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Ekaterina <>
15. Februar 2010 um 19:18
I've had conversation with this girl for the last month. I don't know if she is real or not. Before last saturday her email adress never popped up on search engines as Google. I never found her picture on anti-scam sites.

She never asked for money yet. After an angry email about finding her on this site she still claims to be interested in real love and not money.

Maybe someone here can help me out if this is a setup? I've been cautious with information right from the start, because I found websites about Russian scams right from the first time I searched on Google for information.

I will send her an email today, asking again for information I can validate somewhere to see if her interest is real and not a scam. 


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Re: Ekaterina <>
Antwort #1 - 22. Februar 2010 um 23:01
Found another email adress <>on a Dutch language Russian scam site.  
Got like 15 different pictures, and also got about 10 different emails.
Emails go far. Very far. Like I'm her prince on a white horse and she wants kids.

Hello! How are you? You have written to me after I have given you mine
e-mail adress on dating site and I am glad. I see your letter and to me it is very pleasant
that you have paid me your attention. I do not know what to write to you because
it is my first correspondence on the Internet.  We begin correspondence and I wish to tell to you
at once that the purpose of my correspondence with you - friendship,
serious relation, possibly big love, who know. I wish to tell to you a little about myself.
My name is Ekaterina, me of 29 years. I was not married and I have no children.
I live in Russia, in the city of Kazan. I wish ask at you, it is a problem that I live far from you?
I think that the distance not should be a problem for love, as age, nationality. The love is strong feeling which can
to bring happiness to people. The love of feeling which proceeds from heart and
soul. Possibly you have a question why I search the man in other country why I do not search the man in Russia?
I can answer this question without problems. I do not want relation with the Russian man
because they bad, do not want a family, they think only of itself, they think
about alcoholic drinks, about sex with the girl for one night. If we write each other and in the future
we will have feelings each other, we can organise a meeting, we live in the modern world
and we have a lot of possibility for it. It is only mine the first little letter
about itself. But at first I will wait from you the answer to my letter.
If you answer this my letter and will be interested in me
I will write to you more about me. If you have any questions that can ask me.
I send you my photo that you saw as I look. I hope also to receive your photo.
I now finish the letter and I hope soon to receive your letter. Take
care. Ekaterina.

Hello ***!
Today I have checked up mine e-mail because I wait your replay and I
was very glad to see your letter. This is my next letter to you because I see your answer.  
This means that to you liked i and for you not problem that I from Russia, so? I very much
glad that you have decided to continue to write to me. In this letter I want
tell to you about that what purpose my correspondence with you and a little
more details about me. I am loving, romantic, gentle,
honest, careful girl, I think that to you will be good together with
me:) I was born on May, 12th, 1980 in the city of Kazan.
to me already 29 years but I lonely and have not beloved
man. And only therefore I have decided to address in the Internet for search
men of my life, love of my heart. You very much liked me with
first time. I trust you that you have sincere intentions on
serious relation with me. I know that we should learn
each other it is more. I think time will show to us that will be in the future. Who
knows, can be we intended destiny to be together. I now live
one, separately from my parents. My parents live near to Kazan,
in small village. But I visit them on weekend. I sincere with you from the first letter
because I not small and understand that the serious relation should
to be based on sincerity, on honesty. I think that you not bad
man, I can trust you? I do not understand why cannot find till now the man of my heart,
the man of my life with which I will be happy. And also I do not know why you could not find your second half.
I read in newspapers, saw on the Internet that
many happy pairs have found so each other through the Internet. You think
it is possible - to find love through Internet? I hope that we in each letter will learn about
each other more, and sometime we will meet and we will be together. You also think about it
so or not? Now it is a little about my work. I work in gallery of displays of paintings as the museum worker.
To me very much it is pleasant this work. Many visitors of gallery every day come and I
meet and communicate with new people which also are close to culture and painting as well as I.
Mathieu and where you work? You know from this letter still
little bit more about me. it not mine last letter to you, I will wait your answer.
I hope that you will not lose interest to me and we will continue our correspondence.
Will be yet better if we also can speak on the phone. Please write me your phone number and I will call to you.
I send some photo from my work that you represented where I work. I will wait your letter.
I kiss you and wait your letter. Ekaterina


Hello again my friend ****! What happiness for me again to
see the letter from you. How there has passed your day? What weather
at you? What news you have? Weather here not cold, only - 10. It is very pleasant to me
to correspond with you and to learn every day about you more. Now my day became more
joyful because of correspondence with you. Now I check every day my
mail and I hope to see there your letter. I do not wish to lose
correspondence with you, I do not know what to write in this letter. I long thought 
and have decided to write shortly about my life. I have been born near to Kazan, in
village where now there live my parents. My parents name Ivan and
Olga. I have also sister, her name is Irina. We very good sisters. 
After I have left school I have gone to study to
Kazan in university. I studied there 5 years. I have finished economic
faculty. After the termination of university I searched for work but
could not find good work. The life not easy and is difficult for
finding in Russia especially to young people without experience to find
work. And consequently I have again come back in village to my
parents. There I lived 2 years, but could not live any more so. To me
was already then 26 years. I already thought of that how to care of my
parents. I understood that so long I cannot live at the expense of my
parents. I understood that my parents have made all the best, have
brought up me only to good manners. And after that I have again gone
to Kazan. There by means of my friend, I have found work. I am
very grateful to my best friend Olga. She helped me find work and
now I work 2 years as the museum worker. So go one year after other year,
but I am not happy. I think of creation of a happy family, about
children which in the future will care of me. I meet with the man
6 months ago. We very much good spent time also that man very much
liked me. His name Anton. We even lived together during some time.
But it has appeared the present geek. Once I have come back from work
before usual time and Anton did not wait it. He has brought the
girl in my apartment and had with it there sex. I saw them together,
they laid on a bed. After that I have expelled him from my apartment.
It for me was the big shock. And after that my opinion on Russian men
has changed very strongly. I understand what not all men such as Anton,
but all the same I any more do not wish to concern with Russian men. I
think therefore also I have made a choice to find the man from other
country for creation of the happy future. You see how many many
difficulties I saw in my life. I sometimes think, why me suffer be
all time lonely? Really I till the end of days of my life will be one
and nobody will love me? I have got tired of such life. I want
love, my heart wants it. I think from this letter you have learnt yet
more about me. ****, if you can that tell to me more about your life, about
your parents, about your last love and the relation with the girl??? I
wish to learn all about you that I could be assured in you, that if we
will be together in the future that you never will betray and do not
use me. I want that our relation has been based on mutual sincerity,
respect and understanding. I see that today I even have written more
than last time and I wish to finish this letter. I think to us it is
necessary more many the nobility about each other. I send in the today's
letter of a photo with my sister and with my father. I will wait your letter.
I hope you you will soon write to me. With respect Ekaterina.


Good evening my dear *****!
Sorry me that I write you only 1 letter in 1 day, I would write to you
more, but I work till evening and i am free only in the evening. Each time
when I receive your letter I am very happy. I start to think about you
more and more. I hope on the serious relation with you and not
want that our correspondence was empty. I think that you too it
want, so? I am lonely girl and me very necessary love, man with which
I could be happy all rest life. My dear ***** I want that
you knew that I am very sensual girl, I love the nature, romanticism,
I love pets. How you can describe yourselves? You
the romantic man, to you is pleasant to walk in park, on coast, in wood?
It is very much like to me. My dear if there was no this distance
between us I with pleasure now would leave to walk with you, have sat
at restaurant or in cafe, would walk undertaken with you for hands and
would look at the sky where stars sparkle. It is so wonderful and
perfectly. I feel lonely because near to me is not
men with which I can talk, communicate on different themes.
I trust in my happy future and I hope to find the correct man with
which I will have a happy life. Who knows, can be this man
You? Tell to me about your hobbies, about that what music is pleasant to you,
What films, what food? You have dream? It will be very interesting to me
know it. I do not know about what still write to you. I will wait your letter
and I will answer you as soon as when I will check my e-mail and I will receive yours
letter. With kiss Ekaterina.


Hello my dear man *****! My darling as I am very happy to read
from you the letter. I like to read novels, love poems. I like to prepare.
My favourite food - a pie, a pizza. I like sports, at leisure I do gymnastics, run.
I see your doubt in my reality but I will prove to you that I real when I will
call to you and to speak with you you will understand that I real. I am now grateful
to the Internet, that it has allowed to us to get acquainted and write each other, to learn
every day it is better and better about each other. Every day I go to bed with thoughts about
you and I wake up also whis thinking of you. My dear, our correspondence bears fruits and we
we start to feel really each other. I see in you very much
good man with whom I could be happy in the future. 
My darling I think that a life in your country better, than in
mine and in the future I would like to change my life and to arrive to you, in
Your country and to live with you it is happy till the end of days of my life. But it
probably only when you will wish it and not against to accept
me in the house. My darling ***** I wish to tell in this letter also about
My tastes, interests. I wish to begin with that what films I love
To look and what music I listen. My favourite film - "Ice age" -
Animated comedy. I looked all parts of this film and me it
Very much it is pleasant. I like to listen to music modern. One of a moss
Favourite singers - Maksim - the girl also from Tatrstan, but I am not familiar with
It personally. I like to listen to its songs, they very gentle, songs about love.
You can find in the Internet of its song which I listen - "Dream",
"Whether you know", "Stranger". My dear though they in Russian, but
please listen to its songs and you will understand that they very good. I
wished to tell to you also that my favourite flowers - roses as speak
It is a love symbol. I do not remember that moment when to me gave roses in
last time. I hope that it happens soon, and you will present to me
bouquet of red roses at our meeting. My darling ****  it will be already
big letter today as I have more time today. I think
that it will be pleasant to you to read my letter. My darling also tell in
the letter to me about your tastes, about your favourite films and music.
I kiss you am gentle. Your girlfriend Ekaterina


Good evening my dear ****
How are you? I very much regret that your grandmother in hospital. I
wish her the prompt recover. I start to think of you more every day and I
ask how are you,  because I worry, all good with you or not. You
every day become closer and closer to me. I like correspondence with you.
We should learn each other very good and should know all details about each other.
We should be opened and sincere each other. Only so our relation will be strong and long.
You agree with me, *****? What can I write to you today? Today I had good day.
In the evening at free time, my friend Elena has invited me
to have supper at restaurant. Certainly I have not refused because it is necessary also
to relax and have a rest, I am right? I spoke with her today about you about
how i has got acquainted with the man from other country.
I have told to her that it is pleasant to me. My friend has supported me, and
has told that I already really need to think of the future about creation
family. Elena even has told to me about that that she has the girlfriend
which lives now happy with the man from Germany. I have been surprised
but also glad that it really probably relation with the man from
other country. Probably we also will be together happy in the future,
So mine dear *****? Today I would like that you were near to me,
that I have more close learnt you and also have acquainted you with my friend. I
would like that to me was not so alone. It to always pleasantly girl,
when nearby the man which can support and care,
to invite to dance, to spend in the evening to the house. But we will be
hope that it will once, so *****? In my face now you could see
happy, you could see a smile on mine face. Probably it from that
that my life began to change for the better, that I have the man which
also thinks about me. Tell to me please, you would like once
to have a supper with me at candles at restaurant, to have with me dance?
I am romantic girl, like to have a rest also on the nature, to go on picnic
With friends. I like to swimming, sunbathing on the beach. I have also
some photos which have been made summer. As you have spent
summer? You more like summer or winter? What interesting you can tell to me still? I think that soon
will go to bed. I hope already tomorrow to receive your answer. Only
with best regards Ekaterina

Hello again my dear *****
My darling how was your day what new at you? At me all good, I
am very glad that we continue to write each other and to learn more and
better about each other. Every day your letter brings for me warmly and
pleasure in my lonely heart. I start feel to you affinity and
more and more I want your letters, news from you.
Today I had a meeting with my parents. They have visited me to learn about
how are you, how is my work, how is my private life. I have not passed
possibility tell them about you, and about our acquaintance and friendship. I
told them as I have got acquainted with you on dating site and that
we continue correspondence even now. My parents have noticed in me
change, they saw a smile in my face, pleasure to a life. I have told
them that most likely it you influence me thus. My parents
had a supper with me and in the evening they have go home. My dear, I want
that you knew that I have really changed after our acquaintance, I feel
myself joyful, I am not so lonely how was earlier. *****, in
to you have changes, or I do not influence you in no way?
Day after day passes, we become closer, and I hope that once
will come day when we can meet, when we can stand close
each other, when we can lay on a sofa and watch TV,
when I can make for you a supper when we will live the happy
life. I do not know what thoughts in your head, what occurs in yours
heart. I am open girl with the big heart, with strong feelings and
therefore I write to you that I think. If I am wrong, forgive me.
I think that it will be the end of my letter today. I send you mine
kiss to you with this letter. Please take care. Ekaterina


Hello my dear *****
I open your letter and I am happy. You know,
I cannot any more without your letters, they for me as a magnet. Every day I would like
more and more to learn about you. The more I learn you, the more interestingly you
for me you become and the more close. My friend ***** what you think about
me? What girl you see in me? I like you? You like to me very much
and I think that have made a correct choice that have chosen you.
Probably it is destiny, what we should be together? I think time will show.
My darling, I think that in the person private world, character is
important. Certainly character is difficult for understanding and to distinguish in letters, but I will
try to open to you my internal world. What can I tell about my character, about my private world?
First I polite, never speak badly about other people, even if they
the bad. I try to be always positive, to be cheerful and not to lose
hope even in a difficult situation and at a problem. I am
sincere, loyal. I speak always the truth. The bitter truth is better than
beautiful lie and I completely support this expression. I do not love
deceit, treachery, hatred, envy, egoism. I am ready to help
to other people in a trouble, I like to do good. I am kind, gentle woman.
As many beautiful words I have told about myself, you have probably
noticed it, so my darling *****?Smiley I think each person cannot judge myself,
I think my character is visible better from other people. It is my
the point of view. Please now you also tell about the your character.
Sometimes, when to me it is lonely, when I think, why I live? To whom I
am necessary? When i think : Nobody loves me also nobody wishes to be with me, then I
try to be one, simply I sit at any cafe or in a bar and
calm myself. I do not know, can be that soon fond man , which I
will love very much and with which I will be happy. I continue to trust
in it, I want that this man has appeared as soon as possible, because to me
alone one. My loyal friend **** excuse me but I finish the
letter, feeling of melancholy has seized my heart. I hope that you will
not throw me and you will write to me. With kisses and love Ekaterina


Hello my nice *****!
I so happy to see again your letter. How are you? My darling, so
good that you continue write to me. I feel that I am necessary to you,
that someone pays attention to me. It does me joyful and
happy. Even on work my friends see that in me has much
changed. My darling, I start to think of you day and night.
What does it mean? Can be love? Can be I fall in love in
you? In me the first time such. I wish to learn more about love, I want
to learn that occurs in me and therefore I will have to you a questions.
My dear ****that such love for you? For me it is very important to know as
you look on love and what means for you love?
I will compare after your letter my opinion about love with yours
opinion. Why I speak today about love? It is not casual. In me, in
my heart, in my soul there is something such that is impossible
to explain words. I read all your letters again and again, I recollect
as we met. When i go along the street after work, I see young
enamoured pairs and I think about you, I wake up in the morning and I think, that you
do at the same time, I look at stars and I want that a star
has fallen from the sky and I wish making desire - to meet you once and
be happy together. All it not so simple. It is a life, start
strong feelings, probably big love. Please read
this my letter attentive and you will understand a condition of my soul that I write
to you from sincere heart. I do not know about what still write to you
today. My darling it is very interesting to me as you will answer on this my letter.
I kiss to you. Your girlfriend Ekaterina

Hello my darling*****
I am very happy because I read yours nice letter with beautiful and
kind words. My darling, I am real wished to find such man. As I am glad that we have got
acquainted and that now we have contact with each other. I wish to become your girlfriend.
You want that I was your girlfriend, your unique beloved
the girl? My dear, you would be very glad if I agree
to meet you, so? But when you would like to meet me?
I think that the meeting is the best way to learn each other. Therefore
that then we can be a near, we can sit at one table, we
can walk together in park, we can go together to shop, we
can communicate together so much how many we want. I would like to visit yours
country and to meet you there. I was never in other country and
It for me would be magnificent. I understand that we still know only
some time each other. But I, as well as you feel that I know you already a some
years. My darling ****, I do not know what to write to you still. If you have
any questions that ask me. I want that you were mine
man. I think that you will care and love me, if we
will be together. I can trust you, *****? I never will cease
write to you. After our acquaintance, I began to wait your letters everyone
day and me it is not lonely how was earlier. You are glad that I have entered in
your life? You thought, I could make you the happy man?
My darling, I hope that you can answer these questions. Today
I finish the letter, and I will wait for your answer. With kisses yours
girlfriend Ekaterina.

Hello my lovely *****! Thank you for your nice letter.
How are you? At me all is good at me remarkable mood.
Because on light there is a person which likes and respects me it so important for me.
I very much miss you. I need in you my prince. Yes I look Olympic games also.
My life has changed after we have got acquainted.
Now I each day am glad lifes. You have come in my life and have won my heart.
My darling, I write to you and think about you. Yesterday did not pass also 
minute that I did not think of you and so each day. I am ready to give you my love am boundless.
You my prince on a white horse and I your princess and so will be always.
The love this remarkable feeling and about mutual love dreams each person. At me all good my
dear. I think of you all time and I do not want that you remained without my letter today.
I hope that you will wait my this letter and will read it also today.
Today here we had little cold, -10. You write to me so nice, I at all do not know
what to tell. If you were near to me that I kiss you everywhere now. I wish
to be near to you. I wish to feel yours caress, your hands on mine face,
aroma of yours kiss on my lips. I wish to give to you also my big love
in my heart to you. I trust in our love, in our happy future and creation of a
strong amicable family, and in that that we will have small baby. Mine dear I feel
your love in your letters. I trust your sincere words. Your letters
are filled by warm feelings which are filled with my heart more and
more with love to you. I trust and I hope that we can soon unite our
bodies and hearts, soul together and us nobody can divide. My darling
***** I know that you think of me, and also you remember that I think of
you.  I love you!!!!! And this sincere feeling. I wait each your letter with impatience.
I send a gentle kiss in your lips. My heart with you, my feelings also with you. Kiss from Ekaterina

If she is so impatient, then why didn't she bother to write back after my last mail with some chit chat about the olympic games and not about love??

Not answering my questions and such things was also absolutely normal. Luckily I didn't give away adress information and telephone number. She only got some emails, an email adress and 2 pictures.

Random selection of her 25+ pictures I've got in about a month.

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Re: Ekaterina <>
Antwort #2 - 22. Februar 2010 um 23:07
Ekaterina <>  Smiley
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Re: Ekaterina <>
Antwort #3 - 23. Februar 2010 um 20:26
Sorry about that. Want some more pictures? I've got a whole collection about now. 

Correspondence has stopped as of this weekend. She finally got the idea I was aware of the scam a long time ago, and she couldn't talk me out of some money. 

But still it hurts. They play your feelings very well just to get their hands on your bank account. Last time I'm going to email with a foreign girl.

Last name, according to the other forum post in wich I found the new email adress, is supposedly Faterova. No hits on anti scam sites yet.

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Re: Ekaterina <>
Antwort #4 - 23. Februar 2010 um 20:34
hellspawn schrieb on 23. Februar 2010 um 20:26:
Want some more pictures?

Of course   Smiley

When you have more than 6 pictures, you can send it to

Thank you
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Re: Ekaterina <>
Antwort #5 - 02. März 2010 um 17:28
@ hellspawn

bedankt voor de vele foto's. De twee foto's in de galerij kijken vertrouwd. Ik denk dat we het ergens in het forum.

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