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Flower of the Orient
Scam Warners

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Re: Julia <>
Antwort #3 - 16. Mai 2008 um 16:41
Bleibt ihr schon gar nichts anderes übrig bei dem Header.
Die soll zugeben, dass sie aus Y-O ist. Frag sie mal durch die Blume, 
von welcher Stadt sie ist. Ob sie das zu gibt?
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Re: Julia <>
Antwort #2 - 16. Mai 2008 um 16:32
Hi  XXXX!  I am glad, that you were interested by me and have written
to me e-mail. I think it will be right if I begin to tell you about my
self  first,  because  it was me who began to write. I’m not sure that
you  XXXX will like my letters, that they will be interesting to you,
but  if it won’t be so you will write me about it. OK? Unfortunately I
have  not  found  out your photo though to me very much this photo for
long  memory  would be desirable to see and keep you, please do it. As
you now to understand that I live in Russia instead of where be still,
I  to  want  to  explain to you why I so to do, I thought that if I to
write  to you that I from Russia instead of from America you would not
began  to  write  that  to  me and in me would not be interested, I to
think  that  distance it certainly very much an important point, but I
to  think that through the Internet it is possible to find second half
and  then distance will not be such important factor in relations even
through  the  Internet, now people worldwide to search for the love in
such  a  way  and  now they live have family, children. Probably XXX
you’ll  be  surprised that I don’t live in your country. But I hope it
don’t  shock  you.  I’m  the  same  like  many  other  ladies in other
countries  in the world. I’m a usual woman who has hands, legs, a head
a  heart  that  is  the  most important. I think that my heart is very
sensitive.  I  hope  you’ll  understand  it  from  my letters. I’ll be
immensely  happy  if  the  distance between us doesn’t afraid you, and
you’ll  answer  me.  I shall be very glad if you will write to me also
other  letters.As  it  will  be  interesting to me to learn about your
life,  family, work and entertainments. Write to me, I shall wait your
letter. Sincerely and yours faithfully Julia.

Aha, sie gibt zu, sie kommt von Russland. Das ist ja ganz neu. 
Mal sehen, ob ich die Adresse bekomme. Der Header ist wie oben.
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Re: Julia <>
Antwort #1 - 16. Mai 2008 um 07:24
Received: from unknown (HELO USER3) (juliaekol@ with plain)

So interessant ist der Header nicht.
Ist eindeutig feststellbar, dass die Mail aus Y-O kommt.
Da brauche ich nicht einmal mehr nachzusehen. Die IP kenne ich schon auswendig.

Wow. das ist ja ein ganzes Nest voller SCAMMER.
Die BAITER hätten da ja ewige Freude.
Fliegender Holländer, frag mal die Tussi, ob sie wirklich aus New York kommt.
Smiley Smiley
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Julia <>
15. Mai 2008 um 20:54
Neues aus Yoshkar-Ola. Der Header ist interessant

Hi  XXXX!!!  I  was  very glad when I has found out your letter in my
mailbox.  It  is  so nice of you! Frankly speaking I couldn’t hope for
it.  I  don’t know what to say in my first letter, because I never got
acquainted  through internet before.It’s something new and unusual for
me.  But  I’ll try write good letters to you. I suppose you’ll be able
to  understand  my  words and what I will say to you. I hope that I'll
find  somebody,  specially  for me who can share this day with me!! My
birthday  on  January,  16th, 1982. So as you could understand me I am
almost  26 years old. I have a nice black hair, also it is possible to
tell  long.  I  have  green  eyes  as you can see in my film. Well, my
height  of  a body of 5,7 and weights of 120 kbs. So, also I very much
similarly to Sports competitions and everything, that to it connected,
I  -  the  borrowed  gymnastics,  I very much similarly to healthy the
image  of  a life, and I think, similarly to which everyone owes it. I
was not married. I think first of all I need to know anything about my
man,  to  spend  a lot of time with him and only then I think the time
will  come  and  I  will be able to decide he is for me or not. I hope
that  you  can  understand me. Maybe it's not right but I am afraid of
making  mistakes.  I understand that there is no life without mistakes
but  …  I  would  like,  it has well learned concerning the friend the
friend.  My  search  is very serious. Please, try to believe me and to
understand  me.  I  wish To find the person who will trust strictly. I
would  hope,  that yours the purposes will be similar, I would like to
hear yours Ideas, that you desire during the future. I think, which we
should  understand and dismantle the friend the friend, and then meet.
I  would like to know more about your family and to learn a little bit
more  in  detail  about  your birth ? XXXX you probably would like to
learn  more  in detail about my character as I want to know more about
your character. I can tell about it only according to mine familiar. I
am  too  open,  simple  girl.  I can tell precisely by myself that the
sociable  and  purposeful  woman.  I  love  to  be  in a circle of the
cheerful,  clever  friends.  In  a  circle  of  the  people  which   I
communicate  with,  I have not found the man whom would be possible to
connect  the  destiny  with.  So I am a the work as the stylist.I have
finished  the  university  some  years  ago.XXX  you  know  that  my
student's  years  were  the  happiest  in  my  life.  We had cheerful,
friendly  company  which  had time simultaneously well to study and to
have  a  rest.  With  Internet  I work for the first time. Difficultly
something  to speak about it, you see,XXXX you are the first man whom
I  communicate  with  the  help of Internet. And when your birthday? I
will  be with impatience wait for your letter. I hope that my photo is
pleasant to you. Please, send me your photos, WELL? I very happy shall
see them. Your new friend, Julia!

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ISP ER-Telecom
Organization ZAO Company ER-Telecom Yoshkar-Ola address space

Geo-Location Information

Country Russian Federation
State/Region 45
City Yoshkar-ola
Latitude 56.6369
Longitude 47.8711
Area Code  


Sie fragt nach Photos. Gut, ich hab richtig gute für sie. 
Mal sehen, wann die Geldfrage kommt.
Da ist ein richtiges Nest auf
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