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Evgeniya <>
20. Januar 2010 um 20:27
Hello my dear man!

I  hope  you  will write me your reply soon. Because I think
you  didn`t received my previous letter that I sent you some
days  ago.  I  want to learn you better. Because I like you.
And  if  you didn`t received my previous letter, I resending
it  for  you one more time. Dear, I will be waiting for your
reply with great anticipation! :

How are you today?

I`m  very  glad that you interested in me dear! And I'm glad
to  have a chance to get acquainted with you. I hope that we
will  learn  each  other  better  trough our correspondence.
Because  I think that open and honesty communication between
us  will  help  to build a strong relations with each other.
Don`t  you  think  so?  And  that`s  why I'm glad to have an
opportunity to tell you more about myself.    
Well,  my  name is Evgeniya and I`m 26 years old and live in
Alchevsk.  It`s  a  small  town that`s why I have to work in
Lugansk.  I`m  a  seller  in  the  footwear  shop.  I have a
technical  education. I was graduated from technical school.
And my profession is an ecologist. But there is in my town I
can`t  find  a  job  my  specialty.  As  usual  I don't have
problems  with  how  to  spend  my spare time as I have many
hobbies.  But  sometimes  I  just  like  to  relax in a cosy
atmosphere  at  home,  talking,  reading a book or listen to
music  or  watching a good movie in TV. In the summer I like
to  sit  on my balcony with a glass of juice overlooking the
reservoir and planting to see the sunset. My innermost dream
is  to  travel  all  over  the  world  as I think that every
country is unique and has much to boast. But unfortunately I
have never been abroad.  
You  know,  I  enjoy watching the fire, I like how it smells
after  the  rain. I dream to meet my lover, my soul-mate and
to  have splendid time together. If your dream is a marriage
and  friendship,  where there always someone waiting for you
and  where  you  feel comfortable and being loved, then I am
waiting for you. I like to welcome you into my life.
I'm  finishing  now. I hope that I've got you interested and
you  won't  leave  my  letter  without  a reply. I'll gladly
answer all your questions. Please write me back on my e-mail
I look forward to your letter.

Have a nice day!
Sincerely yours, Evgeniya. 

Litauisches Model Jurgita Valts

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Re: Evgeniya <>
Antwort #1 - 20. Januar 2010 um 20:31
Post aus Lugansk

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Die kleine ist mit ihrer Mail Adresse schon als Scammer gelistet
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Re: Evgeniya <>
Antwort #2 - 20. Januar 2010 um 20:32
@ calle

okeeee, dann fliegt die auch aus meinem Kader  ))
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Re: Evgeniya <>
Antwort #3 - 24. November 2013 um 08:39
Litauisches Model Jurgita Valts

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