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Irina <>
11. August 2009 um 16:35

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Hello my friend 
I hope I called you right way - friend, because I'm writing you to
obtain a friend and I'll be happy if it would be more than friendship.
This is my first letter to you, and I hope it will give you a note who
am I, what I'm doing and etc. So, let's begin!
My name is Irina as you know, I'm 29, was born on 15th of April and
I'm Aries. I'm not rude, and I hate people who rude to
other people. I'm nice and open to people, and you're not exception I
promise that I'll be nice and open to you too. In my life I met many
people both rude and not, but of course, I met more rude people. And
it's pity, I still regret of that time, I had a rude ex-guy. I still
can't understand what I've found in him, but anyway that is past time,
and I'm happy now I'm free of rude web, and I'm happy that now I'm
free to new people, new discovers. And that's the reason I'm writing
to you. I want to have something new, I know that people outside of
Russia are another, and I want to get know that, to feel it's
"another". I hope that you want the same.
If you're looking just for a friend-ship it's better to say now as I'm
not looking for that, I'm looking for more than friend. Also, if
you're not honest with me, it's better say now. Let's respect each
other and don't waste time of each other?
By the way, do you have many free time? As for me, it's different.
That depends on my job. I have unusual job - "tamada" (or toastmaster,
party-maker, party-host). What do I do there? My job is to make people
to chill, make them hot. I'm looking for bored people to make dance.
And I have many weapons to organize that Smiley from competitions to
karaoke singing. After such parties I'm tired, but when I see like
people dance there when they're 60 years old, I forget about
tiredness, I start to work 2 times harder. When you see like on
wedding bridegroom and bride are dancing slow dance can you leave your
job? So to say by couple of words, I'm making people happy on parties.
I work on different weddings, jubilees. That's a few of my job, I
don't want to talk about that more, because it's boring I think, isn't
Also I want to share some pictures with you. I hope that you will
share some of your pictures with me too? If you're serious with future
correspondence I'll be glad to see it...
I hope you liked my letter and you haven't yawn or bored...
I hope to see your letter soon,
Your new friend    

Irina <>

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