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Veronica / Vera <> <>
12. Juli 2008 um 14:17
Hello xxx!
We had a dialogue at
I am very glad that you have chosen me among many other beautiful ladies. I think
it certainly is an unusual acquaintance at least for me as it is taking
place via world wide web. But who knows may be there is a chance for
us here? May be it'll turn out something more special than acquaintance
in the street, in the park or at the party? Don't you think it is
sometimes possible to say more in the letter than when meeting in person looking
into each other's eyes, xxx? And after we got to know each other better we
will have decided to meet in real life actually. I wish you could look
at my face at the moment, you would see a slight smile on it, my heart
prompts me that you are trustworthy person so I don't want this smile
ever to disappear. I have a sensation that I have known you for
quite a period of time as if we met before. But at any case I feel
like getting to know you more now.
I'd like to know about your hobbies, your dreams, your favorite
color? the way you usually spend your day? your favorite dish for
breakfast:)? I'll appreciate if you tell me about your family, your
friends and relations.
So now I'd like to write you about myself. My name is Vera.
But my friends and my family often call me Veronica I'm 24,
my birthday is on January 20 I will turn 25.
I was born in the east of Ukraine in the town of Lugansk.
I live together with my mother who's name is Irina, she is 45 and she
works as a primary school teacher. I also have a bother Anton, he is
now a pupil of 2nd year. He is 8 years old. Mother was up-bringing us
all alone. My dad left us when Anton was born.
Now I am in the 5th grade of the Medical university, I am going to be
a doctor, therapeutist. My dream was always to help people in need
to do something good in my life. So I think it was probably the reason
I selected to specialize in medical field.
My family isn't very large but we get along nicely and have some
relatives everywhere in CIS.
We have a family tradition to have a family re-union each year at our
granny's place. She lives in a rural area in Lugansk region. We gather
there and go to the picnic in the woods. This is so great
when one happy family gets together. I am a bit envious to my granny
as she was born at times when people were ruled by true love and
sincere feelings. She managed to grow up such wonderful children. It's
so different now. Most of men in Ukraine and Russian exchanged their
social roles, and it happens so that women work hard and men just sit
at home with nothing to do. So I guess it was the reason that made me
apply to the Internet hoping to meet my soul mate which was waiting
for me, a stranger from far away land. Tell me Emil if you could be that
stranger for your Veronica? I really hope that you write me back sincerely,
Sincerely, Vera

Laut Profil kommt sie aus Donetsk, in ihren mail schreibt sie, dass sie aus Luhansk kommt. 
Ich erkannte aber schon am Schreibstil, dass diese mail nur fake sein kann, weil sie alle nur 
das gleiche schreiben.

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Veronica  Petrova  
E-mail address,

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Re: Veronica / Vera <> <>
Antwort #1 - 12. Juli 2008 um 14:30
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Re: Veronica / Vera <> <>
Antwort #2 - 12. Juli 2008 um 15:30
Die von ihr geschickten Bilder (2 und 3) sind vom August und Dezember 2004! Ist also schon etwas länger im Geschäft!
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