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Gulia <>
22. Februar 2008 um 20:32

Hello Achim! 
I saw and read your profile and found you a very attractive man. You are interested for me!! A little about myself. I am 30 years. Single. I have two diplomas. First is University (economy and finances), second is institute (foreign languages). Presently I work in oil company. You can write to me if I am interesting for you at: I will be with impatience to wait the answer from you. With the best wishes. 

Dear Gulia

Many thanks for your message of the 26.11.2007 at Please, Internet excuse that I write only very late but I no simply had changes of address to much work and because of one at times.

After I read your profile I had the desire to become acquainted with this beautiful woman behind this profile. 
I have read on the Internet so many wondeful things about russian women and their personal qualities, but there were also some stories about women who were looking for nothing but money. Nevertheless, I really want to find a partner in your wonderful country, and I know there are many honest women who sincerely want to love and be loved. Just like me ... 
Here my dates in addition: I am 53 years old, 176 cm high. I have a normal family income. My future family is financially secured thereby. I search now for an affectionate and faithful woman to the life and to the love. A woman, who also would like build up with me a harmonious family and live with me in thee near of Munic. Maybe you ... 
The Internet is a good possibility and an easy way to establish new contacts. I do not believe however that this is sufficient, in order to really fall in love. For this reason I would like to go on a journey in your wonderful country in the next 3 to 6 months. How do you think from a relationship, which is established via the Internet? 
I hoping to hear from you soon. 
With warm greetings from Germany


Hello Achim! 

I read your letter and found you a very attractive man. You interested for me!! 
A little about myself. I am 30 years. Single. I own languages is Russian, French, English. 

About my family. My father work as partner of large oil company. My mother is an intellectual woman and house-wife. I have a sister which works in the oil company. I work as the sales representative in the same place.

I have two diplomas. First is University (economy and finances), second is institute (foreign languages). Presently I work in an oil company. It is the choice of my parents. 

As well as any woman, I continue to love a fashion and music, including opera. I like to socialize with people, I love holidays and picnics on nature. Simply I love life.I enjoy the art and cultural events in town. In youth I went to artistic school. I like to draw and walk on museums, similarly as well as to night-club. 
I adore to prepare and is able to do it. I love spicy food meat and. I like the Italian and French kitchen, and also Chinese, Arabic and mexican. 

In a domestic situation I prefer rest and comfort. I can not stand quarrels and scandals, I got good education. And strict enough education (although I and not very much shy). I am able to behave in any society. 
I is cheerful, with me as easy as anything to socialize. Really I look at many things. Usually I do not pay attention to the lacks of people (who are not they present at?). Quickly I forget all troubles and distressing. I watch after the exterior, visit a beauty salon. 
Friends find me clever and educated, and men - tempting, perceptible and sexual. I do not smoke is this insalubrious. I use an alcohol rarely in two-bits in the company of friends, or on holidays. 

In the relations I value loyalty and constancy in senses. I very decent - never in my life I did to nobody nothing bad.

In a man I am able to estimate is mind, healthy ambitions, constancy and loyalty, desire to score a success and financial stability in life. For me his internal qualities are important - to my man possessed well kept family, was a faithful husband and good father. That he was careful and understanding. 

You can ask me about everything, I will endeavour to answer any your questions. I search a man, with whom I would begin the long relations and share my life. 

I will be with impatience to wait the answer from you.

With the best wishes. 

Dear Gulia, 

many thanks for your letter. After such long time which I let put on involuntarily I did not expect an answer actually. I am even more pleased that one then still has come anyway. Unfortunately, my English is very bad and without an electronic translator I would be helpless actually. But this works quite well because your English is fault-free and perfect. 

I have a question: Why do actually Russian women always look for men who are substantially older? This would make hardly any woman in Germany. I am after all already 53 years and already could be almost your father although I look substantially younger. My friends always say you look like 35 year. However, you also think that I am very formed and am found in every situation rightly. 

I am a scaffolder by profession, fun therefore work in the building and construction industry and the work respect for me much. I have a small company with two employee myself. We are also privately friends. Everybody earns the same. 

Dear Gulia, you also have made thoughts on it to you, that if you go to the west, you will not see your family and your friends long time any more? You also have made thoughts to you that you live in a foreign country, where everything goes off differently than with you? Here in the west everything is anonymous, alone the neighbours. Here everybody must see how he himself rightly comes. What we have in common the only one, is the circumstance that a woman must work just the same as the man. 

Your pictures which you have sent me are already professional. Who has taken a photograph of these, then? This must already be a professional. Do you not have a picture of yourself with your family either? I am very curious. 

In my life everything goes off very quietly. My neighbours always ask me whether I am at home at all. I love the darkness and also seldom have light on at home. Only the computer or the television set is on. 

Unfortunately, I have the problem that I smoke. Although I try to give up just what is, however, very difficult. Up till now this works quite well that I already smoke less. To 5 - 6 hours I already get unrest and I then must smoke one, though. But it becomes better and of day less day. 

Everything goes off together within a family in Germany. One shares everything and does everything actually together as soon as one comes home of the work. The weekend belongs to only the family. But I think this is not different with you either. 

I would like this letter end and am already pleased on answer of you now. Unfortunately, I do not have many pictures of myself.


My dear Achim!

I want serious attitudes with you... I quickly believe to people and they use it. But in me easy character and I very simple in dialogue. Therefore 
I always am the goods and the world in my soul. I do not like to be angry 
and to spend during this my time and ideas.

And in me value in a life. In us often probably to see families where the 
husband is much more senior than the wife. And such families, even more 
friendly and strong than young! If the person is more senior than the 
wife, it only is welcomed in my family - in them more responsibility for 
actions, and they estimate family and care of it. It is very important...

I am interested in you for the several reasons. I loved your person and 
expression of eyes. And eyes - soul of the person. And I think to you the 
good person. I seldom am mistaken in people.
I very much is interested to meet you. I never was in the Europe or in 
other countries except for Russia. I studied much and have received good 
education. And I had no time for my own life.

But it is possible with you my life will change... I very much hope for it!

I wait from you answer.

Kiss you.

Dear Gulia, 

I do not know how you do this but in two minutes to read a letter and how it is this to answer possibly? At 13.00 clock you have called my letter of the server and your answer there was two minutes later. I am not so fast and I can write very fast. In addition, I would already like that you answer my questions, yours will answer like me, if you will ask me what. 


Your pictures are simply lovely. Where have these been photographed, then? 


Dearest Gulia, as I see, you are very impatient anyway and would like to see me as fast as possible. Now well, we then also should do this. You already need but a little patience. 

It is not a problem to send you an invitation. I just then need only a copy of your passport. I then can apply and send you for the invitation with this copy for the aliens registration office. How all this works, can you look up here?;


It´s write in Russian. You will already find the right places. Important is just once the invitation. Nothing at all goes without the. Therefore the faster I have the copy of your passport, the faster feels. I need only the side where your photo and your data can be seen. Send to the scanner and me and already apply for the invitation I simple into. This lasts for only few minutes. 

What do you think about it? You would like certainly to Germany anyway as fast as possible. Therefore make loose. 

Many kisses


My dear Achim! 

I write from a computer from my work and I can not write often... I was in Black sea in Russia hier... 

I could write to you many letters but all should come to an end with one - a meeting... You are wright! You would like to see me? To speak about very and to solve face to face all our questions and interest - more likely the friend the friend. 

But 2-3 month it is many time so to meet you... I can to take a holiday within 1-2 weeks and to have rest. I never went abroad Russia and I would like to see your country. If you invite me - we could meet and get acquainted closer. I must to bay a full tourist package. And it will be very romantic. We could go freely there and it is good spend time according to the full program...  

I think that you the good person and the interesting person. You very much as I...! I am a fair girl who sincerely cares of feelings of other people. I respect with feelings of other people, I am respectful and kind. If you would know me, you would understand that I always loyal. I even can forgive change and not revenge thus. This my formation when the woman in any situation should remain pure. A little you will find in the Internet and in a life - women who still had these qualities. 

I search for the person to whom I can give me pure, and I shall love and love it sincerely yours, and up to the end of my days. I shall be to it the wife, the mistress, the friend and mother of its children. I shall be to it the woman who always will be to it support if there will arrive hard times. 

I wait from you for the answer. 

Kiss you with tenderness. 

Dear Gulia, 

what you write for me of because of tourist visa there, then. You can forget this at once. To get a tourist visa, you must for any day which you want to spend in Germany and your visa is valid so long, 50 euros prove. For 30 days these would be 1500 euros. No, not actual. Not on tourist visa, only on visitor visa and without travel agency. A visitor visa is fundamentally easier to get and without difficulties. It is the only disadvantage that you must apply for the visa personally and this means you must go to Moscow to introduce oneself to the German embassy personally. However, there also is the possibility and I planned this one so and so, that I come to Russia. This is simpler. The Russian consulate is away only 15 km far from me. In the two cases an invitation which is exhibited by the respective aliens department is needed, however. In the two cases the copy of the main side is always needed by the passport with the photo. If so I liked to pay you a visit, I need your invitation and your copy because I must present this to the Russian embassy. It the other way round is just the same. Is this so hard to understand? So where is the problem? 

You can look all this up on the web pages of the embassies. 

I expect you to send me the copy of the passport with the next letter. This should not be a problem. You finally also can scan in pictures. I will not send a large sum of money to any man for a tourist visa I do not know only because the German law wants it so. On the whole my confidence will never go, one can especially read so much about "SCAMMER" on the Internet. If we have met personally, then this can and absolutely will be different. This may be hard words now but it is that way now once. 

Do not assume that you are the only woman who writes to me. Some are still more there which behave differently. But no-one looks like you so well and has so much charm. But I am realist enough to know that beauty is only relative. Questions are answered immediately and correctly by them without embroidering her. I asked all others for a photo of their family with the dog or the cat if they wrote they have something like that. Of everyone I have immediately got it. You even have been pleased why I have asked her this and they have sent me all pictures. You have not reacted to this inquiry at all. Do not write in every letter about loyalty, steadfastness and ambitions. These are things, I presuppose which and as natural to look are. You get the copy of my passport as soon as it is there. My old person has gone off. 

So these were a couple of other and harder words now but these were necessary to let not arise around misunderstandings at all first. I do not feel like permanently asking for things to get them. For this is my time too a pity for me. 

I wait you for your answer many kisses now


My dear Achim! 

I do not react to such letters with fotos with dogs because I consider it silly... I never asked from you money... 
I think that the man should trust me as I trust it. I in fact risk more when I go to it on a meeting!! 

You know how many women have left for border and have disappeared?! Them have sold for prostitution or on transplantation of bodies... 
Whence I can know that wishes to make with me this the man? It can the sexual maniac and for me there waits in its house of 5-6 men...  
Eventually I do not ask from you the information from the doctor about your mental condition Smiley... 

And still. In marriage agency to me have told that I can make only 5-6 photos and it will be enough! I have made 9 photos in professional interior and it costed dearly to me. 

I think that it will be better if you come in Russia - directly to Kazan to see me! 
I shall be very happy to I will see you soon in Kazan! And I wait for you... 

I looked the Internet today... But I have no experience in this business. And I did not find anything. But I think that you should buy in advance tickets up to Kazan and wait in Moscow at OTHER airport about 5-6 hours. 
So to me have told on work today who had trips abroad and came back through Moscow. It will be a little difficult for you... 

I shall come to Kazan for you - on Saturday in the morning and to leave for Sunday in the evening. You can plan your arrival on weekend? 

I wished to take holiday on one week. But on work to me did not advise it to do. If I take my holiday now then I can take it only in a year... Here such rules on work. 
Therefore I would like to keep my holiday. You should understand me. 

And about sex. You are right in that in the Internet very much deceive innocent women and use them... Therefore I should warn you to you did not wait from me the sex. 
I do not search the man for short appointment or sex - I search for marriage and for husband. I am serious girl. 
I think to you clever man and you can understand me... 

Therefore I ask you to take for me separate number in the same hotel - for all time. I send you two addresses of the best hotels of Kazan:

I wait your answer. 

Kiss you. 

Dear Gulia, 
therefore one little now had to laugh I already over your Mail. But sometimes, a cleaning thunderstorm helps. To clarify therefore immediately once, I look alone for a woman for myself and not for other men. So far as to the topic prostitution. I don't have any interest for such matters. A photo with an animal, who was, however only an example. I would like to simply see only a few natural photos of you. None, that in a studio or was done somewhere else. That is not too much required. Furthermore, I intended to travel into your city (Almetyevsk) and not after Kazan. I have enough time. All the time of the world. On a short-trip of 2 days, I don't have any desire. I want to get to know country and people. I also can her/its/their mentality and this alone on the day if you are in the work. I want to take many photos and if I like you and you like me, the chemistry between us is correct, then, I will like also the sex with you and you also. Then, I will come back and will pick you to Germany as my wife up. From the age, where I would like to have sex with a woman same in the first night, I have been out from the age long ago. Something similar must emerge at the correct time and must want it both. Only so, sex does jokes. Understood? Two days are enough definitely not in order to find out this of all. You can sleep at home and I in the pension. I therefore write pension because I don't need any hotel with 5 stars. To the sleeps a bed is enough for me. Where it stands, I am rather no matter. I think that there is also in Almetyevsk's simple pensions. I therefore need an invitation from you since I enter the country as visitors and not as a tourist. Question with the local police after or your Inhabitant place of registration, where you get this invitation. The foreigner-authority is responsible for it. It is not difficult to get this invitation and costs also only a small charge.

Let's simply now turn the whole matter once: Introduce pictorially to you once, I would have let you travel to Germany as a tourist. I make a simple bill for you once. Per day, that you spend in Germany, you must 50 Euro proves. A hotel costs approximately 250 per night Euro. That is 300 Euro per day. I must work long for it. Therefore, I, only visitor-visa, wrote. Then, it costs nothing at all namely, and you could have lived in a big apartment with me. In a quiet house at the forest-edge. I will take a few photos, and you sends, so that you can form an impression, maybe what expects you someday. 
I planned to travel to the 29 February. The tickets are very cheap at this time. 

You don't need any thoughts for yourself either does, as I arrive. That I must wait long in Moscow, until I get the connection-airplane, I already know this. Only the arrival is problematic from Kazan after Almetyevsk. The train needs very long because he/it drives through the entire landscape. But I don't care also anything about this. Maybe you know somebody with car, that can pick me up in Kazan. Of course, I pay this. But we can talk about if it is ready. 
So, what I wrote here now thinks about it. There is not an alternative one. I am gladly willing to come to you. You can also come to me, however. But in both cases not as a tourist. I hope that that is comprehensible.
Many kisses

Darauf gab es dann keine Antwort mehr.
Die Mail-Header waren alle in Ordnung und man konnte von einem regulären Kontakt ausgehen. 
Der letzte Brief hat die kleine wohl dann total überfordert. 
Wichtige Fragen ignorierte sie allerdings und versuchte geschickt sie zu umgehen oder auszuweichen. 
Bei den beiden Hotelangeboten handelte es sich um die teursten in der Kazan. 
Die Zugfahrt von Almetyevsk nach Kazan dauert im günstigsten Fall 18 Std, obwohl es nur 300 km sind. 
Der Zug tingelt durch die gesamt Region. Zu kurz, für ein Wochenende. 
Ich gehe deshalb davon aus, dass die Gute in Kazan lebt und eventuell am Hotelscam beteiligt ist. 
Hotelscam ist auch so eine Variante, die allerdings noch nicht so in Erscheinung getreten ist.
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