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Marina <> <>
07. Februar 2009 um 13:36
Neuer Aspirant: Marina <> <>

Noch kein 'Reply' erfolgt.

Wurde als Spam gesendet, daher poste ich hier keinen Header.

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1.I wish to be present
2.I understand that you are surprised
3.I hope that I can become for you friend

Angefügt würde eine Anlage als *docx-File:

City: Russian Federations
Country:  Kanash
Age: 27
Race / Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Height: 1.67 m
Hair: black
Eyes: brown
•  I like to play the following sports:
Basketball, Football, Volleyball, Other.
•  I like to exercise:
•  My exercise regime consists of:
Aerobics,  Swimming, Yoga, Other.
•  I like the following outdoor activities:
Gardening, Going to the beach, Walks on wood, Skating.
•  I consider myself artistic, and I like:
Acting, Dancing, Sculpting, Singing, Writing .
•  I like to watch these sporting events:
Synchronous swimming, Billiards, Soccer, Tennis.
My education and career
•  I attended high school.•  Humanitarian university.•  My current occupation is: Work in a beauty salon.

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Hello not the man familiar to me!

I understand that you are surprised now that this letter has come to
you. But I ask you to spend 5 minutes of your time and read it and
perhaps it will change and your life and my. At first I wish to be
present. My name is Marina. I am 27 years old. I live in Russian
Federation in Kanash. I am not married and never was married. I have
finished school in humanitarian institute.. I finished it and then I
went to work in Beauty salon but I never carried to find for me a man
and but I wish to be with a loving man. In the evening I am watching
TV and saw that in Russia there are 30000 000 women which live without
men and that there are so many marriage agencies which have so many
addresses and such agency can help to find a man for women. I went to
one of such agency and addressed to them with the request that they
could find for me the man they spoke to me that this service paid and
that I should to pay about 1000 roubles or nearby 25 USD . At first I
thought that it expensively for me but then I thought and solved that
money for me it not important that I want to be happy I want to love I
want to have the relation and I want to have a happy family and I gave
this one thousand rubles. And they suggested me to make the
acquaintance with the man from other country. I have solved if I could
not find the man from Russia I should search the man from another of
the countries. And they gave me yours e-mail the address and spoke
that you search to yourself the woman. I took all data and went to the
cafe Internet-cafe because I am not able to use well the computer and
it is a big cost for my payment from work. I came to the Internet-cafe
and asked that to me created the address e-mail that I from it could
write you the letter. And here now you can see my letter. I wrote you
it with hope that you will answer. To me have made a file which is
called (my_data_full) and one photo that you could see my appearance
and to solve for yourself completely would you like to begin dialogue
and relations with me. Only I ask you at once look at the photo esteem
the letter think and solve precisely would you like to have
correspondence with me? I don't want to be a friend, It is not
necessary I am ready for serious relations. Very necessary to love, to
give my love for MAN and creation of a family. It is possible I ask
you very fragile person if want to have serious relations write me
tell me If you are not necessary to you I will understand you. And
still I wish to speak to you, on a photo turned out not so well as
professional but you see me such as I look in a life. And you can
precisely define such woman as I is necessary to you or not. Very big
request Also would like if you nevertheless are interested in me that
write to me about yours e-mail where we with you could speak and a
little good photos you have gone to me. Here like and all that I
wished to speak with you and now I only needed to wait from you for
the answer and I hope that you will write that to me if I was not
pleasant to you or serious relations are not necessary to you let to
me know. The lonely woman from Russia Marina.

I hope your new friend well I hope that I can become for you friend
Marina! Can you send me you photo and story life on my e-mail:

P. S. My photo and all data are in archive. My personal e-mail: 

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Re: Marina <> <>
Antwort #1 - 07. Februar 2009 um 21:06
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