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Ich habe eine schöne russische
Frau. Bleibe aber.

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Ludmila <>
27. Mai 2009 um 07:03
Sie hat mir 2 mal geschrieben. Heute kamen aber 2 mal die gleichen Briefe an. In einem sprach sie mich mit Ed an. Vl. ist sie ja hier schon bekannt.

Hello  my  dear  Michael!  Thanks  for  your letter. How are you doing
today?  Now  I  am not bad, owing to your warm letters to me to become
well  on  a  soul!!! Forgive that my letter without a photo. I promise
that  tomorrow I shall send you my photos. You wish to know more about
me?  I  live with my parents in an apartment, in beautiful city Kazan.
My  daddy  on  pension,  mum  works  as  the  cook. As to me I like to
prepare!  What  do you prefer from meal? I have higher education - the
Economist,  but  now  it  is  very  difficult  to  find  work  on such
speciality....  Write  to  me about you more... You very much like me,
and  I  hope that our dialogue to turn in what that "higher" - to pure

Hello  my  babe  Michael!!!!  I  am  very glad to read your letter!!!!
Thanks. Forgive me for your long expectation of the letter.... How are
you  doing today? I think that well. Today I have had a great day! Two
month ago my best girlfriend born child give him name Masha. She asked
me  to be godmother for him. I think you know what christening is. But
any  way  I  want to tell you about it. At 9:00 a.m. We has arrived in
the   church,   there   we   have  bought  everything,  necessary  for
christening,  as  follows  silver  cross, clean linen, towel. At 10:00
a.m.  rite  has  began. Everyone has come in the room for christening.
When  I  was christened, I was very young and I do not remember it, so
it  was  new  and  beautiful event for me. When I came in this room, I
felt  unusual  sensation, I felt myself easy and at ease, like I am in
native  house. All walls were hanged with old icon, frame in the gold.
But ahead the enormous altar stood also coated icon and gold. I think,
you know how beautifully in Russian church. The Sunbeams played in the
gold,  everything  sparkled  and shone. This room was unusual; in it I
felt  that  I  inhere no on the land, but on the sky. Approximately 30
persons  came  christened.  Before  coming  in the christening we were
asked  to  remove  upper shoes and clothes. The saint father conducted
many  rites,  read  the  prayers.  Afterwards  saint  father  came  to
everyone,  who  must  take  the  christening  and  salved with tassel,
imbrued  holy  water.  Afterwards I bathed the child in holy water. At
this  moment  suddenly  I  recalled about you. I presented, how it was
beautifully  become  the godmother for child your friends or relative.
After  everyone  went  in circle of the altar three times and repeated
the  prayer  which  spoke  the  saint  father.  This  ceremony  lasted
approximately 3 hours. I as godmother mother carried the child on hand
for  all  time.  I have much tired and I have hands ache, but all this
can  not  compared with such beautiful sensations, which I have got in
this ceremony. It is difficult for me to write you now, so I finish. I
always think of you with love in my heart. Yours Ludmila

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Re: Ludmila <>
Antwort #1 - 27. Mai 2009 um 07:42
Eingeliefert wurde diese Mail über Kazan, Russland:

Ich wohne mit meinen Eltern in einer Wohnung, in der wunderschönen Stadt Kasan.

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Re: Ludmila <>
Antwort #2 - 04. September 2009 um 21:28
Hello  my dear friend XXXXX. Thanks for your fine letter. I am assured
that  you  very  good  and  kind  person.  I  want  that  our dialogue
proceeded...  You  so  consider?  Answer,  please....  Tell more about
you... I wait for your letter, Ludmila

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Re: Ludmila <>
Antwort #3 - 04. September 2009 um 22:49
Jetzt haben wir auch endlich Bilddaten. Das Foto wurde mit einer Nikon E5700 am 28.5.2003 um 16:12 Uhr aufgenommen.
Wurde mit ACD am 21.7.2007 um 11:32 Uhr noch einmal bearbeitet.

Die Kamera kam im Juli 2002 auf den Markt und war bis etwa Juli 2006 im Handel. 5 Megapixel und 6fach Zoom bei einem Listenpreis von 1600 Euro!

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