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Ekaterina <>
19. November 2009 um 18:03
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Hi xxxx.
I was very glad to receive the letter from you.
I was interesting to me also very strongly waited for this letter.
Your life is very interesting to me.
To you for that that you could tell many thanks to me about the life.
You seem to xxx me that serious enough man.
It is visible from your way of life and your interests.
Today I very long thought about the acquaintance Internet.
I was on sites of acquaintances and looked profiles of different men.
Now I think of that that my choice will be in your party.
You seem to me that the good and benevolent man.
Thanks for your photo to me were very pleasant to look at them.
xxx I write you the letters from the cafe Internet as at my place was not present
The personal Internet. Today in cafe I long waited for the free Places to take
advantage of the Internet and to receive the letter from you.
I with surprise looked at one woman which is engaged in search 
Men on the Internet. Its active dialogue with men seemed to me 
Strange enough. In an hour when I waited an empty seat and observed for 
It I have had time to notice that fact that it communicates at once with nine 
Men. It seemed to me enough not seriously. xxx probably
You too communicate with several girls simultaneously? On mine 
To opinion dialogue should be only between two people. Probably 
It will seem to you strange. But I think that only so it is possible to take that 
That serious of this dialogue and to try to construct feelings of affinity.
I Seriously enough I concern dialogue on the Internet and I try
To be engaged in easier flirtation for the sake of entertainment. It seems to me that if 
Seriously to concern dialogue and validly to concern the 
The friend on correspondence that can hope for serious relations.
I trust in that that it is possible to find the person in the Internet for love and serious
Relations. For the search on the Internet I met very much 
Different men from the different countries. Initially all men try 
To seem very intelligent and decent. But at many men in 
Dialogue process arise only desire to see naked photos.
I think that it not seriously and not when did not send gave to these men
That that they wanted. I tried to avoid such Mens. xxx I hope on
That you of it will not do that. You seem me very lovely and 
The kind man with which it is possible to communicate and hope pleasantly on 
That that is more. I here not to be engaged in easy flirtation and 
Games. It not for me. xxx seems to me that you can me
To understand. For me as it is important to know what do you think of the Internet 
To dialogue and what exactly you wish to find in the Internet? As you are serious 
You concern that to create love on correspondences? For me all it 
Very important. Now I hope for that that you can write to me about 
It in the letter. I with the big interest will wait for your letter.

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person:       Alex G Bengardov
address:      Russia, Vologda 41, Gertsena St.

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Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2009 17:39:28 +0300
From: Ekaterina <>
X-Mailer: The Bat! (v3.5.30) Professional

Today in cafe I long waited for the free Places to take
advantage of the Internet and to receive the letter from you.

Und dann noch das Haustierchen  Smiley. Das kanns ja wohl nicht sein.
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