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Oksana <> <>
09. Januar 2009 um 20:58
My name Oksana
I am 29 years. I have heard very much, that on the Internet there are
sites where probably to meet the person of dream! I have decided to try
to exploit this site! I very much hope, that you will write to me!
I wish to meet the person who is in a condition to address with women,
knows, that it is necessary for them, therefore I search for the adult
person! I saw your structure on a site, but have not had time to write
to you as my personal structure has been removed. But you have very
much liked me, I liked that you speak about yourself! I thought of you
much and just now I write to you! I hope, that I also shall like you, as
well as you me!  
My work is connected with dialogue with people and I work as children
I very romantic girl, I like to dream and think good. Very often, when
in the street warmly I go with girlfriends, I have many friends, I
very sociable girl, I like to study all new, I love, gets acquainted with
new people! I very much love animals, I love cats. I think, that very
gentle and kind animals! I very much like to read, I love various books,
imagination, detectives and many other things, I also like to look
various films, very often I go to cinema with girlfriends! 
I love all seasons, in each of them there is something good, in the
summer I like to float, I love when probably to remove all superfluous
clothes and to enter into easy clothes! It is very pleasant, when impacts
of a wind on a leather and freshen it! 
I very active girl, I love sports meets, I run in the mornings in the
summer, I never sat on diets, I wish to study all this world, I wish to
look in each corner of this world! 
I very much hope, that you will answer me, that I have liked you, that
you have become interested in me! I very much hope for it! 
My e mail:

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Grund: Scammer using Pictures by Anastasia Zadorozhnaya 
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Re: Oksana <> <>
Antwort #1 - 09. Januar 2009 um 21:16
Ich nehme an, dass sie aus Russland kommen will. 

Alles auswählen
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OrgName:  Latin American and Caribbean IP address Regional Registry
Address:  Rambla Republica de Mexico 6125
City:   Montevideo
PostalCode: 11400
Country:  UY

ReferralServer: whois://

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NetName:  LACNIC-200
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NetType:  Allocated to LACNIC
NameServer: SEC3.APNIC.NET
NameServer: NS2.DNS.BR
Comment:  This IP address range is under LACNIC responsibility for further
Comment:  allocations to users in LACNIC region.
Comment:  Please see for further details, or check the
Comment:  WHOIS server located at
RegDate:  2002-07-27
Updated:  2007-12-17

OrgTechHandle: LACNIC-ARIN
OrgTechName: LACNIC Whois Info

Dazu passt auch die Datezeile: -0500!

Wenn Du googelst, dann wirst Du die Mailadresse häufig mit den verschiedendsten Namen finden. Alles Fake. 
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General Counsel

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Re: Oksana <> <>
Antwort #2 - 18. September 2011 um 20:59
Russische Sängerin, Schauspielerin und Model Anastasia (Nastya) Zadorozhnaya (Настя Задорожная).
Auch bekannt als Stasya.

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