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05. März 2010 um 01:06
MY BELOVED I am sorry for enchroaching your privacy .please bears with me. I am Mrs. Rita ferlman from Oman but reside in London, I am a distributor in Shell U.K. Limited here in London ,but I am now retired .please I don’t want you to feel for me because of this .I was diagnosed breast cancer for long time now and I have went for so many surgery to no avail., because of this I have abandoned in the hospital because of I am an orphan and the specialist told me that my live is in line that I had just a few months to live in this planet earth as I wait for my own death. Now I that I have sin that’s why this kind of sickness is befall on me. meanwhile I have deposited a huge amount of money which no one knows about it in Barclays bank here in London (5million pounds) if you are willing to help me and my last wish is for you to secure it and dispatched it to the less privileged ones, like orphanage home,churches,mosqu es and temples. I have set aside 40%of this money for you personal use. NB: Remember that I am not the one that writes this letter in person is the help of a caring nurse. Finally I will like you to contact my lawyer if you willing to help me .Below is his contact address: Name: BARR.JOHN.ELIOT Email address:attorneyjoh neliotchamber1@gmail .com Mobile number: +447011138560 Best regard Mrs. Rita Ferlman Email address:ferlman_rit

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Re: Rita <> <> <> <>
Antwort #1 - 05. März 2010 um 02:09
@ bounty-hunter

Bitte auch hier noch einmal anschreiben, damit wir einen Header bekommen.

Gelistet bereits bei Scamwarners Smiley


Mail addresses used

IP = = Lagos, Nigeria

Die Bilder, die bei Scamwarners verwendet wurden und auch das Bild auf ihrem Yahoo-Messi, zeigen ein Model mit dem Namen KU'ULEI von Focus Hawaii Smiley

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