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Veronika <>
20. April 2010 um 17:24
Hello, dear stranger! Glad to get acquainted with you! You must be wanted to know about me more? I am with pleasant tell you about myself! My name is Veronika. I was born in ancient town Slavyanoserbsk, in Luhansk region. Here so beautiful streets and buildings! Ad also a lot of ancient churches! When you are walking down the streets, you like fall in past… Ancient houses, castles, road making from the stones, coaches…Unforgettable feelings! Have you ever been to Slavyanoserbsk??? Maybe in other towns in Ukraine? What are you impressions? My birthday 15th of March, I am 27, I was born in spring, and for this I like warm seasons, spring and summer… I love summer; because out the door warmth, we take off clothes, go to the sea. When is your birthday? Do you like summer? Or you prefer winter, when you can play snowball. Smiley. I like animals very much, that is why I am a veterinarian by my profession. I have pets: I have two dogs, a big one – Gigant, and a small one – Lady. I choose this profession because it is closer to me- treat animals and care. They are so unprotected…Most of my friends were against my choice, they said that is no prestige to be a veterinarian in Ukraine. But I chose this profession by my soul. Now they came to me with their pets for a help or for advice. Where do you work? Do you get tired on job? You chose your future profession by yourself or someone advised you? After work I like rest at home with the cap of coffee on the sofa, read some book, to talk with my parents. Inot often to go somewhere. For me my
house- it is my castle, I prefer stay here. Of course sometimes I visit my grandparents and friends on weekend or they came to me. What do you usually do in you free time? How do you relax? I live with my sister, but I am adult now and understand that it is time to search my second half and create our own cozy nest. My parents live not far. In the village. I don’t say that my sister drives me out from flat, she is a kind girl her name is Vera, she is 24. And my parents are also kind people… I love them and they me! My mother is a librarian, she is 50 years old, my father a loader, he is 55 years old. Relations in our family are very friendly. I never feel myself lonely in my childhood.
And I want that in my family were 2 or 3 children; they will support each others and help in everything. Do you have a sister or brother?
How are your parents? You know, I believe that I find a good man and he becomes my husband, we will live in light house with our children.
We will love each other till the death separates us… In what you believe? Tell me about yourself more… Waiting for you replay Smiley. With regard, Veronika.

Tschechischer Pornostar Jana Cova

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Re: Veronika <>
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