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Elena <>
08. März 2010 um 00:21
Hi Leute,

Ich werde von vielen schönen Frauen überhäuft die sich in mir verliebt haben *gähn*. 
Ich würde gerne wissen, es bei diese Dame um eine Scammerin handelt. 
Ich habe die Namen, E-Mail etc. gegoogelt aber nichts gefunden. 
Ich bin ein Anfänger was Mails analysieren angeht. Vielen dank im voraus für die Hilfe.

Hello XXXX.

Very nice to meet you.
I am very pleased that you are interested in my profile. I read your profie, and you are nice.
How can we educate a girl, I know that girls should not be considered, but I wrote to you because I felt in you something native.
I would very much like to our communication continued. And we each letter to know each other better.
I want to be honest with you, and tell you all that you are interested. 
You can ask questions. And honestly, I will answer you. And I hope you'll too, is honest with me.
As  you  already know, my name is elena, and I live in Russia. My
birthday 10.07. I am 27 years old. I think so at first I'll tell you about myself. I live in Ekaterenburg. 
My mother died when she gave birth to me. My dad's military. And a very strict man.
He alone has brought me. And all his life, he loved only my mother. His room is a portrait of her. 
She was very beautiful. And I really like her. Tell me about your family?
I graduated from university. By education, I'm an economist, but worked as the manager of promotion. 
This is a very interesting work. I work a lot and I have not been on leave for two years. What are you doing? 
Do you like your profession?
I would very much like to find someone who would appreciate not only my appearance, but also my soul. 
Listen to me. Treated me with kindness and gentleness.
And I hope you're not going to play with me in the game. And honestly going to answer all my questions. 
I do not like is not sincere. 
I would really like to get acquainted with a man who would be knighted, was able to stand up for their love, family.
I am fond of yoga for a long time. I've been taking lessons 3 times a week.

While I was doing it, I grew to 2 cm Are you fond of sports? What do you like doing in your spare time?
I very much want our friendship continued. I'll wait for your letter.

P.S. I am sending you a couple of my photos.

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Re: Elena <>
Antwort #1 - 08. März 2010 um 06:58

Eingeliefert über Deutschland, Alice-DSL!

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