my email as that was
the only way I could send it on the site without any detection,glad it
worked ...
Its nice to know a bit about you,I too am in search of a sincere and serious
personality,I have been really no time to waste with the numerous time
wasters on this site... It really get me upset. I am sure you know that I am
from Switzerland,was born and bred in Geneva,my parents are still there, but
right now I am working as a procurement Manager for a company  in Ottawa,
Canada for a 4year contract ending in 2012. Its great to know that you have
been to Canada too,to which part exactly? Did you like it?
Well xxxx I would like to have your response to my little questionnaire
just to know you better >>
What do you like and dislike most?
What are your hobbies?
What do you enjoy doing at your spare time?
What your real age...What do you do?
What do you like and desire from your dream woman?
I would wait for your response,and try to attach a picture of you too...

Off Topic KommentarWeitere Bilder in der Galerie: Smiley

Nice to read from you...I am glad that you answered my questions accordingly
I really appreciated that,it goes to show that you are but a serious person
just as from your look. I used to love Physic and Mathematics in my High
school days,they were my favorite course,I hope I could attend your class
someday and listen to one of your lectures ..

From your hobbies I discovered that we had something in common,I do love
cinema with a passion and love going for  the Blockbuster movies every
weekend.... I can really see you love Sex... Hmm...  How often do you want
it and how many GF have you made to make this possible... Just joking... Sex
for me should be after marriage with the sole benefits of raising a family
and having fun only with your spouse. I really admire the fact that you seek
one woman just as I seek only one man to be alone with and live a happy life

If you must know,I am a very busy woman,I do make so many trips for my
company`s issue as a procurement Manager ,I am even working on a business
trip soon to Far east Asia which I make only twice a year.
I would love also of all things to be busy with my kids and on house chores
have more time with my family.I really admire also your quality and
experience to your woman,it tells you would be attentive to your wife`s
advise too.
I want to ask you 
How many kids do you intend to have? What sex of a child do you prefer most?
.. What are your plans for marriage and settling down soon?....nothing
personal ,just curious.

Well dear,I hope I have analyzed your response enough,please feel free to
ask me anything and would love to respond to it to the best of my knowledge.


PS: Sent you my pictures too! Hope you like it? Waiting to see more of you...

I did not know I replied really quick,I thought I was late ...
Its nice to know that you already have kids,what are their ages and names?

I can really tell that you center your issue of meeting attractive woman on
sex,and prefer sex before marriage,that is really gross to hear? Do you love
sex so much ...

You know what ...,I am really not a pretentious person,I would rather
remain single than meet up with a sex maniac,I am really seeking a serious
relationship and want a marriage of Love and understanding coupled with a
family,Sex should be a joy of the couples only discusses sacred,not in a
casual manner... That is the way I look at it,No hard feelings!!

I do have Skype,I opened it a while ago but it got corrupted for some
reasons,so I had to uninstall it.

I know you are serious dear ,but tell me what you really seek form me,so we
could be straight! k


I am sorry if you saw my last mail as unkind as the previous.. I was just
being sincere about my feelings,I was not angry when I said it and I am glad
you also saw my point of view regarding sex .. I am an highly romantic and
sexual lady but I can and will only give my all to a man who would love me
sincerely and truthfully.
It would be a great Idea to meet up an talk about us and the future and also
learn more about us,these could be arranged with any much problem.I would be
nice to visit xxx too,never been there. And then we could make love all
we can(afternoon or evenings) after we find ourselves compactible and have
planned a future together,okay. ...
I am just too busy to wait on Skype,one because of the time difference
between Canada and Bremen and our scheduled time we come online.I normally
have this time to send you message after which I get back to work,I dont
work with the Internet anymore as I used to,I basically have to move around
the city as part of my job on every work day,so its difficult to always be
on line,hope you understand that.
To answer your questions>>

>>I would like to leave in Germany if I find a very good reason to,as a
matter of fact,we could be meeting soon because I would have my annual
vacation soon so I could come see my aged mom(I do that once a year and
mostly this time so I could remember my late father with her and keep her
company too). But I have to make a business trip first by tomorrow to far
east Asia for the company and then when I finish I would come over to Swiss
from there.Would let you know my movement plans okay

>>I would love to learn German,I already speak English ,Spanish and French
>>I would sure want to be a mother of our kids after we get married for sure
how many kids do you prefer to have .
>>As I said before I love kids,it would be my honour to be a mother to your
kids if we agree.
>> I am already working and would love to keep my family busy.
>>Love comes naturally,if we are destined to be together,then I would grow
old with you .
I hope I have answered your questions completely,let me know if I left any

Yes I reasoned it could be "financially stupid" to leave a secured Job,not
to worry when we meet up soon,we shall discuss and devise a plan together

I am not sure if I was quick enough with my response,but I d know that this
has taken me quiet some time to reply you ...

Dont forget to send me your pictures and those of the kids,okay.

Cheers always..

Your Cynthia

Its nice reading from you, I am glad we are understanding our points of view
and moving up the ladder by the day ,which id most important in a
communications and relationship.
I would sure be glad to be able to meet you soon after  my business issues
are settled,I would be quiet busy today preparing for the trip to Malaysia
where I have to meet with our company suppliers as the procurement manager.I
have already worked on my vacation and would be in Europe by next weekend
for sure. I would let you have the details of my flight once I arrive in
Malaysia and sure of my business wrap-up date there. As I said we would be
able to discuss better on our meeting and also plan how I could learn German
if its so important for you ...
I thought I have sent you some of my pictures before,well I have attached
some for you now,hope you like them..
Keep in touch always.... I pray this friendship leads to a remarkable union
soon that would be worth the while ;;
Cheers always
Your Cynthia

Its past 2pm here now. I have been very busy on my trip,I arrived in Kuala
Lumpur, Malaysia by 00:15am midnight after a very long trip,I had to seat
for about 23hrs on air and with two transit.Never been to this part before
only been to China for the suppliers. Well,I`m here now and its going to be
for some days after which I would be coming to Europe,first to Switzerland
and then we could plan when and how we would meet up in Germany,okay..

I would love to learn German if my man wants me to do so.Would also love to
meet your English friends,but have you told them about me ?

I told you I was sure about the pictures I have sent you,that I had to
resend,well yes I took them about a year ago when I visited home. I hardly
snap pictures nowadays,but I have a very big album of my pictures back in
Swiss,I am sure I would have to bring it along with me when I come over to
meet you in Germany,okay .. But for now I have attached a very recent
picture of me,that I took about two weeks ago,but I cut my hair and added
some few pounds,hope you would not hate me now ...also sent Katty`s pictures
she is my cat... Do you like cats?

Keep in touch dear,hope we meet up very soon... Kisses for ....

Cheers always...

Your Cynthia

PS: I got a phone line on my arrival in Kuala Lumpur airport for contacts
from my folks back home. So I figured I could give it to you ,if you would
want to talk or SMS me anytime before we meet up,it would be nice to hear
how our voices sound (+60163911382).. Waiting to read /hear from you soon.

Nice to read from you dear,I just got back to my room after a long days work
today.. Took a cold shower because here is very hot and decided to write to
you,I have gotten the confirmed flight itinerary to xxx sent me by the
agent earlier,I have copied it for you for your records,so you would know
when to pick me up at the airport.

Flight Information – Sun May 2 2010
This flight leaves on Sunday and arrives on Monday.
  Etihad Airways  Flight 411 
Departs: 9:20pm   Kuala Lumpur Intl (KUL)   
Arrives: 12:15am  Abu Dhabi Intl (AUH)     
Layover in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (AUH) for 1h 20m

   Etihad Airways  Flight 1 
Departs: 1:35am  Abu Dhabi Intl (AUH)   
Arrives: 6:20am  Frankfurt (FRA)   
Layover in Frankfurt am Main, Germany (FRA) for 2h 45m
I hope you would understand the flight itinerary,if you don't,try seek a
ticketing agents explanations,okay!
I am glad you are as excited as I am ,I just look forward to meeting you and
... ... They are lovely kids.

Well,please try to create time so we could meet Mom in Geneva ... Even if
its over the weekend,she would love to know you more. But if you feel you
really can not make time out,I would understand,okay

Thinking about you always,hope you do too

Cheers always till we meet soon...
Your Cynthia

I saw your mail,not to worry I would wait at the airport as you have
suggested since you would be too busy,okay.I do very well understand that
and would not mind at all,as you said I could rest or stroll a while around
the airport:-)

I have been thinking about you all day because I have encountered the
unfortunate... And I feel so sad having to narrate this to you at this time
when its close to our meeting time,but I have no choice... It has happened
and its such an unfortunate situation for me ;-(.
Well,I am writing you from a police custody over a case of assault alleged
on me Griesgrämig (
It all happened this afternoon around 12:30pm,when I was supposed to have a
meeting with my company`s suppliers as we had already arranged to seal up
the shipment plans,but I got to his office about 10am this morning and was
asked to wait for him,which I did for more than 3hours. When I got exhausted
I asked his secretary to inform him that I was still waiting for him and
still the secretary told me to wait for some more time,it was rather
unbearable for me after I have waited another 2hours and my supplier was
still not back to the office.I was curious and worried and walked to meet
the secretary gain to ask what was taking his Boss so long,but what I got
was shouting and racist statements from the untrained secreatry. When I
warned her to stop she still continued. Being that my temper was up and I
was really exhausted,I opted for the water jar,then the secretary walked up
to me attempting to stop me from drinking water,pushing me around the office
;-( This was when I got really upset and hit her with my handbag on her face
and I am sure she broke her nose and lost some of his teeth... She was
trying to fight me back but I hit her some more out of anger Griesgrämig. Some other
customer who witness the fight called the police and then I was brought to
the police office for questioning,I have been here since about 5pm Malaysia
time ;-( I was not allowed any call or to contact anyone until now ;-(. Then
the supplier finally came to the station and was really angry with my action
but I did not talk to him either as I was already upset with him and
everyone around... But the secretary who was badly hurt from the fight was
taken  to the hospital as I was told later and I have been asked by her
lawyer to pay for her treatment and teeth replacement before I can get bail
this was brought to an amount of RM3880 equivalent of about 915Euro only
after series of negotiation with me and the secretary`s lawyer...
I told them I was going to get it from my hotel room,but they refuse my
release.. I also asked them to take it from my credit card which was with me
they also refused but insisted on cash. I am not allowed any call until I
pay this money as they kept saying... I insisted for a lawyer but they
provided me non,as they keep saying "I was at fault and no human right for
any faulty person here" they said. A few minutes ago I  had asked the police
officers in charge to provide me access to computer as I told him I was
going to write to my husband... This is why I was allowed to do this now!!
Please my Love,I know this is rather sudden and really surprising to you,but
I am sure you understand my depression and the cause for my anger... I urge
you to please lend me this money(915Euro).I will sure pay you back once we
meet soon,because I would withdraw it from my personal account in
Switzerland when I arrive,okay Zwinkernd
You should send the money through the police officer in charge of the case
via Western Union as he suggested to his information below.
[Please send the payment information to me on email or as SMS to my phone
and I would give it to the police officer to go pick up the money,okay]

I am so sorry to have to bother you now,but be rest assured that once I
leave here,I would finish all I have to do with these useless and mannerless
suppliers,and get out of this place at once to come meet you... I am okay
but I would not eat their food until I leave this nonsense tight space they
have confined me to. I would cope to sleep here tonight,but please don't let
me stay another night here,please hurry!! You are my only Hope now
I do not want anyone back in my office to be aware of this mess because the
news would spread like a wide fire.I can not definitely tell my mom because
she would just pass-out from worries.I have only narrated this to you as my
future life partner and I want you to treat it maturely...

I Love and Miss you so much and I know this is just a trial to shake our
love,but please do not let it survive or weight us down,do not let this
discourage you about me,I`m so worried it might unentschlossen

Please do all you can to help me out of this situation ,I trust in you,I
hope in you and I Love you so much with all my heart...

Your one and only love... Kiss you all over!

PS:As you would have noticed,This is unlike the mail I send to you,its
because I have not written all these with my normal font,as I am using the
police office computer,my personal laptop in my hotel room Griesgrämig

I have just asked for some permission from the officer to be able to respond
to your distrusting email. I feel disappointed in your judgement but would
not blame you because of your past experience with Tanja as you said,but I
need to let you know sincerely that there might be imposters but I am
certainly not one of them Griesgrämig as you have tagged me.. I have been crying
since I read your mail and still trying to come to terms with the fact that
I was coming to meet someone who thought I have been lying to you?? Me??

I have never felt this shame you made me feel neither have I been so talked
about without remorse from a man I was beginning to love deeply with his
beautiful kids that I was going to call mine someday..

Well,I have told you why I can not ask my folks or depend on the so-called
heartless suppliers (who I intend to sue after I am out of here) for help.
But as you honestly advised I should seek help from my friends and relatives
who I have humbly explained to you that I would not want them to hear of
this issue,else they would make it public ;-(

My dear,I really dont know why you have distrusted me so,if it weren't for
this tight situation I found myself,I would not even bother you because I
was not brought up in that manner. But since you have taken me as a stranger
which I should have known from the unset,I would not blame you or bother you

Have a nice day!!


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Re: Cynthia Roberts <>
Antwort #1 - 28. April 2010 um 20:48
@ lokki

Bitte poste auch die Header der Mails. Ansonsten können wir Dir kaum helfen.
Mit welchem Mailprogramm arbeitest Du oder mit welchem Interface?

Die Telefonnummer habe ich auf einer russischen Seite gefunden: Smiley
Ms Aznin Yousof
Personeel Manager
+60149246967 +60149246967
(We Operate 24hours)

Ist eine malaysische Mobilfunknummer!

Wie lange ist die Geldforderung schon her? Vielleicht kannst Du bei ihr auch noch ihren schweizerischen Pass rausleiern!
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Re: Cynthia Roberts <>
Antwort #2 - 29. April 2010 um 01:23
Moin Uli,
dummerweise habe ich anfangs an eine ernsthafte Entwicklung geglaubt, so dass ich jetzt nach Enttäuschung und Bruch kaum mehr an Mailheader oder Pass heran kommen kann - she wont bother me anymore Smiley
Aber "die Dame" ist ja nicht aus der Welt und es gibt sicher schon andere Männer die SMS aus Malasya von "ihr" erhalten haben (ich übrigens auch). Ich habe das Webinterface von <geheim></geheim> benutzt, das spuckt keine header aus.

Man kann sie ja auch weiterhin über ihre mail-Adresse oder über kontaktieren und wird mit Sicherheit header, vielleicht auch Pass aber mit Sicherheit eine spannende Geschichte erhalten können  Durchgedreht

Im Vergleich zu "Vlad" wird hier in Malaysia intensiv gearbeitet, mit Eingehen auf alle Fragen und Anregungen, sogar mit SMS-Versand und personalisierten Flugplänen ...

Mir ist letztlich "genug geholfen", ich habe 2 nette virtuelle Wochen mit "ihr" gehabt und hätte "sie" fast vom lokalen Flughafen abgeholt. Vielleicht kann man andere Männer erneut warnen: "Bei Geld hört der Spaß auf". Ich schlage vor, dies unter "SCAMMER aus Malaysia" einzuordnen, obwohl "die Schweizerin" angab, "in Canada" zu leben und zu arbeiten.
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Re: Cynthia Roberts <>
Antwort #3 - 30. April 2010 um 15:08
Habe "die Dame" noch einmal mit anderer Mail-Adresse angeschrieben, so dass ich der Vollständigkeit halber auch noch einen Mail-Header nachreichen kann:

Return-Path: <>
Received: from ( []) by (v129.4) with ESMTP id MAILINDI031-eabe4bd94c2e16d; Thu, 29 Apr 2010 05:06:54 -0400
Received: from ( [])
     by (Internet Inbound) with ESMTP id 27712380000BB
     for <xxx>; Thu, 29 Apr 2010 05:06:54 -0400 (EDT)
Received: from BLU0-SMTP44 ([]) by with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.4675);
      Thu, 29 Apr 2010 02:06:45 -0700
X-Originating-IP: []
X-Originating-Email: []
Message-ID: <BLU0-SMTP44AACE308A4F56A78205D2EB010@phx.gbl>
Received: from user-PC ([]) by over TLS secured channel with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.4675);
      Thu, 29 Apr 2010 02:05:13 -0700
MIME-Version: 1.0
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 16:59:30 +0800
Content-Type: Multipart/related;
X-Mailer: IncrediMail (6074564)
From: "Cynthia Roberts" <>
References: <>
X-FID: C03433F9-52F4-46EA-946C-214A71DAF2AB
X-Priority: 3
To: <xxx>
Subject: Hi xxx,
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 29 Apr 2010 09:05:50.0908 (UTC) FILETIME=[2A3C77C0:01CAE77B]
x-aol-global-disposition: G
X-AOL-VSS-INFO: 5400.1158/58037

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Re: Cynthia Roberts <>
Antwort #4 - 30. April 2010 um 15:31

Mail kommt aus Malaysia

Alles auswählen
Lookup IP Address:

General Information

      ISP:	Telekom Malaysia Berhad
      Organization:	Telekom Malaysia Berhad
      Proxy:	None detected
      Type:	Broadband
      Assignment:	Static IP

Geo-Location Information

      Country:	Malaysia
      State/Region:	Selangor
      City:	Shah Alam

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Re: Cynthia Roberts <>
Antwort #5 - 30. April 2010 um 15:49

Hier sind noch die Profildaten der Lady:


Profil: 05.04.2010
Alter:            29      
Größe:      175 cm
Gewicht:      66 kg
Wohnsitz:      Kanada
Stadt (Ort):      Ottawa
Augenfarbe:      graublau
Haar:      hellbraun
Sternzeichen:      Schütze
Beruf:      Culinary Professional
Bildung:      Uni
Familienstand:      ledig
Kinder:      nein
Bekanntschaftszweck:      Ehe, dauerhafte Bezieung, Freundschaft
Muttersprache:      Französisch
Fremdsprachenkenntnisse:      Englisch -fließend, Deutsch -grund Kenntnisse, Fränzosisch -fließend
Persönliche Eigenschaften:      anständig, ordentlich, kontaktfreundig, lebenlustig, bescheiden, zärtlich, elegant, sexy, humorvoll, feinfühlend, optimistisch
Hobby:      Musik, Kino, Kochen, Reisen, Foto
Ich treibe Sport:      Reiten, Tennis
Rauchen:      nein
Noch über mich:      

Gewünschtes Alter meines Partners:      von  29  bis  50
Über meinen Partner:      
Should be real and be himself..

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Re: Cynthia Roberts <>
Antwort #6 - 01. Mai 2010 um 17:44
Erstaunlicherweise habe ich noch eine Mail und den gewünschten Pass als Bildchen erhalten:

Give me reasons why you think I would lie to you xxx. I was falling in
Love with you,but from the way you have been acting,I was shocked if you
ever trusted me.

Well,I have attached my passport copy ,so you would know that I was not
lying to you.But pls do not do anything else with my documents except for
your keeps,okay... I dont even know why you need it anyway.
I have only succumbed to the pressure of sending you my ID because I am
still short of about 480 Euro which I need to pay up the woman`s treatment.
I have paid some part with my last money and have requested for my friends
help from back in Canada but they have been promising me,no response.As for
my mom,I do not and can not bother her with this.
If you can and still believe in me and love me as you claim please lend me
this sum so I could come over asap.I am tired of being stranded here ...My
flight would have to be rescheduled.
I would sure pay you back after I make with drawer from my account when we
get to Swiss together,thought that was straight forward,you should have no
reason to worry.

Have a nice day and know I still Love you  But I doubt your love and
sincerity for me because you distrusted me for no reason .. If I loose you,I
will never love any man again and would remain single for a very long time
and would think all men are same,uncaring and only after their own need and
urge from a woman, SEX!

Get back to me soon please!!!

Your depressed Cynthia

PS:Incase you are wondering why a British passport?I am a British by birth
but parents from Switzerland,got dual citizenship and posses a permanent
residence in Canada.

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456398156_-_J-Roberts.jpg ( 39 KB | Downloads )
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Re: Cynthia Roberts <>
Antwort #7 - 01. Mai 2010 um 18:52
Zum Pass 453968156 von Cynthia Haruna J-Roberts 

Ob da ein Julia Roberts Fan am Werk war? Laut lachend Laut lachend Laut lachend

Doch leider passt dazu nicht das Foto, bei dem noch die Sicherheitsmerkmale fehlen!

Der Monatsname im Datenteil bei Ausstellungs- und Ablaufdatum scheint vom Originalpass übriggeblieben zu sein! Das Schriftbild ist nicht identisch.

Bereits für die erste Zeile des maschinenlesbaren  gehört der Fälscher wegen groben Unfugs hinter Gittern. Platzhalter sind falsch gesetzt und es ist ein völlig anderer Zeichensatz, als in der zweiten Zeile!

Möglich, dass die zweite Zeile vom Originalpass stammt. Vom Ersteindruck sieht der passend aus (wenn auch nicht zur Person auf dem Foto!).
Die Kontrollziffern sind alle richtig. Doch das Geburtsdatum passt nicht zum Datenteil, genausowenig das Geschlecht. Der Pass gehört einem Mann!
Das Ablaufdatum wiederum passt zum Datenteil.

Der Pass scheint aus der Serie  AD,  AO, AP oder AS-01001 zu kommen. Allerdings irritiert mich da die Blockbildung unterhalb des Passbildes. Habe noch kein Original damit gesehen.
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Abgeschlafft und ausgepufft!!

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Re: Cynthia Roberts <>
Antwort #8 - 01. September 2017 um 23:03
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