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Abgeschlafft und ausgepufft!!

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Elena <>
13. April 2009 um 18:10
Zum Abschuß freigegeben. E-Mail-Adresse ist frisch und aktuell.

She found me at (she disappeared from there since). We began to correspond. First she seemed to be an innocent and kind (not too clever) girl. Step by step we lost real communication: when I wrote her our love and meeting was impossible, she was glad how our relationship developed... I wrote her several times that I d not need lve but friendship - she was writing me about our future common life. She is said to be a teacher of foreign languages, e.g. English - with a terrible grammar and knowledge of English. Her mails are as if translated by a machine, word by word. Not necessarily from Russian: she does not uses grammatical sex (he, she - on, ona, ono -, only "it"), maybe it's translated from a Turkish or Arabic (?) language. 
Sometimes she wrote about the past day - early in the morning. "My I favourite today it has been very strongly occupied and could write to you just now. " she writes at 7:50 GMT which is 11:50 (a.m.) in Yoshkar-Ola if I'm not mistaken. 
Now she often writes me about her bad financial condition, one of her next mails must be about sending her money for documents and plain ticket (although I wrote her several times that we can not meet!). 

Her last letter was this:

Hello my favourite 

I am very glad to receive from you such magnificent letter. My darling I always am very happy, when I receive your magnificent letters. My darling I so am glad, that you write to me simply perfectly well. 

My I favourite today it has been very strongly occupied and could write to you just now. My darling simply, that I began you to write so a little, but at me now affairs much and I have not time to write you the big letters.. 

My darling I very much want, that we would meet you. Give already we will start to aspire to ours with you to a meeting and we will be, that be to do for this purpose, that we would meet you. My darling you for me mean also I I can think any minute of you much. YOU for me all and I want, that we would meet you. My darling I wish to try to construct with you relations and for this purpose to us you are necessary to meet you understand it? My favourite you are very expensive to me and I do not want all time only with you to correspond. I want, that with you relations would pass ours to a new stage. And for this purpose it is necessary for us to meet. My darling you agrees with me? Why you when do not speak to me that you want, and that you are ready make for this purpose that we with you could to construct relations. My darling to me to become every day all we are more sad because, that yet with you my darling. I already wish to start to build seriously with you relations. But for some reason I do not see in you it. My darling and me from it it is a little insulting. In each letter I try to write to you the desires, the purposes, and you me that you do not write. My darling can be you do not want, that we would meet you. My darling you to me and tell. I will understand all. Please do not torment me. To me every day takes away feelings much to write you these letters. My darling you is very expensive to me also I wish to meet you. My darling I love you. I wish to be with you wash the darling. Write to me that you think of all it!!!!!!!! 

To me all is very important it. 

I will wait for the letter with all answers to my questions. 

I love you. 

The whole. 

Yours Elena 

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Her previous was: Good afternoon my darling 

I so am happy, to receive from you simply magnificent words. My favourite I so am glad, that you write me simply magnificent letters. My favourite I am very happy, that you have such big desire to meet me. My darling I am very glad to it. 

Today at us simply remarkable day. In the street since the morning the sun and in the street shines so it is pleasant to go. Today stood on a balcony and looked at street, I saw, how children with their mums walk in a court yard. My darling and from it to me it became a little sad. My darling I very strongly love children, and I so want, that I too would have children, but, unfortunately, near to me there is no even my favourite person. My angel to be for 1000 kilometres from me. And me so it is sad, that we cannot while to meet you. My darling at us is problems and them at once it is visible. My darling between us such big distance. Also that it to overcome it to me it would be necessary to do documents to us it is necessary to make efforts. My darling you know about my bad financial position. My darling and I cannot pay itself for stay to you. My favourite I do not know, how we with you will arrive. But the unique exit it to wait for the help from you my darling. My favourite I do not know when it will occur also to me so is sad from it, I do not know that I wait, more truly I know that I wait. But I do not know when it will occur. My darling I already asked you, when our meeting becomes a reality. But you and have not answered me. My darling to wait it is possible eternally but as it is possible and not to wait. My favourite I very strongly love you, and I so wish, that we could meet you as soon as possible. My darling you for me is very important also I wish to construct with you relations. I as well as other people wish to walk on a city with the favourite person, I wish to have children, I wish to fall asleep and rise in your embraces, I wish to prepare only for you. My darling well tell to me when it will occur. Every day to me all is heavier and heavier, I have got tired to go to bed without you, I wish to see your person when I wake up. I so strongly love you my darling. And me it is a little sad, that you do not try to make that. 

I love you my darling, and you to me so I want roads, that our dream would become a reality, and I so wait for ours with you of a meeting. My darling you so is necessary to me. I love you. 

I will wait with the big impatience from you for the letter. 

I kiss you. 

Yours Elena. 

I still HOPE she is not a scammer - but it's not a rational hope at all, as you see... I am sorry for loosing a friendship...

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Re: Elena <>
Antwort #1 - 29. Mai 2009 um 21:51
Die hatte mir vor einiger Zeit schon mal geschrieben. Komischerweise ist der Kontakt nach einer Mail abgebrochen.
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Re: Elena <>
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Re: Elena <>
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