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Natalja <>
24. Januar 2010 um 09:51
hallo und schon wieder habe ich post bekommen ich hoffe es ist nicht Vlad.

Hello Silvio!
I am glad that you answered me! How are things? I want to tell you about myself more. As you already know I live in the city of Penza. I live alone, have no children and never been married. Internet, I would like to find a man with whom I could build a relationship leading to the creation of the family. I have been a physician in a small firm in Penza. I love to actively spend their free time. My hobbies - this is sport, in particular - swimming and sports hall. Also, I love animals, I lived at home my little friend - my cat. Do you like animals? I also love music, love the variety of concerts, theater and has recently been on a very interesting opera! In movies, I really like drama and comedy. And what movies you like them!?
I am cheerful, sociable and very attractive. And in the Internet I decided to apply because of the fact that a friend of mine in the same way found a husband and now they live in Australia. They met through the Internet, then met and soon married. She went to Australia 5 years ago. Recently I remembered it and decided. And maybe I'm feeling lucky and decided to take advantage of its way to find happiness. And now I did so. I have no regrets so far. You liked me and I would like to continue to communicate with you, get to know you and know more about you.
Please ask me about what you are interested and I will answer you need. I beg you to tell me about the place where you live, your town, about your country. You know I've never been abroad and I am very interested.
On this I finish my letter to you and I will look forward to your response.Silvio

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Re: Natalja <>
Antwort #1 - 24. Januar 2010 um 10:02
Post aus Y-O 

ich lebe in der Stadt Penza.

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      Latitude:	56.6369
      Longitude:	47.8711 

Smiley Smiley

Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2010 01:54:20 +0300
From: nata <>
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100 % Scam
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