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Re: Helen <>
Antwort #10 - 29. Januar 2009 um 23:49
Sweetheart XXXXX,
The weather is changing and I have a splitting headache all these
days. And how are you, honey XXXXX? I felt no desire to go out in the
evening. Just stayed in my room doing usual things like cooking,
washing a heap of cloths accumulated during the week, reading a bit
before going to bed. I started a modern Russian criminal novel about a
group of young people who have organized a criminal group and their

Another thing I wanted to share with you. My dream. You would be a big
eagle, powerful and beautiful. You would sweep up, up, up to the sun,
and look down from high up. With your excellent eyesight you'd survey
the land below, looking for your chosen one.
After hours, days, (months?) you would spot me, after searching many
lands across immense distances and across large oceans. Sweeping down
you would gently lift me and fly off, heading to a much, much better
place than I could ever imagine. Changing back to a man, we would live
in eternal happiness for ever more... Do you like my story? Do you
want to make it happen...XXXX??

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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Re: Helen <>
Antwort #11 - 03. Februar 2009 um 15:48
Hello there XXXXX!

How are you doing? How is your health? I’m really sorry for the delay in some days, but I really could not inform you before, because I caught a cold and had a high temperature since Thursday, I felt myself so terrible! Actually, I still have a temperature until now, not really high, but 37.5, and I am coughing also, I hope to recover soon and to be able to visit my lessons at university. I even missed an exam which I had on Friday because of my illness. At once I’ll be ok, I’ll pass it!

My mom all those days took care about me; she made me soups, sweet tea with lemon and honey. She always spends her time with me or my younger sibling. She is the best mom!

So, how have you been? I bet you had much interesting weekend than me. Tell me about. How is your family? How is the weather?

Ok, I’m starting to feel an awful headache again, because the weather is really bad outside, a lot of mud and dirty snow which melts or get frozen from day to day. I must go, unfortunately, but I will write to you at once as I can! Do not get ill, deal?

You take care of yourself, please, ok?

Yours faithfully,


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Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2009 20:59:42 +0700
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Re: Helen <>
Antwort #12 - 03. Februar 2009 um 15:57
@ calle

Die Pflanzen und der Mann im Teich sehen aber nicht 'slawisch' aus. Auch das Dach rechts sieht ein wenig nach Thailand aus.

P.S.: War da jemand vielleicht im Urlaub  Laut lachend
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Re: Helen <>
Antwort #13 - 04. Februar 2009 um 12:53
Smiley - Mail

I am writing from the university. How are sweetie XXXX?? I do not
feel good, yet...
Unfortunately, I cannot be long, I write you during the short break
and I don't know when i am able to send this. I connected to the net,
copied your letter and now I am writing my answer.

An important thing i need to tell you before I close. You know,XXXX,
million words can not express my feelings. I am not just a person of
words, i am a person of acts. A word can not be compared to an act. I
want to prove you, i want to show you the depth of my feelings. When
you meet me you will understand that all this time is not a waste. You
will understand that you are right to trust me. You will understand
that dreams always come true...

You make me feel special,

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Date: Wed, 4 Feb 2009 18:05:49 +0700
From: Helen from Ukraine <>
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Re: Helen <>
Antwort #14 - 06. Februar 2009 um 10:50
My wonderful XXXXX,
Thanks again for a very nice letter and for very beautiful words.
It must be gods gift to me that i have found a man like you,
I never thought there was such good persons left in this world.
You are so many good things put together in a wonderful package!
I love to read your words, and I am so happy to have you in my life.

XXXXX, I tell you how I imagine our future.
I think that we should start as friends first and then take the time
to find out how we relate with each other in person. I think we have
such a wonderful friendship now, and I am sure that you will find me
to be a very easy-going, considerate, and fun person to be with! I
am really not a very complicated person. When I imagine us together,
I picture us walking arm in arm; I smile at you and you smile back.
I kiss you gently, just to let you know I am happy to be with you.

Thinking of you makes my day sweet and happy.
Hope you take care of yourself until we meet, then i will take care
of you for the rest of my life.

I need you,

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Date: Fri, 6 Feb 2009 15:36:40 +0700
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Re: Helen <>
Antwort #15 - 10. Februar 2009 um 22:55
Post von meiner Blonden Helen Durchgedreht Durchgedreht Durchgedreht

Smiley Smiley Smiley

Bitte, XXXXX, so zart und süß wie du bist, denn ich brauche deine Liebe, 
Ich brauche deine Wärme, ich brauche dringend Ihre hugs, Ihre Zärtlichkeit und Ihre 
Zuneigung. Ich muss mit Ihnen ... 

Eine weitere Nacht von Ihnen träumen, 

Heute braucht sie meine Wärme, morgen meine Flocken  Schockiert/Erstaunt Schockiert/Erstaunt Schockiert/Erstaunt

I've missed you so much, my handsome XXXXX,
Every weekend I dream of your next letter for me, full of ideas that
you share with me, and it makes me happy, only thinking of you makes me a
happy girl.

I am sure you and me have a lot in common, but, you know, I hope you
and me will be different, because in that difference we'll be able to learn
each other. I'm a girl who always wants to find new ways of knowledge,
and I'm sure I am going to learn a lot from you.

Maybe from time to time I'm still thinking you are a fairy dream, that
you are like an unreal phantom made in my mind, and some day I'll wake
up and will discover you were a nice dream. Maybe you are too much nice
and sweet to be real, too much luck for me to be true, and I need every 
day read some e-mail or see some photo of you to be sure I've been
such a lucky person.

Yesterday in the evening I went to Disco with three of my friends,
they asked me to go to dance in the evening suddenly and they
insisted, normally I don't go to Disco often, my last time was at the 
end of November maybe. I like go to dance, but not every week. Where we
went is a big place but with too many people, we enjoy ourselves to
dance, just don't really like the peoples around, many are just so
stupid, also some aggressive people around. So we decided we won't go
there anymore, next time we go somewhere else with better people
around. I came back at 12.30.

I went shopping, I bought a lot of things to eat, so now I would like to
cook again. I haven't cooked for some days, because it's not fun to cook
for myself, but now I really don't like the food in the canteen, it is
still better to cook by myself, healthy and delicious as well. Well, I can
cook very well, I mean Russian food, I think you also would like it.

Please,XXXXX, be so tender and sweet as you are, because I need your love, 
I need your warmth, I need badly your hugs, your tenderness and your
affection. I need to be with you...

One more night dreaming of you,

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Re: Helen <>
Antwort #16 - 11. Februar 2009 um 12:50
I came to think of all the attractive men I have met, with one BIG
flaw, their selfishness. This thing, will cause them to never be
happy, I have pity for them. It's a flaw you can't remove, it seems.
You see, they think only of themselves, it's like a one-way street, to
them it should be enough for the other person to coexist by their
side. They only take and don't give, I have seen this, it looks
ludicrous. It looks like they have a puppet by their side. But you
don't have that flaw, you're like a perfect diamond, so delicately cut
in all the aspects. What gives you your shine, is that you take your
time and really look through the surface of other diamonds or uncut
stones. Then you stop and consider for a while before you decide if
it's the shine you've been looking for and once you've decided it's
the shine that you want, it'll light up and be more than you've
Hope you understand, what I'm trying to explain.
I really have not understood what you meant, saying about copied letter
sent to 100 men?? Is that a hint on me? Why then??

I think that your opinion of yourself is what makes you so desirable
to me, that's what makes you so special.

I want to be with you tonight...

Hugs and kisses,

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Subject: diamond
Date: Wed, 11 Feb 2009 18:33:39 +0700

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Re: Helen <>
Antwort #17 - 02. August 2010 um 09:06
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