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Lucy <>
  How are you today? I am more than happy in your reply. How 
was your day? Mine, well i thank God for keeping me till this moment 
here in Dakar Senegal. My name is Lucy, i am 24...

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Mirriam <>
von ngozilove
In der Tat, ich bin sehr glücklich, Sie
zu dieser Zeit zu schreiben, wenn zwei
von uns sind für eine...

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Von: Uli
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Tina <> <>
Hello my Dear.
My name is Tina.I am a new here.I am a young lady never married.I have found your posting very interesting that I would want to know you.
reach me here

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Von: lemansue
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Lizzy <>
Hello Dear..
How are you doing my friend hope all is fine with you there.Thank you vary mush for your email address you send to me on Adult Friend finder  i love your email you are the kind of Ma...

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Cendy <>
My name is Cendy, i saw your profile and it was interesting so i would like to know more about you. It will be a pleasure to read from you,if you wouldn't mind, you can email me in private ...

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Von: Razor Buzz
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Alimat <>
My name is Alimat, i saw your profile and it was interesting so i would like to know more about you. It will be a pleasure to read from you,if you wouldn't mind, you can email me in private...

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2 2.404 Letzter Beitrag 24. Februar 2011 um 22:16
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Jessy <>
My Dearest,
I am more than happy in your reply to my mail. How is your day?.
Thanks for the opportunity you have given me. I will really like to have a good relationship with you and I promi...

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2 947 Letzter Beitrag 26. Januar 2011 um 21:20
Von: Bommo
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Juliet <>
My darling
How are you today? i am very happy for your response .I am Miss Juliet Simon Age 23 ft 5/6 wt 59.I am the only daughter of Late Dr Simon Oti from Sudan in  Africa,who died as a result ...

Gestartet 11. Oktober 2010 um 18:52 von Razor Buzz
2 870 Letzter Beitrag 14. Oktober 2010 um 14:22
Von: your hunter
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Dera <>
My dear ,
Thanks for your mail  , my name is Dera Kipkalya Kones 24 years old girl from Kenya in east Africa but living in the refugee camp in Senegal as a result of the untimely death of ...

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Sonia <> <> <> <>
compliments of the day to you.
    I am Miss Sonia I am single ,24yrs . How are you?   went through your
profile and i read it and took interest in it,i will like you to send me a
mail ...

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6 3.746 Letzter Beitrag 12. Mai 2010 um 17:38
Von: Uli
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Monica <>
Hello Dear,
How was your day over there in your country,i believe you had a nice day and that the atmosphere over there in your country ? Mine is not the best in Dakar Senegal,but i give glory t...

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2 2.137 Letzter Beitrag 10. Mai 2010 um 01:06
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Asha <>
Ich habe diese Frau jetzt auch kennengelernt als "asha kajas" und ich hab ihr auch noch einige ü18 bilder entlocken können
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Pornmodel "Mya" from

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2 24 Letzter Beitrag 27. Januar 2010 um 22:23
Von: Uli
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Jenny <> <>
Hallo Liebe,
Mit freundlichen Grüßen, ich bin Jenny Mokáň. groß, schlank, aus dem Sudan, sondern leben derzeit in Dakar Senegal eine Frau, die geliebt genießt, freundlich
erlauben S...


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3 8.802 Letzter Beitrag 25. Januar 2010 um 18:15
Von: Wesermann
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Alina <>
How are you doing? 
my name is Alina,I love to know more about you,I'm single never married ,I am interested in you. 
contact me on my personal E-mail, 
I will give you mor...

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1 27 Letzter Beitrag 16. Oktober 2009 um 15:57
Von: † Rais †
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Delphine <>
Hallo liebe,
  Wie war die Nacht dort in Ihrem Land und der Tag, ich glaube, Sie
  hatte eine schöne Nacht, und dass die Atmosphäre dort in Ihrem Land
  ist sehr schön heute? Mine war e...

Gestartet 06. Juli 2009 um 20:42 von bandit
2 28 Letzter Beitrag 08. Juli 2009 um 18:01
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Amelda <> <> <>
Compliment of the season
My name is Amelda. a 23 yrs old girl . I
am average in height and fair in
complexion ,am a loving, romantic and
caring angel. I read your pro...


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6 60 Letzter Beitrag 13. Juni 2009 um 14:30
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Mila <>
Hello my love
My name is Mila i saw your profile today at  and i became interested in you and i will like to know more about you so that i will tell you whom i am and i also send you my picture f...

Gestartet 28. Januar 2009 um 20:24 von Spiridione
2 8.871 Letzter Beitrag 31. Januar 2009 um 12:16
Von: Spiridione
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Vivine <> <> <> <> <> <> <>
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Mitglied seit: 22.12.2008
Land: Deutschland
PLZ-Bereich: 51...
Ich suche: einen Mann
für: Flirt
Alter: 23

Hello dear,
My name is vivine, i am a beautiful and
romantic young girl from africa, i saw
your profile today at

Gestartet 22. Dezember 2008 um 15:55 von Uli
13 9.867 Letzter Beitrag 09. Januar 2009 um 20:59
Von: Uli
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Asmira <>
Hi xxx,
Yes I got your email and it’s good to read from you and I hope you are doing fine as well with your family. Great love and great achievements involve great risk. The best relationship is ...

Gestartet 27. Dezember 2008 um 16:52 von hardy (Ex-Mitglied)
1 1.707 Letzter Beitrag 27. Dezember 2008 um 17:07
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Victoria <> <> <> <> <>
Post von "Kostenlos Ver Smiley
my dearest
my name is victoria,24 yrs old girl , am
average in height and fair in complexion
,am a loving, romantic and caring angel.
I read your prof...

Gestartet 22. November 2008 um 14:24 von calle (Ex-Mitglied)
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27 19.608 Letzter Beitrag 19. Dezember 2008 um 19:44
Von: Razor Buzz
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Elaa <> <> <> <>
Hello Dear,
Thanks for your mail ,How are you and how was your day?mine is a bit hot over here in Dakar Senegal.My name is Elaa Abbe 24years single and never married, i am from Somalia in East Af...

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