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Darina <>
25. April 2010 um 15:39
Sent:      Tuesday, April 13, 2010 9:02:35 PM
Good night my sweet XXXX. Today I had a sleepless night. I was very tired today and slept almost the whole day at the hotel. That's only recently I woke up and immediately incorporated my laptop just to check my mail. I do not know how to describe the feeling of words now waiting for your answer and I can only tell you now that I'm waiting for your letter, as waiting for the sun in the dark. For tonight, I shed many tears. My eyes are still red and slightly sore from crying. There is no sentiment and I now constantly  think about what happened to me yesterday. It's like a nightmare. I do not want to think about it, but I can not. Faces of the robbers, I still see before my eyes and I feel terrible. I'm afraid of everything and I have now is still a state of shock. If you honestly, I do not think that today I will smile, but now I read your letter and your letter brings joy to my heart and a smile on my face. XXXX I am writing this letter to you and again, dropping tears from my eyes. No, my love, I do not cry. It's just tears of happiness and gratitude to you for what you have left me alone in the lurch. Thank you my love! XXXX you wrote to me in your letter that you have a friend in St. Petersburg, and he can help me with money. Of course, I write you with the information hotel - hotel «Luxa Atlas», Address: Nevsky Prospect, 95. I live in a room at number 67. Your friend knows where this hotel? I think that if he lives in St. Petersburg, he should know this hotel. XXXX please talk with your friend and write me when exactly he will be able to help me with money. If he can come tomorrow, I promise all day to sit in the hotel and nowhere to go. Unfortunately my phone was stolen along with a bag, so that he could not give me a call. By the way, as the name of your friend? I would like to know his name before you meet with him. Write me an answer soon. ok. 
Well, I hasten to send you this letter. I hope that today you will receive my letter and reply immediately to me. XXXX my love, now I do not hope in anyone except you. Please try to help me, ok. 
I'll wait for your answer. 
Your woman Darina

Sent:      Tuesday, April 13, 2010 11:35:31 AM
Good day my sweetheart XXXX. Should I now ask you about your mood? Probably not. Today I am in the morning spoiled your mood to the letter and now I feel guilty in front of you. Please forgive me for broken spirits. XXXX believe me, I have today is very very very bad mood. It was just an awful night for me. Not slept all night and today from 5 am I am in the police. After my last letter to you this morning, the police took me to the police station and I was there this time. At the police station, detectives arrived, people came from my embassy and they asked me many many times to explain what happened that night. I was very lost count how many times that morning I gave testimony. I explained to them in detail, remembering all the details of the incident cases, but they are still asking the same questions. I do not understand that they still wanted to know from me, or maybe they simply wanted to put me to blame for everything? Nothing comforting today I did not hear from the police. They just told me that they will start an investigation, but how much it will last they do not know. XXXX do not know what to do now. I am now very upset and tears flow from my own eyes. It is very difficult and I do not want to be a day longer in this country. I am very scared and I was afraid to go out here on the street alone. I am very scared. This morning, I turned to my Embassy to help me go back home in Stralsund. I asked my embassy that they had bought me a return ticket, but in response to the embassy they told me that they now can not take any action until such time as no official statement from the police to close my case. If you say differently, then my embassy asked me to wait for the end of the investigation and only then they can help me. I asked my embassy how long I wait, but that no one knows. Maybe a week, maybe a month - I did not want to wait that long. I just go crazy for this time in this wild country. Recently, a negotiating point tried to get through to my work. I had hoped that they would help me, but the problem is that I work in a company does not officially. I get the money only for their work and they do not answer me. I just said so on the phone with my company even more unwilling to talk to me. It is very cruel and I'm just in shock from everything. All my money, credit card, cell phone, documents for work - all this was stolen along with my bag and now I'm just a hopeless situation. I do not know now, I go back to his home and to turn to for help? I tried to call my best friend, but her phone is not responding. Maybe she went back to her parents and her phone there is not responding. If my parents were alive, then I certainly would have appealed to them for help, but my parents are no longer alive. So I just do not to ask for help now, except you. Sweet Lord, forgive me now for my determination. God knows I never in my life no one asked for help. Always trying to leave the difficult situation itself, but now for the first time in my life I do not know what to do. I now need 320 euro to buy a return ticket to Stralsund, but I do not know where I can find here the money. I'm scared now, my love, I do not want to lose you, but if not for you, then where else should I contact? I cry now, and with tears in his eyes, I now ask you to help me get back to his home. I know that my request infuriate you. I also know that you are now losing confidence in me, but despite this I ask you to help me with money for a return ticket. XXXX I do not take this money from you for good. I will give you back the money as soon as I arrive in Stralsund. I've got money in my house, but here to pick them up from here I can not. Could you give me the money borrowed for a few days, if you can. If you do not help me, I do not know who to ask. Now I only hope you and the others I have lost my trust (I mean my work and the Embassy)
I'm afraid to send you this letter because I was afraid of upsetting you. But all my hopes to return home now, only in this letter. Can you think and if you can help me. I'll wait for your response and hope that you answer me today. 
Well, now I need sleep. I am very tired. I beg you, my love, write me as soon as you receive my letter. 
I love you and very very much miss you. 
Your Darina.

Sent:      Tuesday, April 13, 2010 2:25:50 AM
XXXX my love, I do not know who else to share with their grief and so I decided to write to you. I'm very hard on the heart and I am now sitting in the hotel all in tears. I need to talk, but I do not know where else I can ask for advice. Sweet Lord, just 4 hours ago everything was fine with me, but now I feel disgusting. I do not know how to write to you about what happened to me today. I just do not know where to start and I'm all in tears. Today, after work at night I returned to the hotel. The taxi driver drove me straight to the door of the hotel, but suddenly from behind a corner when three men and snapped at me. They hit me several times on his body, stripped off my shoulder my bag and fled in the opposite direction. All this happened within seconds and I was shocked. I was scared and could not do anything. I'll sit and think of it as a nightmare. I stole my bag, this bag were all my money, my credit card, my phone, documents for work and now all this stolen! I cry for a whole hour. Eyes already red from crying and I just do not know what to do now! I am glad I have now only one - is that my passport and visa remained with me. Passport and visa were in the pocket of my jacket and they do not have time to take it. Perhaps another more brave woman ran after them to return my bag, but I was very scared and I had no choice but to flee as soon as possible to his hotel. As soon as I ran to the hotel, I immediately asked to call police. But the police arrived half an hour later and it was too late to look for these people. The officer asked me to talk about what happened. I told them about all the details, but they do not tell me a good and just said that this is not the first time. The officer told me that I should thank God that I survived. XXXX me very hard. What should I do? Police said they would try to find these thieves, but I saw how they work and I just do not believe them. I think that they will not even look for them, because I'm still not a citizen of their country. Today I offered to go to my embassy, but is now too late here and hardly embassy is now open. So I contact the embassy only this morning. I do not know if I can now sleep at all. I'm afraid of everything. I'm shocked. I need consolation, but there is no one here beside me. I am alone in this wild country, and this thought I just harder. XXXX please, only you do not worry about me. If I know that you feel bad for me, I will be even worse. I do not want you to worry about for me, I just want emotional support from you. Tell me at least, that you love me, I'm sure that these words I feel better. I need you now, my love! Please my dear, just do not get angry at me because of what I write to you about her unhappiness. I had to speak out and save you I do not have anybody to appeal. For me you are the closest person. I love you, and after this letter to me now so much better. Feeling as if a heavy load fell from the soul. Please my love, just do not worry about me. I'm sure tomorrow everything will be fine and I have finally come home to this wild country. I never come here. Here, rough men with rough manners.
XXXX sorry, wanted to express everything, but the police came to my room. I'll write you later ... 
Your Darina.

Sent:      Monday, April 12, 2010 9:43:47 PM
Hello my sweet heart. How are you today without me? Missed are you for me, do you think of me at least sometimes? I do not know, but my heart now tells me that I'm always in your heart and in your thoughts. It is difficult for me here and the only one that thought sustains me and makes me happy. My love, I miss you very very very very very very very ... much!
My sweet, now almost 10 a night in St. Petersburg. You probably spend all day waiting for my letter, but I did not write to you. Please do not be angry at me. Today I have a very difficult day. A lot of documents that need to check and I did not know until now how many hours I'll be working today. It is very difficult, but I'll try to finish today, so tomorrow we go back to his home in Stralsund.
XXXX my sweet, please forgive me now for this short letter, but I have at the moment very little time. I hurry and now just wanted to tell you that I very much miss you and to your letter. Today, you have not written to me, but still very much looking forward to your response. So write me soon my dear.
XXXX I try today to do its work quickly. Maybe 2 or 3 hours I finish and then I promise to write you a long letter. I promise you that today I did not go to bed until they write you a letter. So do not be angry at me and wait for a letter from me later, ok. I'll write you from my laptop after work when I'm already in my hotel room.
Well, I should work now.
By the way, I even work for a lot of thinking about you. Yesterday, I myself do for a card and this card can tell you more about my feelings for you. Tell me if you like it.
Your and only your Darina.

Sent:      Sunday, April 11, 2010 1:59:13 PM
Hello my dear XXXX. How are you today without me? What is your mood on this spring weekend? You think about me or forgot about me? Do not get angry, this issue was just a joke! Of course I know what you think of me. I feel it my heart and I was very pleased when my man my thoughts are always with me. XXXX my sun, I'm sorry again for my next silence to you. Over the past 2 days I myself do not find a place for himself. I just go crazy without you. I think a lot about you, miss you very much, but to my great regret, I simply could not find time to write you until today. I remember in my last letter I promised you to write it before my departure to Russia. You are probably waiting for my letter? XXXX I really wanted to write to you on Friday night, but unfortunately the preparations for my trip turned out for me very difficult. It was necessary to prepare many documents on Friday. I was sitting almost until 3 am on my work, and then I just physically could not do anything. I was very tired, especially at 9 am I had been to fly to Moscow and so I decided to write nothing to you on a Friday and decided to write to you later in Moscow. XXXX my dear, at this moment I am already in Moscow. I arrived yesterday afternoon and yesterday, once the airport took up his work. Toured branches of our company in Moscow. Scanned documents and almost all have already signed a contract for further cooperation. Today at 5 pm I will be the last meeting and if all goes well, today I fly to St. Petersburg. This city will be the last of my trip. There are only 3 of our branch of the company and if I manage to do all things for tomorrow with them, the day after tomorrow I will be able to go back to his home in Stralsund. So my trip will be very quick and I hope that as this is exciting news for you.
You know XXXX, lately I think a great deal about you. The fact that I did not write you every day, does not mean that I forgot about you. I would like you to remember that you are always in my thoughts and always think of you. Even at work, you do not go out with my head and I now feel that I was in love with you. Strange sen me now inside. My heart beats very fast and sometimes even fingers tremble when I click on the keys on my laptop. Maybe I have really fallen in love with you? Do not believe in such love through letters, but every time I feel that I was wrong. Today we have already April 11. There is not much to our meeting and every day I am more excited. I worry about a sudden I do not like you and you just do not want to see me! Or it might be such that you just do not want to meet me! These thoughts are increasingly upset me. With his last letter I sent it to you my candid photos, but you might not think why I decided to show you myself? Frankly you, those pictures that I sent you did not see any men. You're the first man who saw my candid photos, and all that I did just for you to believe in the sincerity of my attitude towards you. These photographs I wanted to tell you that I'm seriously going to build a serious relationship with you to create a family and no games in a sense. Now I'm sitting at my laptop and write this letter to you, but in my heart I wonder whether you love me? XXXX honestly! Tell me you could love me for life? Or do you just want to meet me and spend time with me? I really need to answer this question, but on the other hand your future answer scares me. I just do not want to be left with a broken heart and I do not know how I am now to be. It is very difficult. XXXX in my letter, I once had promised to call you on the phone. Until now, it did not, and I am now more sorry about that. Of course I could call you now with Russia, but from here it will be very expensive to call. Very expensive roaming charges. So it would be better if I call you after I return home Stralsund. I think it will be after tomorrow night. I would like to speak with you on the phone before our meeting and we could call to discuss the matter with you all the details of our meeting. Do you agree with me? Well, I would hope that you send me the phone number where I can get you and will always expect me to call the day after tomorrow evening. 
So, I now turn. Today I will be at 5 o'clock meeting and I must prepare for the meeting. I look forward to your response and hope you will write me soon. Now I write to you until tomorrow, when I do the work in St. Petersburg. I wish you a merry weekend. 
I love you and miss you very much !!! 
Your Darina.

Sent:      Thursday, April 08, 2010 4:45:31 PM
Hello again my dear XXXX. All day today I have some not understandable. I have a lot of work, a lot of contracts, which need to check, but the thought of you makes me tune in to work. Today, I keep thinking of you, our emergency meeting and it is like madness !!! Maybe I have to go crazy? Or I fell in love with you? In the last letter I wrote to you was that I do not believe in love through the Internet. I really stick to this idea, but now I feel inside myself that I may be wrong about this love? Maybe this love really exists? XXXX please forgive me for my reasoning, but I myself do not understand what is happening to me. I have a feeling that I was mad. Maybe I go crazy on you? You know XXXX, before sitting down to write you this letter I am somewhere quarter of an hour sitting at my work computer and looked at your pictures that you sent me. Every picture I looked at your attention and sometimes I get the desire to just hug you. XXXX you that never was? You never feel like looking at my photos? Do not be ashamed to admit me, if you feel the same way to me. I myself am now too embarrassed to write to you about their feelings, but I want to be sincere with you and so I now confess to you in this. I hope you do not laugh at me because of my confession.
XXXX today we have April 8. There is not much time before our meeting. More and more I think about our meeting and with this thought I detected a lot of questions. For example: what if we do not like each other when we meet? What then? We just leave and disperse in different directions? Or we'll still continue to meet? XXXX how do you do if I do not like you? Of course, I do not want to think about it, before our meeting, but I was curious to know about your reaction to this situation. To tell you about his reaction, I'm not going to go. I think if you and I will not come for a serious relationship, then because we still could not stay with your friends and meet with you as friends. Do you agree with me? What are your thoughts on this? Be honest! I hope you agree with me. XXXX now about sex. Forgive me for such a direct question to you, but you would like to have sex with me during this one week? I know that this is not cultural to ask such questions directly, but I want to be honest with you, and so important to me your answer on this topic. My personal opinion - I'm not against sex with you. Could you just do not think badly of me. I am not a woman of easy virtue, but if we are to link more serious relationship with you, then why not? XXXX I already flushed with shame. It is hard to admit it, but if we're going to meet with you, we must be very honest with you. That is why today I write to you all that I think. I hope you will think badly of me and you can just as sincerely answer me. Although a little try to answer, ok. Very much look forward to your response on this topic.
So now the news. Today in the short letter I wrote to you was that I have news for you, but not immediately written to you about this, because I did not have much time. But now I want to share with you this news.  XXXXnext day at 9 am I am going to Russia for the company. In Russia there are branches of our company and I need to make an agreement with them for further cooperation. I'm going about not 4 days, and if all goes well, on April 14 evening, I go back to Stralsund. First, I must go to Moscow, then in St. Petersburg and then I go back. Do not worry, my mission will not prevent our meeting. XXXX, I'll take my laptop and I'll write you every day. I do not want to lose contact with you, so I will tell you about each news item. That such news I have today for you.
So, once again got a long letter to you. Perhaps I have forgotten how to write short letters and always get my letter long. I hope you're not tired of reading it? XXXX I miss you very much. Please do not torment me and write me a letter soon. I always eagerly await your response.
Now I have to go back to work. Today, I probably will not have time to write to you, but I promise to write to you tomorrow. Today I have a lot contracts and all that is necessary to check until tomorrow. Again, gently kiss you on both cheeks !!!
I miss you already !!!
Your Darina.

Sent:      Thursday, April 08, 2010 11:41:49 AM
Hello my dear man. We now have in Stralsund almost 12 o'clock and I'm in the office of my company. I am currently very busy and I have a lot of paperwork, but despite this I decided to check my mail. I really wanted to see your letter, but checked my inbox, I never saw a letter from you. It's a bit upset me. I hope all is well with you and you still write to me? I would very much like to write to you long letter, but unfortunately the time I have now very little. We must now finish the work with contracts, so I now only short letter to you. I'll write you later in the evening after work and by the way, to tell you about the news. I've got news for you, but more on that later in the letter, ok.
Well, I must hurry now. I wish you a successful day and do not forget to check your mail and write me. I will write you a letter today.
Already miss you my man!
Your Darina.


Sent:      Wednesday, April 07, 2010 4:05:15 PM
Hello my dear XXXX. Just yesterday you wrote a letter today already received your answer. I am very pleased and grateful for what you told me so soon. Thanks !!! XXXX in my yesterday's letter I wrote to you was that I take seriously our first meeting and therefore would like to meet you at the end of April. Believe me it was not a joke and I write you this sincerely. Today, I thought much about it and certainly think a lot about my feelings for you. I do not understand how it happens, but with each letter I feel that I am closer to you. No, I tell you that I love you. I mean now friends. For the love we still know very little of each other and the more hardly fall in love with the person through letters. Or are you a different opinion? XXXX you may think differently. Many say that love through the Internet is possible and that a letter can be much better to know a person, but personally I think it's just unreal. Even if you think logically, how you can fall in love with a man who never met in reality? It's just a virtual love. In my opinion, a virtual love - this is just a game of feelings. And I do not want to play. The more I look for a serious relationship for marriage, so for me meeting is very important. XXXX to tell you about the man of my dreams, then I most interested in him his inner world. I do not look rich, beautiful blond with a villa on the beach. The physical quality is not important to me, just does not matter the age. Let it be 20 years or 70 years, let the opposite - it is not important to me. For me it is more important qualities such as diligence, kindness, sincerity, ability to respect the opinions of others, understanding, compassion, love, etc. Maybe my search is terrific, but I believe that there is such a man in this world. I do not reject the idea that this man can be you, because I feel that you are a good man. For someone you're a good friend, for parents an obedient son, maybe for me, you can be caring husband? Tell me honestly XXXX, you would like me to be your wife? Forgive me for such a frank question now. I know that I rush time, but sooner or later, we still will have to ask each other this question. Am I not right? No, I'm not asking you to answer me this question directly in your letter. I myself was not able to respond immediately and of course you can think about it. But when they met on my vacation I hope that you deliberately give me your answer. I would hope so.
So, has already passed the half hour, as I write you this letter. Itself is a little tired. I got a letter very long, so I'll stop here. I hope you do not get tired to read my letter and would soon answer me.
Gently kiss you on both cheeks. (I hope you enjoy).
Write to me soon.
Now I can confidently say - your friend Darina.

Sent:      Tuesday, April 06, 2010 7:18:46 PM
I'm sitting at work and think about you. Perhaps you would be interested to know that I'm seriously treat you! This is not a lie. I really hope for something more from our friends and perhaps we could have with you a more serious relationship? Of course, this depends primarily on our meeting, but I would like also to know what thoughts you have about this? Would you be willing to have a serious relationship with me to create a family? Could you give me an honest answer. If you honestly, I always dreamed of a happy family. My dream now is to find my only man with whom I can live in the joy of my life. I do not care of his physical qualities. Let it be young or old - it's all about his inner world. Like every woman I want to care, I want love, attention and waiting for all this from my men. Forgive me that I was so open in front of you, but I think you need to know about it. Now I'm clean before you as a transparent sheet and you may even already know the truth of my search. I hope I'm not shocked you this letter. I'll look forward to your reply.
Sincerely Darina.

Sent:      Tuesday, April 06, 2010 7:11:55 PM
Hello XXXX. Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry ... ! Please take me a thousand "sorry" for my long silence to you. You probably already thought that I did not write to you? XXXX please just do not get angry at me because of my silence to you. Believe me, I did not lose interest in you and you are still interesting for me, but unfortunately I could not write to you because this Easter, I had to go to his home in Latvia. Because of this departure, I could not write to you. Forgive me that I did not warn you about my departure. Somehow it all with my departure was settled very quickly and I just did not have time to write to you about this in the letter. So again I ask your forgiveness and so I ask you not to be angry at me for my long silence to you. I hope you will forgive me.
XXXX I wanted to ask you about how you celebrate Easter? You go to church or you do not believe in God? Unfortunately I do not wait too long to congratulate you on Easter, but it is better to congratulate late than never. It is Passover week, so what else can I congratulate you on Easter. "Happy Easter!" If you tell me, then at Easter I was in my home town of Jurmala, Latvia. Every Easter I go to my hometown, especially my parents are buried there. I wanted to be closer to them and that's why I had to go to my hometown. My God, before that I was not 8 months in Jurmala. If honest, I initially did not recognize my city - Jurmala became even more beautiful. I've walked through the streets of the city and thought of all those times when I lived here. The house my parents had not changed. He's still the same, though they live there quite strange to me men. I wanted to go to visit them, just to see my house, my room, but then changed her mind. I do not know, perhaps I just did not want to disturb those people. Also I had many memories of the Apostolic Church of Vladimir in Jurmala. I went there for an Easter service, but was not there very long. Incidentally, this is the church where my mom always took me. My mother believed in God and also taught me to believe in him. So I have my whole life to believe in God and believe that God is always with us. By the way my computer is an old photo of the church, and I send you a photo with this letter. Maybe you'll be interested to see the church where I prayed as a child.
XXXX in the last letter I wrote to you was that we could meet with you in the cafe and get to know each other. Yesterday I thought a lot about it and decided that it would not be bad for us and our acquaintance. That is, I want to tell you that I'm willing to meet with you, but only a little later in April. What do you think, if we arrange our meeting with you at the end of April? Example 20 or 21 April? I will have vacation from work for 2 weeks from 19 April to 2 May and would be able to visit you in town for at least a week. Do you agree? If you are busy at your work, then do not worry. For me it's not a problem and I can always wait for you to work. For example, we could meet in the evening, if you're a busy day. XXXX please give me your honest answer if you agree to meet with me during this time. Unfortunately for me the only time in April to meet with you. The rest of the time I have to work. So I hope that you will give me a positive response.
Well, we still have almost 20 days in order to know each other closer through letters. I would first be confident in you and then I come to you in your city. So write me more about yourself and the course of your life. I was just interested to know all about you.
So now I must again to continue my story myself. In the last letter I wrote to you was that I was in the next letter tell you more about my work, so today I decided to write to you in detail about his case. Like I wrote to you in my letter, I am working a sales representative in the company SUKOTEC GmbH & Co. KG. This company is engaged in the device, repair and sale of various types of equipment. (Telephone, TV, computer, accessories, etc.). I work in this company is not officially my wages depend only on myself. Basically at work I have made a contract with customers for sales of equipment and my salary is dependent on the number of contracts that I conclude this month. Of course this is a tough job, but I like it. I travel a lot for Germany, as many traveled to Europe several times already in your country. So if I come to you, then it will not be the first time for me. I know it would not be culturally from my side, but I would like to report my wages. I get an average 3500 - 4200 euro per month. I find it interesting, you get more? Can not answer this question, if you are not comfortable sharing it.
XXXX on the telephone conversation or a chat with you. I know that you would now like to talk to me on the phone or would like to talk in a chat with me, but unfortunately I must now refuse to give you all this. Please forgive me, but I think that for us now, it would be better to know each other through letters. At least the first 2 weeks, then I promise you to write you my cell phone number and I will even agree to talk with you in yahoo messenger, if you wish. XXXX I ask you to understand me. First it would not give the phone number of cultural stranger, and secondly, I now want to know you only through letters. I think that a letter can be much better to know people and even you can understand his inner world. That's why I want to now communicate with you only via email. I hope you understand me and will not get mad at me.
So, I'll stop now. I just have to wait for your answer and I hope that you will answer me soon. Please do not make me wait for your answer and write me soon. Eagerly await your next reply.
Sincerely Darina.

PS: ))))) I send you another my picture. I will wait as more photos from you.

Sent:      Tuesday, March 30, 2010 10:14:52 PM
Good night. This again wrote to you Darina from Stralsund. I just wanted to ask you now, did you receive my letter yesterday? I wrote it to you yesterday in a letter about yourself, but never saw your reply today. That is why I ask the question now, did you receive my letter? Or perhaps you're just busy now, and therefore did not answer me? Please let me know. I just wanted to tell you now that I'm waiting for your response and hope that you soon answer me. I would hope to see your letter soon.
Sincerely Darina.

Sent:      Monday, March 29, 2010 8:51:53 PM
I am here in my computer has found my profile. Here is some interesting information about me. You can look at my profile and learn more about me.
I look forward to your response. Kiss!!!
Regards Darina.

Sent:      Monday, March 29, 2010 8:44:12 PM
Hello XXXX. It's your name? Very beautiful name - I like it.
So, you wrote to me and honestly admit that your answer is very happy to me. Thank you for what you do not have ignored and looked responded to my message. Tell me honestly that you are interested in me anymore. My appearance or meeting with me in a cafe? Give me your answer, honestly! Of course it would be very interested to meet you at the cafe, and over a cup of hot coffee to learn more about each other, but you do not think we could meet with you right now? Please do not think that I now refuse his invitation. No, of course I agreed to meet with you, but I think that first we need to know each other a little through letters and only then think about the meeting. Do you agree with me? Personally, I think it would be correct.
Well, this is my second intro letter and I think I need more to write to you about myself. As you already know, my name is Darya, or for friends Darina. You can call me Darina, unless of course you both prefer. I am 29 years old, was born April 19, 1980. (By the way, after 22 days is my birthday). I am not married and have no children. By nationality I am Latvian. I was born in the beautiful resort city of Jurmala, Latvia. Approximately 3 years ago my parents died in a car accident and after their death, I moved to live and work in Germany. Now I live in the beautiful city of Stralsund, which is located on the Baltic coast. About my family I probably will not write you a lot, because nothing to write. I was the only daughter of my parents and now, after death, I was left alone. So my family - it is only me alone. In Stralsund I work with a sales representative in the company SUKOTEC GmbH & Co. KG. Maybe you heard about this company? My company is engaged in the device, the sale of radio and television goods, sound recording or reproducing apparatus, accessories, etc. If you would be interested, I can write you more about my work, but only later in another letter. About my nature. By nature I am calm and not aggressive woman. My friends would say about me that I am interesting, sociable, friendly woman. From myself I can just tell you that I'm hardworking. I work hard and love my job. I hope this is not a minus for you? Just some men do not like women who work hard and so important for me is a fact. So what are your thoughts on this? Do you like women hardworking?
I refer to you so many questions, but I do not know where to start. So maybe if you do write to me about yourself without any problems? It is important that a person could tell about myself, and correspondence, questions and answers "is not very interesting. You will agree with me? So I will wait from you your resume on your life and your kind!
So, I dwell on this. Once again, thank you for what you told me and I hope that I will soon get the same response to this letter. I wish you a pleasant day and a kiss for you in check.
Regards Darina.

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Hallo. Mijn Dutch is niet erg goed, dus ik schrijf u in het Engels. Ik hoop dat u mij begrijpt.
First, I wanted to tell you that you are very handsome man. I just looked at your profile on dating site and must confess to you that you liked me.
Secondly, I want to apologize for my insolence. I know the rules of decency not to interfere in other people's cultural life, but I could not restrain myself and decided to write to you. To me now there is a very great desire to know you better and so I write you this

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Re: Darina <>
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Eingeliefert über Rumänien

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Location	 RO, Romania
City	Baia Mare, 25 -
Organization	RCS & RDS S.A.
ISP	Romania Data Systems
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I am 29 years old, was born April 19, 1980. (By the way, after 22 days is my birthday). I am not married and have no children. By nationality I am Latvian. I was born in the beautiful resort city of Jurmala, Latvia

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Re: Darina <>
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Von Valeriya können wir dir ein ganzes Buch erzählen.

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inetnum: -
netname: UK2-NET
country: GB
address: One Canada Square, Canary Wharf
address: London
address: UK 

Date for Russia.

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