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Karina / Natalie <> <>
09. September 2008 um 10:19

My name is Natalie, but you can call me Natasha, or Naty. What do you
like most?
It is so hard to begin my first letter to you, as I have so much to
tell you, and it is almost impossible to write everything in one
letter! You are an unknown person for me, but my goal now, is to get
to know you better. I have a very serious reason, according to which I
am here, in the Internet. Recently, i have understood, that I am
alone! Of course I have a lot of friends, I have my dearest Mom and
Dad, but I am alone, as I do not have that one and the only person,
who would love me and whom i would love, without whom my life is
uncompleted! Maybe it is you?
OK, I live in Ukraine, Lugansk. It is probably the most beautiful and nice
town in the world, just because it is my native place...
I work as a teacher at school, where I teach 11-13 year old students.
I studied in Pedagogical University, where I learned Russian Language
and literature.
I am an optimist and I can not live without sunshine. Summer is my
favorite time of the year. What I like? I like to read, I like to meet
with my friends, I like to make my life bright. I like to socialize,
just can not imagine my life without people, friends, relatives.
My hobby is cooking, and I hope that one day i will prepare my
favorite dish for you(It is fried duck with apples), I am sure you
will like it!
Sometimes, i think that I was a cat in my previous life. I like this
animal, it is very beautiful, and sometimes, my friends say that I am
a bit alike white cat!
I can speak about myself for ages, but I am trembling from the
excitement, as I want to know YOU better! So I will better finish this
letter, and please, feel free to ask my any questions you want, I will
be glad to answer them! I am looking forward to tomorrow, as tomorrow
I will see your letter in my mailbox!
I kiss you(a friendly kiss),

Yours Naty.

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Re: Karina / Natalie <> <>
Antwort #1 - 11. September 2008 um 11:18
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Re: Karina / Natalie <> <>
Antwort #2 - 05. März 2009 um 23:02
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Re: Karina / Natalie <> <>
Antwort #3 - 12. Oktober 2009 um 16:31
Hello my new friend!
I am so interested in you. So as it my first letter to you,i think i must tell something about me,about my hobby 
and about my family. So in think it will be very interesting information for you!
My name is Karina Lugovaya. I live in Ukraine in a small town-Lugansk.I think you know such country???
I am 28 years old.I am Cancer. I am sorry to say that there is little to speak about my short past life.
I don't have my own family, I am not married yet. I began to go to school at the age of seven. It was 11 years ago.
I had been studying at the same school for ten years running without changing it we had many subjects: 
history, English, biology and many others. I liked to study at school and my impressions of  it  are  rather  pleasant  
and  favourite subjects are English and drawing.

After school i went to the University on the faculty of art,because i like it very much.
So after some years when i finished University i begin to work as a designer. And  now it is my job,
with the help of which i earn money for my life. But it isn't so good paying job in Ukraine.
Now about my hobby:
I have many hobbies because there are many interesting things to do. 
I like doing different things:
Such as reading detective stories, listening to the music, playing tennis with my classmates. But my favourite hobby 
is solving crossword puzzles. It's not only interesting, but also very useful. When you try to solve the puzzle you find out 
and learn a lot of different facts. Because in puzzles there are questions about famous people, geographical places, 
countries, scientific achievements and so on. You also train your brain.

The crosswords are published in newspapers and magazines and there are special newspapers that contain only crosswords.
I sometimes try to make up my own puzzle and I can say that it is not less interesting.
All the members of our family like to take part in solving the puzzles and this unites us very much.
So now some facts about my family:
We are 3 at our family: 
my mother, father,and I. I think, our family is friendly, united.
We spend much time together, go for a walk in the woods, visit theaters, museums, go to the cinema.
My mother's name is Luidmila Mikhailovna. She is an engineer, she works in an office.
She is a kind, nice woman. She can cook very well. She is fond of reading.
My father's name is Konstantin Alexeevich. He is a sailor. He is a strong, clever man.
He often tells me interesting stories about different countries. Father can do a lot of things.
He teaches me to repair furniture, to drive a car. I have my duties about the house.
I must go shopping, clean the rooms. It's not difficult for me. I like our home to be clean and tidy.
I think home is the nicest place. As proverb says, "East or West, home is best".
There is no place more delightful than home and there are no people more dear than your relatives.
So i can stop now i think! I think my letter wasn't so boring for you.
Waiting for your next letter with impatience.
Your new friend,Karina.

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Re: Karina / Natalie <> <>
Antwort #4 - 12. Oktober 2009 um 16:52
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Re: Karina / Natalie <> <>
Antwort #5 - 30. Januar 2011 um 10:15
Weitere Themen von Model, Sängerin und Schauspielerin Natalia Rudova:

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Re: Karina / Natalie <> <>
Antwort #6 - 06. August 2015 um 11:04
Ich bin der Meinung Bild 3 und 5 zeigen nicht Natalya Alexandrovna Rudova / Наталья Александровна Рудова.
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