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Irina <>
05. Juni 2009 um 19:29
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Hello my dear new friend Robert! To say the truth I haven�t even
expect that you would write me because I�m for the first time in the
internet and almost don�t know how it is working. But I hope that soon
I will be able to understand it better and write you letters every day
if you want to correspond with me more. As for me I think that we can
find much in common. And what about you? I think we can be
good friends. The main thing is to have a very big wish and try to
understand each other. Understanding is very important in the
relationship between the people. I think you can ask me why I have
decided to go to the internet to register on this site of
acquaintance. I will try to tell you the truth from the first letter,
I don�t want us to hide anything from each other because it is also
very important for me to be truth that the person whom I want to get
acquainted with knows me and have the imagination about the person
with whom he corresponds. I hope you understand me,and
won�t hide anything from me too. Don�t be afraid,I won�t
think bad of you even if you tell me any bad facts from your life
because I am such a person who can understand and share feelings and
thoughts of other people. Ok,I will continue to write you
the reasons of my registering on this site. It is a very sad story. I
had a boyfriend here in my town, his name was Roman. We have been
studying together at school in one class and had big love to each
other. As for me I loved him with all my heart and thought that we
would be together forever. We understood each other without words and
enjoyed our love every day. I think you can understand me,
because in my opinion every person has felt it even though one time in
his life. We were going to marry after studying at the university and
dream about our life together, about children that we would give a
birth but when we both were 22 years old a very awful tragedy happened
to us. We liked going for a drive on bicycles and one shiny summer day
when we were going to the beach of our river Volga to have sunbathe,
we saw a very big cargo car that raced on us. We didn�t think that it
could be dangerous but the driver of it was very drunk and he
misdirected my boyfriend on a bicycle. I was shocked and
unconsciousness. I remembered it vaguely but a very awful thing for me
was that Roman dyed on my hands because of many traumas he got. It is
very very awful to lose the person whom you love and see how he say
goodbye to the life. I remember very well his eyes at that moment. He
wanted to say to me something but he couldn�t. I cried a lot and
thought that it was an awful dream and when I opened my eyes I would
have understood that I simply was sleeping and my lovely person would
be alive. But it was a terrible reality. I didn�t want to believe in
it. I thought of committing suicide because I don�t want to live alone
in this world without the person I loved. I was used to him and didn�t
imagine my life without him. I still remember this accident. And now
when I write you it I cry because remember it again and don�t want to
believe it. This tragedy will always be in my mind. After that I
couldn�t sleep for a big period of time. I was going to the
psychologist and took medicines for depression that I had that time. I
hope you will understand my sincerity. Now four years later I feel
much better, I understood that I should live in spite of the fact that
he is not with me. I saw a dream one night where Roman said to me that
life continued and he wanted to see me happy and want me to find a man
who would be worthy to share my life with, who would love me not less
him and who would take care of me. When I awoke I thought a lot about
it and thought that maybe he was right and I really should be happy. I
think that he was honest and said it to me with sincerity. But it was
difficult for me to get acquainted with new people because I became
unaccustomed to it. I was so used to Roman and he was not only my
boyfriend but also he was my friend he was everything for me, the
person due to whom I breathe, eat, sleep and live. We had many common
friends but almost all the time we spent together. That�s why I had no
a need to have the best girlfriend. Roman was the man whom I trusted
all my secrets, everything that worried me a lot. I loved him�Now I
think a lot about for what I loved him and can enumerate a lot of his
assets but maybe I loved him not for what he was, I loved him for what
I was with him. Do you understand me? I hope I didn�t bore
you with my story in the first letter. But I really need such a person
in my life who will understand me and will share my feelings and
thoughts. That�s why I decided to get acquainted with somebody in the
internet because for me it is more simply than to get acquainted with
somebody in person. I begin to shy and become nervous. That�s why all
my thoughts are about what to say how it to say and the contact become
not sincere. But writing letters through the internet can be more
useful for the persons who want to become closer, we don�t see our
eyes and can tell everything to each other honesty. Am I right,
Robert? I also wanted you to be honesty with me and to hear your
story about why you have decided to get acquainted with me over
internet? As for me I have chosen you because after reading your
profile I understood that we approach each other. We have some common
things in our characters and to be the truth I simply liked you. I
decided to try to write you, who knows maybe you would write me back
and you have written. I was really glad to see your letter in my mail
box today because I was waiting for it with impatience. I�m very
thankful for it to you. Maybe we will be able to learn later that we
don�t approach each other but we will be able to be good friends,
Robert. I hope you are not against it. Ok, I think I have written
you a lot today, moreover my time in the internet cafe ends and I
should say good-bye to you. I hope to get an answer from you as soon
as possible. Take care, Sincerely, Your new Russian friend, Irina

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Date: Thu, 4 Jun 2009 22:48:43 +0400
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