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Mohammed Alpha  <>   <>
24. August 2008 um 14:03
Aus Bamako hatte ich auch noch keine Mail. £ 5000000,00 davon 40% für mich das wäre schön doch leider ist das ganze nicht real.


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Dear Friend,
Please in the name of God i ask for your little time to read this message carefully to the excellency of our mutual benefit. So please read this email very gently and tell me what you think, if we can transact it together or not. And please after reading, if it does not interest you please kindly delet the mail and keep the secret of what you red within you.

My name is Mohammed Alpha, i am the operations manager of Bank of Africa,headquters Republic of Burkina-faso. I got your information when i was searching for an oversea partner among other names. I propose this to you in good faith; I am 52 years old, an Ethiopian white based in Burkina-Faso Republic, married with four lovely kids. 

I have a very important business which i would like to execute with you which involves some reasonable amount of cash and no risk involve, i have packaged a financial transaction that will benefit you and I, as the OPS manager in this bank it is my duty to send in a financial report to my headmen office in Potonovo at the end of each business year. On the course of the last year business report, i discovered that we made FIVE MILLI BRITISH POUNDS (£5,000,000.00 GBPS) which our head office do not know about, and no single staff is aware of this oversurplus extra cash and will never be aware of it since i have wisely parckaged an arrangement to move out the money for myself as i intend to retire from service soon. I blinded the files. I have placed this funds on what we call escrow account with no beneficiary and awaiting data, so that it would be simply easy for anybody to claim peacefully.

As an officer of this bank I cannot be directly connected to this money, so my aim of contacting you is for you to apply and stand as the beneficiary to this money and order the bank to transfer it into your account with immediate effect. As soon as you receive it in your bank account, i agree that you will take 40% of the total funds as your commission. There are practically no risks involved in this event, it will be a bank-to-bank wire transfer, and all I need from you is to stand claim as the original depositor of the fund who made the deposit with this bank so that my head office can order the transfer to any of your bank account that you shall indicated. I assure you that hence you apply as the beneficiary of the fund it shall be vividly released to you.

If you accept to work with me I will appreciate it very much. Email me with this email address (  ) so that we can go over the details and i will give you my full information and relay to you more information on the money and explain to you how we should start the claim. Remember there is no risk involved, i promise.

Thank you in advance and May God bless you and your family. 

Yours truly

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country:	  ML
Webmaster-c:	  SD2024-AFRINIC
tech-c:	   MA1231-AFRINIC
status:	   ASSIGNED PA
mnt-by:	   MNT-IKATEL
mnt-lower:	MNT-IKATEL
source:	   AFRINIC # Filtered
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org-name:     IKATEL SA
country:	ML
org-type:     LIR
address:	IKATEL SA
		  Immeuble SONAVIE
		  ACI 2000
		  BP : E 3991
		  BAMAKO, Mali
phone:	  +223 4999900
fax-no:	 +223 223 08 35
fax-no:	 +223 499 90 01
Webmaster-c:	DH1500-AFRINIC
Webmaster-c:	SD2024-AFRINIC
mnt-ref:	MNT-IKATEL
remarks:	data has been transferred from RIPE Whois Database 20050221
source:	 AFRINIC # Filtered

person:	   Sekou DRAME
address:	  Orange Mali
address:	  Immeuble Orange BP: E 3391
address:	  Bamako ACI 2000
phone:	    +2234999908
nic-hdl:	  SD2024-AFRINIC
mnt-by:	   MNT-IKATEL
source:	   AFRINIC # Filtered

person:	 Mohamed Aboubacrine
address:	IKATEL SA
address:	Immeuble DT BP 3991 Bamako Mali
phone:	  +223 499 9932
phone:	  +223 629 9932
nic-hdl:	MA1231-AFRINIC
remarks:	data has been transferred from RIPE Whois Database 20050221
source:	 AFRINIC # Filtered 

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Re: Mohammed Alpha  <>   <>
Antwort #1 - 24. August 2008 um 15:14
Ist schon bei 419 registriert!
Dieselbe Geschichte findest Du auch unter
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