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Re: Tatjana / Tatyana / Tanya <>
Antwort #15 - 04. Januar 2010 um 19:19
how  are  you  doing  today?  I hope this my letter finds you well and
positive  this  day. To receive your letter is always like receiving a
ray of sunshine on a dull day, Markus.

My  dear  Markus, I am too far from perfect person, but I think we all
have  the  drawbacks.  I  can  tell you that in relationship I am very
loyal and tender woman. I am always giving, I never get into arguments
with my man for no reason and even if there is a reason, I will always
remain  very  calm  and  try to accept and respect my man's opinion. I
think  that  a  man  should be dominating in relationship, because men
always  stronger  spiritually and always ruled by brains, not emotions
(like  women  usually  do). Do you agree with me, my dear Markus? I am
very  passionate. I like kissing and touching, making erotic surprises
for  my beloved man, I never shy when it comes to intimate life Smiley And
what about you? I want my man to be always attentive to me and the one
who do not forget to show me his feelings.

As  you  know, I have never been married. I feel that I will be a very
caring  and  faithful  wife,  because  high  family  relationship  and
happiness with my husband and my kids will the most important thing in
my life. Family will be my priority #1. Of course I also would like to
combine  my  family  responsibilities with the job. I like to work and
will  never  feel  comfortable  when  my  man only earn for our family
budget.  Would  you  like your woman to work as well, or you think she
can stay at home and care of home?

My darling Markus, I hope this my letter gave a slight idea who I am as
a  partner  in  relationship. I hope it was not boring, I just thought
you should know more about my visions and expectations.

This  letter  is  going  to  be  sent together with my warm kisses and
tender hugs...

Thinking about you...

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Re: Tatjana / Tatyana / Tanya <>
Antwort #16 - 07. September 2018 um 16:16
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