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Gabriel <>
15. März 2010 um 11:41
Hi Leute, Scam oder Noscam


WOW this it will be my first email that I will write you Smiley And I am glade that you have write me on that Internet dating site and also you have give me your email address to write you and to know each other much good . First till you write me your e-mail address there i belive that the date site it is a bad site and i was thinking to search for something else . Thank you very much again for writing me there and giving me your email address and i hope that maybe we will become friends and maybe much more if you want the same and if we will be compatible . 

First I want to say that I am so so so sorry for my bad english , I am not talking or writing so good my english and maybe it will be a problem for us to talk on internet Griesgrämig( So my english it is not good i know this , and look if you will not understand something or if you will feel that i need to write you ano much time or i don`t know if you feel that you don`t understand something from what I write you please with all of my heart tell me and I will try my best to write you one much time, and i will try to translate you much good in english . ALso you should know that here in Romania we don`t speak english and my first leanguage and born leanguage it is Romanian leanguage .Ohhh.. I belive that first i need to describe my self not to talk about something else Smiley) maybe now you think who I am from the date site Smiley) Hey I am that brunette that you have write . Smiley) You remeber me or not ? Smiley you have give me your email adrees on the date site. My real name it is Gabriel but you can tell me Gabi ... it is a little short Smiley It is the name of the angel from Bible , but i don`t know if I am am an angel or a damon Smiley) or i don`t know if you think that I am beautiful or ugly Smiley we will see Smiley) I jocke ! Smiley) I am born here in my town where i live right now , Galati , on the date of 10 April 1983 . I have 26 year old right now but in the on 10 April this year I will have 27 year old.. i will get old with 1 year Smiley) So you will need to prepare to come at my birthday party with a big present Smiley) I am jocking with this ! Smiley) About my I am brunete Smiley I have a job like a secretary , at i am happy that right now I am working because here in Romania are a lot of problems with the jobs and alos because this financiar crises all over the planet . I am Christian-Ortodox .

I want to tell you from begging something that I am not a video chat women or something , many ask me for the nude pictures and I don`t like this at all , i am not a prostitute or something ... and also I don`t know how to use a computer very good and you need to know that I don`t know how to use "mesanger" or other stuff .. I am a normal women that try find somebody special .. i tell you this beacause... i have some bad experince and some are writing me bad things about sex and i really don`t want to talk about sex and etc.. I want you to know that right now I just write to you and to nobody else ... okay ??? And I really hope that you will not ask me question about sex beacause I don`t want to talk about sex on the Internet.. and ask me for chat online... and etc i don`t have a computer home also and I start to use the computer just for few mouths and internet for few weeks.. Griesgrämig(

I write on the date site that I am not Miss Perfect . So I am not perfect and i think that all people have defectes and nobody from this planet it is perfect . Also I write that I am not trying to find Mr Perfect beacaue of the same think . We are not perfect , some are ugly but they are smart , some womens are so beautiful and are top models but they they the brain so small and they can think and talk much things , some mans are good looking but when they open the mouth they don`t know how to talk with womens , or they are not so polite . and you can have some types of exemples beacause I think you have muc experince in your life that me . But I bealive that all people have something , i don`t know how to say, something that it is good, I think everybody have a good part and we need to look at that part . For me.. you need to know it is important to find a man that he will not cheat me , a good man with a good heart that can know how to treat with a women , a man that it will love me and it will care about me, i want a man that i can wait him home and to cook for him and to jump in his arms when he come home from the work and etc . I don`t care if it is poor and don`t have monies , monies come and monies go.. and monies we can have it togheter working togheter ... i tell you this because i know that the womens from this days think only at the luxury things at the monies and the expneisve car clothes... and I want to you to see from begging that I am not matterialist or some time of the women that wait just from his husband to work .

I have a defect , in that i don`t think that it is a defect , but many people use the persone that have this "defect" like me , So i am very sincery persone , I am a honest persone, and always I say the true and all true . Smiley I say this beacause if you are honest if you say always the true , people can use you or they think that you are stupid or something , I have some friends that i was sincery and they cheat on me , and also I have exboyfriends and beacause I was honest , i don`t cheat them and I was scincery with them , and I don`t hide nothing from them... i find that they cheat me with other womens and they tell me only lies.. Griesgrämig( I will tell you much about this if we will become close friends . Are you sincery are you honest ??

I make some worries again  Griesgrämig( beacause I don`t know... i feel that maybe you will not understand nothing from my english Griesgrämig( and maybe you will not understand Griesgrämig( please feel free and not hide me that my english it is good.. please promise me if you will not understand something please tell me and I will try hard and hard to explain you what I want to say , i have also an old dictionary at home from english to romanian and from romanian in english and i will try to consult this.. Okay ??

Like I have say I have a job , I am working like chief secretary and assisten for a firm , here in Galati , it is a not big firm , They make dilivery for a firms that make constructions , like blocks houses etc , i don`t know how to translate good to understand . It is a firm named "Petrica SRL" that delivery materials thinks for the other firm here in Galati.. Griesgrämig( I don`t know how to translate .. please forgive me on this i hope you understand something . I don`t have big salary , but i survive with the monies that I have learn from this . in fact like I have say allready people here in galati, and also in Galati also have a lot of problems finding a job , and the price are very expensive and we need to work for little monies Griesgrämig this is bad... but we try to survive, and i am happy beacause I am working and I like to work , and even that I will find a husband I will not like to stay home , i want to work too , not only my husband . Woth the monies that I learn I have my parents and i give monies in the house for paing the energy , food etc.. There in your town people have jobs , there people have problems with the financiar crises that hit all over the world ??

I want to ask you something .. Why you are entering on this date site ?? And for what type of relationship are you locking please be honest with me . And i think it was nice if I will tell your first.. so please again answer to this question and tell me why you are on the Internet dating site and for what are you looking ? Okay ?? My answer at this question it is that I want to find a good man , a honest man , a man that it will never dissapoint me , a man that i can joke and maybe to start to make plans to make a family and to have a house togheter . Yes I want to find a husband and this is why i try to find on the this Internet dating .

Also I want to ask you what you want to know much about me ?? DO you have some questions for me ???

I hope you will not get borring reading my email , and I hope you will recive my email and you will readed all and you reply me back . I will try to check again my email tommorow to see if you write me or not . I hope you will reply me back beacaue I want to read about you and to know you better . I hope you will have a nice day with no problems ! Write me soon and send me some pictures with you ! I wait !!

Bye Bye !


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Re: Gabriel <>
Antwort #1 - 15. März 2010 um 12:03
Ich finde kein Hinweis in der Herkunft, ob der Mail aus Rumänien ist.
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Re: Gabriel <>
Antwort #2 - 15. März 2010 um 12:42
@ leonidas

Richtig - das ist eine Inline-Mail von Google.

Der Herkunftsort ist nicht feststellbar.
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Re: Gabriel <>
Antwort #3 - 15. März 2010 um 13:04
Gleiche Schreibweise und Google-Inline-Mails wie bei uns bereits im Forum bekannt unter:

Gabi / Gabby <> <> <> <> <>


Gabriel <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

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