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Katya  <>
10. Juni 2008 um 18:31
Hi my dear XXXX,

You are so cute in your ad XXXX... Wow, very nice ad indeed! Thanks for your
Email address you gave in your profile hope you do not mind me me writing to you...,
This is Katya, nice to meet you! It is great that we have a chance to meet just
like this, I liked your words of interest, please, find attached to this letter
my new photo. You know, I am pretty new at this site, I am not sure what is this
site all about, I just liked your profile and just went ahead Smiley Hope you will
like them and you can always send me yours too!

Well XXXX my name is Katya. Briefly about myself: besides my photo that I am sending
to you attached to this letter, I will also tell you that I am a last year college
student taking please do not smile Smiley as it is a bit loud and boring: "Teaching"
at college, and then I will have to make a choice wether to go on with my studies
or to settle down with my personal life. I guess life will show... Zwinkernd
And of course, I have too many dreams and things that I wish to achieve in this
life too but the first and the foremost is to be happy I guess and to have a loving
and happy family where everyone will love each other! Besides I am right now a
member of the local dating Club that helps me and other lonely hearts with
everything right now, hope it is all right with you! Like I said Internet
dating is a a very new thing for me and I definitely need some help both
with English and everything. Well, in any case XXXX I already said much
enough for the first time about myself Smiley

Bye bye for now!
To my new friend XXXX Smiley

Off Topic KommentarWeitere Bilder in der Galerie: Smiley

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Re: Katya  <>
Antwort #1 - 10. Juni 2008 um 18:44
Hi my dear XXXX! How are you doing?

XXXX, I appreciate you share more with em about yourself and your life there and
I see about your past relations, well dear XXXX, I guess life always
goes on and I guess you should just find another girlfriend and see how things will
proceed after... And here is more of my photos, enjoy more photos of baby Katya dear XXXX!
And thanks for your lovely words and answering the mail with yours. Wish we could
talk with you in person now and though I only learn the English language -
for me your letters become another motivation to study your beautiful language.
Oh well, it is a little difficult for me to do the translation of your
letters but I try and often I have to ask for the help from the people
of my dating club here. XXXX, do you happen to know some Russian language by
the way a little? It would be way easier for us to communicate in such a case!

You know, last night I could not fall asleep for a long time! I was thinking
of what a man can do for the sake of the great love...
For example, in a middle ages there were knights, which in a name of love to
a princess made all kinds of heroic things. And a Princess always waited
and admired their knights. XXXX, if I were a Princess, would you be
that Knight who would go beyond the Earth to conquer Your Princess and
get her to his castle...?  I am ready to relocate Zwinkernd

I will wait with impatience for your new letters Peter!
Touching tenderly your cheek with my soft lips...

Header ist gleich bleibend

Hi again my dear special XXXXX!

It is really cool to receive your note and to answer more of your letters!
XXXX, I see your point of translating the texts on-line but I will explain it to you
a bit later, the translated text in Russian itself is very hard to understand so I am not
real comfortable with it you know as a good portion of the sense is lost always,
I have already done that it is always like that XXXX.

Also I could not decide to write to you one thing earlier. Remember,
in the very first letter I have written to you about me being lonely? And it
is true in my case too. To me it is a bit depressing but I can not change anything
I guess now either.. And from that moment I dreamed to find the friend, the man
who would understand and support me morally. Really, the miracles do happen - we met..

XXXX, I wish I knew the English language a little bit better than you
do Russian XXXX! The letters that I write to you are written with the help in
translation in my local Dating Translation Club "Romance -and- Love" that helps me
with anything and for which I am so thankful to them. XXXX, in your letters I understand
only some phrases, and the rest of the English phrases were translated
with the help of the club here. This service is not free. And while I could pay for it
myself- I did it with the pleasure XXXX! Now situation in my family does not allow me
to exchange the letters with you often. I can not afford to pay for the services of
the translator here while all the on-line translations programs are silly and weird
in reading that are hard to understand even 50% of the actual text sent.
The Club does have a page for their clients and it is possible to subscribe
to allow the further translated correspondence for us. And if I can not
afford that there is an opportunity to subscribe for the services of translation
by a man too. In other words, we still have a chance that you and I could
write letters to each other XXXX! Once again this is going to be spent
on you and me and us getting to know one another XXXX until we might
meet in person here or there. I believe this is the right and
practical solution of the situation we have to stay in touch and to
continue our relationship to the point of a personal meeting..

Please XXXX, make it happen for us! I want to believe that when
the woman believes the man he will not part her and her hopes!
Peter I do not want to write you the sad things any longer...
Just hoping you hear me and will get back to me!
Your tender Princess,

Dear XXXX by the way, I forgot to add to the question of the translation in the
previous mail, like I gave you the subscribe link of the translation company that
is helping me with the translation, you can help me and you to stay in the
long term touch and eventually to meet if you want of course... For now
you can just subscribe for our correspondence:, I just want to make it clear I am not asking for any personal money
correctly ok? Thank you.
baby Katya

Ich will kein Geld aber bezahle erst einmal die Übersetzung so ein Schwachsinn ich habe nichts zu übersetzen keine Leistungen kein Geld.
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Re: Katya  <>
Antwort #2 - 10. Juni 2008 um 18:53
Ob es in der Ukraine noch was anderes gibt als diese Übersetzungsscam??


inetnum: -
netname:    UMC-DYNPOOL-77-52-96
descr:    Ukrainian Mobile Communications
descr:    Kyiv, 15 Leiptsigska str.
country:    UA
admin-c:    UMC-RIPE
tech-c:   UMC-RIPE
status:   ASSIGNED PA
mnt-by:   UMC-MNT

role:     UMC NOC
address:    Ukrainian Mobile Communications
address:    21, Moskovskaya str.
address:    Kiev 01010
address:    Ukraine
phone:    +380 50 110 3931
admin-c:    JAR-RIPE
tech-c:   JAR-RIPE
tech-c:   RZ-RIPE
tech-c:   ZA-RIPE
tech-c:   ADM-RIPE
tech-c:   MVR-RIPE
nic-hdl:    UMC-RIPE
mnt-by:   UMC-MNT

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Re: Katya  <>
Antwort #3 - 10. Juni 2008 um 22:40
Das Foto wurde mit einer Pentax K10D aufgenommen, die wohl eher in Profikreisen zu finden ist. Datum: 11.9.2007 um 14:25 Uhr. Am 21.12.2007 um 0:37 wurde es noch einmal mit ACD Systems Digital Imaging überarbeitet. Zeitzone: +0100!
Fazit: Wieder irgendwo ein Modelfoto geklaut!
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Re: Katya  <>
Antwort #4 - 10. Juni 2008 um 22:54
Wieder ein Translationscam für die Blacklist.
Von was für welchen Persönlichkeiten die aber auch die Bilder klauen.

OKSANA FEDOROVA, Miss Universe 2002
INNA MALIKOVA, eine in Rußland sehr bekannte Frau

Möchte gerne wissen, von wem die Bilder sind.

Ich habe mir mal die Seite von angesehen.
Kein Impressum, keine E-Mail-Adresse. Die Whois-abfrage aber ist interessant.



Registration Service Provided By: Enom, Inc
Domain name:

Registrant Contact:
  Your Love Web
  Eugene Voloshchenko 
  4599 University Station
  Clemson, SC 29632

Administrative Contact:
  Your Love Web
  Eugene Voloshchenko (
  4599 University Station
  Clemson, SC 29632

Technical Contact:
  ITX Design
  ITX Design (
  Fax: 703-652-4643
  4 Still Spring Court
  Fredericksburg, VA 22406

Status: Locked

Name Servers:
Creation date: 27 Dec 2001 00:55:05
Expiration date: 27 Dec 2008 00:55:05

Bei Eingabe von yourloveweb spuckt Google auch ein wenig negatives aus.
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Re: Katya  <>
Antwort #5 - 10. Juni 2008 um 23:12
Die Bilder oben sind alle einem Shooting entnommen. Ich habe mal versucht, KatyaPretty im Netz zu finden. Es gibt zwar eine, sogar aus der Ukraine, aber die ist nicht identisch mit der Person auf diesem Bild.
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Re: Katya  <>
Antwort #6 - 11. Juni 2008 um 21:17
Ich habe ihr gestern geschrieben das ich nichts bezahlen werde für eine Übersetzung das ist die Antwort.

Dear Sir,

This is "Romance -and- Love" Dating Club. You have been in touch with
Katya who is using the services of our Club. Would You please, specify if You
are still willing to further correspond with Katya? If so, please, feel free
to subscribe with us to ensure a proper translation and technical level
of Your further correspondence and relations between Your lady and Yourself.

A translator who helps the lady to View translation the correspondence is chosen
by a lady and is always in the good friendly relations with the lady, so a
confidentiality is always guaranteed Sir. The actual subscription is quick and
easy, the conversion from dollars into Euros is done automatically so a dollar/pound
card might be used easily. We also do organize personal meetings between a lady
and a gentleman once an agreement between the two is reached Sir and the relations
progress to the point of an actual meeting.

Dear Sir, if You do not want to continue to correspond with the lady, please,
let us know anyway to inform Your lady. Thank You for Your cooperation and
Your prompt action and reply.

Best Wishes and always Yours,
"Romance -and- Love" Staff

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Re: Katya  <>
Antwort #7 - 16. Juni 2008 um 13:04
Wir nicht dumm. Nur mit den Russinnen kommt man nicht mehr weit.
Also müßen andere ran. Nur an eines denken die noch nicht.
Für die Ukraine braucht man für die ersten 90 Tage kein Visum.
Gilt auch für die Ukrainer für Deutschland.
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Re: Katya  <>
Antwort #8 - 16. Juni 2008 um 15:06

Gilt auch für die Ukrainer für Deutschland.

Das ist mir neu. Ich konnte bei der Deutschen Botschaft in Kiev auch keine Bestätigung für diese Aussage finden.
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