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Mariya <>
03. März 2009 um 11:34
Good afternoon Markus . To me it is very pleasant that you have left to
me  the e-mail on a site. I think that we can get acquainted every day
more  and  more,  learn  each other every day more and more and in the
future  we  can  construct  our  relations.  I wish to inform you that
before  to  get  acquainted  with  you  I looked your profile and have
learnt  which that about you in your profile, and I liked your profile
and  I  have  decided to get acquainted with you. As I wish to tell to
you  a little about myself. My name is Mariya I work as the seller of
products  in  shop,  I  like to work as the seller in shop, to sell to
people  products  in which they require. On work my colleagues respect
me  as I treat people very kindly and I try to please always to people
which  buy  meal, be they even malicious or without mood. Our shop not
since  times  USSR  where  behind  a counter there is a seller and the
buyer  asks  a  supermarket, and usual old shop itself I go to buy and
the seller gets meal and sells to the buyer products.

It  is  very  interesting  to  me  to  write you the letter as I never
corresponded  through  the  Internet  with the person. As I would like
that you have answered my questions:

1) Tell to me where you were born and with whom you live?
2) Tell to me about your city?
3)  whether  Is  available  for you a hobby or hobby or any employment
which most of all it is pleasant to you?

Markus  If you have to me questions do not hesitate set to me them, and
I  with pleasure will answer you them. I with impatience wait for your
letter. Yours Mariya.


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Re: Mariya <>
Antwort #1 - 03. März 2009 um 22:52
@ sappi007

Hat sie Dir wirklich innerhalb kurzer Zeit den gleichen Schmarrn wie bei Mariya <> erneut geschrieben? 
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Re: Mariya <>
Antwort #2 - 15. April 2018 um 20:32
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